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57 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website 2023

57+ Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Quickregisterseo Matthew May

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I Increase Traffic to My Website?” In this blog post I cover 57+ ways to get traffic to your website.

There is really no way you can do ALL of the subsequent techniques. So I suggest picking one technique and follow through to completion with just that one method . Let us know how it goes in the comment section!

#1 Find a Profitable Niche

Find A Profitable Niche Miles Beckler Matthew May How to get traffic to your website

Before your get started  learning and executing all these proven ways to increase traffic to your website you might want to stop and think if you are even focusing on the right niche. There are some niches which do not attract much interest and therefore not much profit.

Really analyze what niche you are promoting and see if you might not have some expertise in another area which could bring in more visitors and sales and maybe have less competition.

Many Beginners Pick The “Make Money” Niche. They Might Make More Money in a Niche They and Others Are Actually Passionate About

I am in the digital marketing niche. Which, actually is not the best. If I had a knack for video games, doing make up videos, fitness and/or , extreme fishing or if I could pull of promoting myself boxing Jake Paul I probably would get more traffic without knowing much at all about all these marketing techniques.

More people are interested in watching Jake Paul beat up some retired MMA star than learning about the intricacies of seo and traffic generation.

However, I am already making money with digital marketing, I like it, so I persist.

But if you really have not invested fully in your niche yet. Definitely look carefully at your niche. The “make money from home” niche is one that attracts quite a few people initially. And you CAN make money with this niche. I have.

Study Digital Marketing And Apply The Techniques to More Popular Niches With Less Savvy Competitors

However, it also is not the best because 99% of the people who are in this niche quit.

Say you wanted to wanted to start making money online and you were an expert bass fisherman. You might consider creating an online course about your fishing expertise and passion rather than going after some make money quick scheme.

You could study digital marketing and apply your expertise to a niche which interests more people (including you), and one that has less competition.

Because with the digital marketing niche you are competing with black belts in marketing. Other fisherman most likely are not expert digital marketers.

Food for thought!

Miles Beckler is a very well respected marketer with close to 200,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel he has produced an excellent video on how to find a profitable niche. I suggest subscribing to his YouTube channel.

#2 Create a Memorable Brand

Think carefully about your brand. Do you have a name which is easy to remember and let’s people know exactly what you are about? Do you have to spell your domain name or can you just tell somebody the name of your website and they immediately remember it?

Google does not have to spend money on advertising. Their name and brand alone has invaded the conciousnous of everyone in the planet. You want to become a household name in your industry.

Can You Just Tell Somebody Your Domain Name or Do You Have to Spell it For Them?

Having an easily identifiable brand can make the task of branding your brand in the brains of your prospect more realistic.

When I look at the analytics of my website, a very popular classified ad site, often people search for the name of my site. They are typing into Google search “Free Ad Forum” or “The Free Ad Forum.” They are typing in my actual brand name into Google.

If You Have a Popular Brand People Will Actually Type Your Brand Into Search to Find You

If your brand is big enough you do not have to spend anything on advertising. Having a focused, easily identifiable brand is and extremely effective way to increase your website traffic.

#3 Have A Great Offer

Having all the website traffic in the world will do you no good at all if your offer is not 1st rate. Conversely if your offer is top notch and gives your customers great value then you do not need as much traffic to convert this traffic into sales.

If You Have an Outstanding Offer You Do Not Need to Spend As Much on Advertising Because More of Your Traffic Will Convert

In addition, having visitors stay on your website and search other pages as well as sharing your content will increase your visibility in the search engines. One of the criteria Google uses to judge your site is how long people stay on your site and if they visit other pages on your website.

#4 Write Amazing Headlines

The headline is the first part of your ad copy that anybody sees. If your headline does not grab the attention of your reader immediately and get them to read your content your message will never be seen.

This goes for blog posts, classified ads, videos or press releases.

The First Thing Your Prospect Sees Is Your Headline. If It Does Not Grab Them And Get Them to Click They Will Never See Your Offer!

Here is a blog post which can give you ideas on how to improve your headlines:
7 Ruthlessly Manipulative Techniques Grifters Use to Get You to Click On ANY Headline

There is also a free software called “YouTube Title Blaster” (Full Disclosure I Created it.) It will find all the hottest headlines in your niche on YouTube and save them to a file. This is a smart way to get ideas on what type of headlines are pulling in traffic. You can then modify the titles to your needs.

To download this software join our newsletter here. You will then be given a link where you can download YouTube Title Blaster and $597. of other marketing software.


#5 Become A Skilled Copywriter

Become A Great Copy Writer Quickregisterseo Matthew May How to Get Traffic to Your Website

This is similar to tip #3 “Have a Great Offer.” Not only do you have to have a great offer you have to SELL it. Learning to become a great copywriter will convert more visitors to sales or to take action. Enticing your reader to take action is the goal of having more website traffic.

Not Only Do You Need A Great Offer You Have to Sell it!

Having compelling ad copy will also make your content more shareable on social media giving you additional traffic. Great headlines and copy maximize the potential of each visitor

Here is an excellent article on copywriting by respected Digital Marketer and Copywriter Neil Patel.

12 Ad Copy Strategies That’ll Double Your CTR and Increase Your ROI

#6 Build A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the #2 search engine after Google and is owned by Google YouTube videos get ranked in video search and in the main Google listings quite quickly.

Regularly creating original video content which help your followers solve problems in your niche is one of the best ways to build a consistent flow of organic traffic.

You can put links to your websites and social media channels in the descriptions. Below is a description from one of my YouTube description with links and icons quickregisterseo how to get traffic to your website Matthew May


I try to embed a video on all of my blog posts and most of my web pages. Web pages with videos get ranked favorably and quickly in Google. You are missing out on massive amounts of traffic by neglecting video marketing.

Web Pages With Embedded Videos Get Ranked Very Well in Google For Their Keywords

Combining email and video marketing also is quite effective. I regularly send out email blasts and follow ups directly to my YouTube videos.

This increases my views and subscribers on YouTube which in turn brings me more traffic and better rankings on YouTube which in turn brings me more traffic.

Combining Email Marketing With YouTube Marketing is a Effective Way to Build Momentum For Your Brand

I put links to my newsletter and affiliate program sign up forms conspicuously in the descriptions of my videos. This brings me more newsletter sign ups.

You can even “stick” a comment and link to your own videos so that it stays at the top of your comments section. I use this to ask people to join my newsletter.

Combining multiple traffic techniques is a great way to build momentum for your brand. All these techniques can work synergistically.

#7 YouTube Ads

The cost of YouTube ads is based on views. Each view can cost between $0.10 and $0.30

Keywords are less expensive on YouTube than on with Google Adwords pay per click advertising. Traditional Google Adwords ppc averages between $1-$2. per click on your ad.

Video Discovery Ads– Video Discovery YouTube ads are displayed on the YouTube homepage, search results pages and as related videos.

TrueView In-Stream Ads (Skippable Ads)

Advertisers only pay when viewers watch at least 30 seconds and/or interact with the video ad by clicking a call to action button.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads– These YouTube video ads play before, during or after another video. Vidwers cannot skip the ad. The video needs to be between 5-15 seconds and they must view the entire message.

#8 TikTok Advertising

TikTok is known as a platform especially popular with kids the network is reaching a larger and larger demographic. TikTok has surpassed 1 billion users. The adult audience over 18 is now over 825 million people worldwide.

If you are advertising to younger adults, and in particular women TikTok could be a good match for your campaign.

Tik Tok’s biggest audience is the United States with over 120 million people. TikTok is also very popular in the Middle East and Asia.

If you still think TikTok is just for kids, you’re missing out on an important social media advertising option for your brand.

profile of TikTok's advertising audience

Source: Hootsuite

Here is an article by Hootsuite: How to Advertise on TikTok in 2021: An 8-Step Guide to Using TikTok Ads.

#9 Find High Traffic YouTube Videos and Offer to Pay for a Link in The Description

Many, maybe even most people make YouTube videos for fun and to share information. They are really not focused on making money. Some of these videos will have huge amounts of views.

You can direct message the owners of these channels and offer to pay them for a link. Up to you to be creative with this one.

#10 Re-Targeting YouTube Ads

retargeting YouTube Ad

With Google and YouTube can actually market people who have already visited your website and viewed your YouTube channel. You create audiences based on Google Analytics and you can market people who have shown some interest but most likely have not purchased yet.

Actually 98% of people who visit your site probably have not purchased. This is the average! Often re-marketing is less expensive and more rewarding than targeting cold prospects.

Here is an excellent article by Neil Patel on Re-Targeting Ads: Remarketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Email Marketing


#11 Start Your Own Automatic Follow Up Newsletter

I have made millions of dollars with email marketing. Email marketing is extremely effective and very relevant. I suggest getting an email follow up system like Aweber and start putting up sign up forms all over your websites and blogs.

As an incentive for people to join your list you can offer an email course, free software and/or a free ebook. I consider having your own email newsletter one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website.

You can follow up with specials, and sending links to relevant and timely articles and videos. This will in turn increase views and subscribers to your YouTube videos and other social media.

Here are some articles on email marketing to help you get started.

What is an Email Follow Up System or Autoresponder

8 Reasons Why You Need An Email Follow Up System Now!

How to Make a Landing Page for Free Using Aweber Autoresponder Service

How to Easily Create Killer Responsive Landing Pages Without Paying Insane Recurring Fees!

#12 Safelists

Safelists are lists of people who have agreed to receive each others email offers. It is kind of like a circular firing squad! If you have a product or service that appeals to other marketers you can actually get some leads from safelists. Here is a video review of one safelist that I have used with success:

One advantage of safelists is that they are quick, easy and cheap. Just sign up, confirm your emails, then send out your ad. You cannot just rely on this traffic generation technique but it just one more tool in your traffic generation arsenal.

Here are some safelists that I have personally used:
European Safelist

#13 Solo Ads

Many of the above safelists also let you purchase solo ads. This means you are sending an solo ad email blast to the contact email of the members of the safelist.

Safelist members have both a contact email and an email which is used to receive the offers from the safelist mailings. Sending a solo email to an actual contact list is generally more effective than sending out emails to safelist but it is a bit more expensive.

#14 Use 404 Pages to Build Email List

Do you have a website? What happens when people type in a page which does not exist? They usually get some generic 404 error message. Why not use that error page to get some more subscribers. This video explains how.

#15 Exchange Solo Ads With Synergistic Businesses

One of the great advantages of building your own mailing list is that you can cross promote with similar businesses. You both have similar audiences but somewhat different non competing products. If they products are good why not cross promote and build each other’s audience? You do a promotion for them and they do a promotion for you. Win Win!

#16 Email Signatures

Getting traffic does not have to be complicated. How many personal emails do you send out per day? Why not include an email signature with a concise description and a link to your website in all your outgoing personal emails? If you send out 10  normal personal emails per day that comes to 300 per month.

If you send out 100 personal emails per day like me then that comes to an extra 3000 emails per month! Do you think this might get you some more traffic?

#17 Reverse Advertising to get traffic reverse advertising Matthew May Quickregisterseo

Are you selling an advertising related product or a service which would appeal somebody who is already spending money and time advertising? Then you can often get their attention by responding to their ads. There is even software called Omni-Reply that will do this for you.

#18 Get A List of Very Targeted Prospects and Contact Them One by One or by Email and Phone Cold Calling

Cold calling is a tough way to go but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Your will surprised how much you learn though.


#19 Manually Post Classified Ads

There are literally 1000’s of classified ad sites out there.  You can manually post ads on all of them if you wish. Here is a list of classified ad sites that allow posting of affiliate offers and business opportunities: Visit here:

The problem with manually posted ads is that it is time consuming and tedious. Fortunately there are solutions. There is software which automatically will post your ads for you.

#20 Use Automatic Ad Posting Software to Post 1000’s of Classified Ads

osclass_submitter automatic ad posting software how to get traffic to your website Quickregisterseo Matthew May

Osclass Submitter is one of the best automatic ad submission software. It posts to 26 high traffic classified ad sites on autopilot. Learn more about Osclass Submitter here.

There is also free ad submission software available. This software has some limitations when compared to Osclass Submitter but you can still submit quite a few ads and it is way better than posting ads manually. You can download free ad submission software here.

You will have to join the free newsletter, confirm, then you will be sent the download link for not only classified ad submitters but over $597. of other pro marketing software.

#21 Use A Classified Ad Posting Service And Let Them Do All The Work For You

The most time efficient option for posting classified ads is to use a Classified Ad Submission Service. Here is what you get with ad posting service:

  • Your ad posted on 1000’s of Classified Ad Pages Monthly.
  • 30 Ads Upgraded, Highlighted, in Bold and placed in rotation in Premium Section of sections of 30 ad sites which is located on the home page and at the top of your category. A $150. value.
  • 100 + High Quality Optimized Permanent Blog Posts on Our Exclusive Network!
  • Your text ad permanently and prominently placed in rotation on every page of 30 high traffic ad sites.
  • Your full page ad displayed for a minimum of 15 seconds in rotation every time ad posters log into 30 high traffic ad sites.
  • There are 1000’s of ad posters logging in every day! This is real traffic 24/7!


#22 Start Your Own Affiliate Program

 Running my own affiliate programs have been a huge winner for me. I pay out $1000’s in commissions each month on 3 affiliate programs that I run.

Having an army of affiliates working for you 24/7 for commission only is a extremely effective technique for generating cost effective traffic. You only pay if your affiliates make sales.

You will need either affiliate management software that you host on your own web server or you will need to register your product or services with an affiliate network.

Imagine Having An Army of Affiliates Working For You 24/7 Promoting Your Products For Commission Only!

I use Amemberpro software to manage billing and affiliate commissions. Amemberpro is first class and does a superb job of managing recurring affiliate commissions.

I highly recommend this software if you want to run any type of membership website and/or you want to run your own affiliate program.

Amemberpro is also very cost effective. It only costs $149. one time fee for a lifetime license of the software and $80. per year optional upgrades. If you know how much if costs to custom program software these prices are incredible!

Another software membership management system I would consider would be  S2member and AffiliateWP wordpress plugins. S2member is a membership management software and AffiliateWP is a wordpress plugin which is an affiliate management software. They both integrate together.

So basically you would need 2 wordpress plugins to do what Amember does already, membership and affiliate management.

To run either Amemberpro or S2member + AffiliateWP you would need a LInux VPS server. You can get one here.

I prefer the above solutions because all the above software are open source and have one time payment options rather than monthly fees. I like to control my software and data.

A Simpler Way to Manage Affiliate Commissions is to Use Clickbank. However, You Have Less Control.

Another simpler option to running your own affiliate program is to use an affiliate network like Clickbank. Clickbank will handle payments and payouts to your affiliates. This is much easier and simpler for you  but you have less control. Clickbank can shut down your business at any time.

Here is an outstanding guide on running your own affiliate program with Clickbank by Clickbank.

You also have the advantage of having your product listed in their marketplace. This can attract some affiliates. However, just being listed in the Marketplace is not enough. I find you need to recruit your own affiliates.

I have chosen to manage my own affiliate program with my own software. The advantage is that I have control over my affiliate database and that I can incorporate multiple billing options.

Here is an exhaustive list of affiliate networks.


#20 Pay Per View (PPV Traffic)

PPV Traffic stands for pay per view traffic. You simply pay for traffic from an established traffic network. Usually how this works is that traffic network companies give away software or manage websites with 1000’s of visitors. You are paying for full page views of your website on their network.

There is usually some kind of keyword targeting available. However, this keyword targeting will not be quite as accurate as Google Adwords. The advantage is that pay per view traffic is way less expensive than PPC traffic from Google.

PPV Traffic is Less Targeted Than Expensive PPC Traffic But You Get More Views For Less

Pay per view traffic shows your full page website on generally smaller traffic networks. The traffic often can be keyword targeted but you will not get the same level of targeting from ppv traffic then you will from large networks like Google and Facebook.

The advantage of pay per view traffic is that it is way less expensive the pay per click traffic on the major networks. You get many more times at bat. You can pay as little as 1 cent per full page view of your site.

To give you an idea, a niche such as personal injury attorneys pay as much as $200. per click on their Google Adwords ad! There still are no guarantees of conversions.

Personal Injury Attorneys Pay Up to $200. For 1 Click From PPC Traffic. Pay Per View Traffic can give up to 20,000 visits for $200!

A typical pay per view traffic campaign could give you up to 20,000 visits for the same price as one click on Google Adwords.

If you have a great page that converts and the targeting does not have to be as laser targeted as on Google Adwords this might be a cost effective strategy.

In addition simply getting traffic to your website can help your search engine rankings. Dead sites with no traffic usually get lost in Google.

PPV Traffic Can Help Get Your Website Noticed By The Search Engines

PPV traffic can be a way of starting to get momentum to your website. Traffic itself has shown to be a criteria that search engines use to rank your websites.

I have websites where I have not done much SEO work that are highly ranked in Google simply because of the traffic.

Even if the traffic does not directly convert it can help your site start to get noticed in the search engines which in turn can lead to high quality search traffic as your site gets ranked higher in Google.

You can learn more about PPV traffic here.

Pay Per Click Traffic Matthew May How to Get Traffic to Your Website

#21 Google Adwords

Highly targeted quality pay per click traffic. You pay every time somebody clicks on your ad. Be careful you can really end up spending big money quickly with pay per click traffic. It is important to learn how to optimize your campaign. Here is a video by Santrell Media: Google Ads Tutorial 2022 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

#22 Bing Advertising

Bing is Microsoft’s version of Google Adwords. Bing has 23% of the search market which is huge! Most people think, of course, of Google as their first advertising choice. However, smart marketers might want to take a look at Bing.

Bing Has 23% of Search Market, Less Advertising Competition and Cost per click is 33%-42% less than Adwords

Bing Advertising works on the same pay per click principle as Google Adwords. If your keywords are very competitive then you will pay more. The advantage to Bing Advertising is that your competition for the same keywords is much less than Google Adwords.

Also, Bing runs your ads on Yahoo and Aol networks.  Unless you are promoting a very obscure niche which is not getting very many impressions on Bing there is almost no reason to prefer Bing over Google. The traffic is the same quality and the costs are substantially less. Here is an excellent article on advertising on Bing for beginners. 

#23 Facebook Ads

In 2022 the younger generations can be found on Instagram and TikTok. However, for the age group of 25-54, a majority of these users will spend up to 50 minutes each day on Facebook.

Facebook is still the biggest social media company in the world. In 2021 the average cost per action is $18.68 which means advertising on Facebook has become even more expensive.

26% of users make purchases after clicking a Facebook ad.

Mobile ads were 94% of  of Facebook’s advertising revenue. So make sure you include mobile ads as a major part of  your campaign

Here is a tutorial from Santrell Marketing- FACEBOOK ADS  [Complete Tutorial for Beginners] – From Start to Finish

Here is a blog post from Hootsuite: How to Advertise on Facebook: Complete Facebook Ads Guide for 2021

#24 Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising How to Get Traffic to Your Website Matthew May

While TikTok is having explosive growth with young adults Twitter is dominating conversation reaching the 30-49 year old demographic. Twitter had over 187 million active daily user accounts.

You can run several type of ads with Twitter.

Promoted Accounts and Follower Ads- This type of advertising promotes your entire account as opposed to a specific Tweet.

Promoted Tweets- These tweets show up in search results, timelines and user profiles.

Promoted Trends– With Promoted Trends you can promote targeting a trend.

Here is an article by Sprout Social” How to set up a successful Twitter advertising campaign

#25 Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads Matthew May How to get traffic to your website

Linkedin audience is targeted to business professionals. It is especially suited for B2B sales. You should ask yourself the question “Would a professional with a regular 9-5 job be interested in my service or product?

Linkedin ads offer several types of ads:

Sidebar Ads– These are small text based square ads.

Sponsored Content– These are similar to Facebook feed ads. They show up in Linkedin feeds.

Sponsored Messaging– Targeted private messaging.

Here is an article by Neil Patel: The Guide To LinkedIn Ads – Part I: The Basics

#26 Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads Quickregisterseo How to get traffic to your website

Almost 30% of users discover new brands, products and services through paid advertising on social networks. Instagram reaches a staggering 1.2 billion people. This translates to 20% of the world’s population over the age of 13.

Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads that the ads appear throughout the app and in the user’s feeds Explore, and Stories. They resemble regular organic posts, however, they always have a “sponsored” tag to indicate that the post is actually advertising.

These paid posts will also have call to action buttons, links and even product catalogs.

The Cost Of Instagram Ads

Cost depends of targeting, time of year, the competitiveness of your niche and whether you are placing your ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Here is a superb article How to Advertise on Instagram: A 5-Step Guide to Using Instagram Ads

#27 Reddit Advertising

Reddit Ads Quickregisterseo How to get traffic to your website

Reddit is the 7th most visited website in the US.  Reddit tends to have a younger audience in the 18-29 year old range. Here are some options you have when advertising on Reddit:

Brand awareness (CPM)

Traffic (CPC)

Conversions (CPC)

App Installs (CPC)

Video Views (CPV)

Here is an article from : Beginner’s Guide To Reddit Ads

#28 Build A Large Organic Social Media Audience By Posting Free Content


Creating a large social media following within your niche should be your priority. You should be constantly posting valuable information that would be of interest to your audience. This type of promotion is both effective and FREE!

Of course you should be syndicating all your content for free on all your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, YouTube, TicToc, Instagram, and Rumble.

Make sure to completely fill out your profiles on all these platforms with well written keyword rich description and links, wherever possible, back to your websites.

#29 Use Social Media Share Buttons

Social Media Share Buttons How to get traffic to your website Matthew May

Include social media share buttons on your websites and blogs. Make it easy for people to share your content. Sharethis is a site that I use for social media share buttons. You can use these buttons on regular html websites or blogs.

#30 Respond to All Your Comments

In this in personal world of online marketing people love to be recognized and treated as individuals. Make sure to respond to all your comments.

They will get notifications and will come back to your content and will be more likely to share your content. If they believe they have some sort of relationship with you they will also be more likely to open your emails.

 #31 Create List Posts

Blogging is an excellent long term strategy to increase traffic to your website. You can also use blogging in conjunction with other types of traffic generation techniques such as video and email marketing.

I find that if I have a video embedded into my blog post that it seems to get ranked more favorably in Google and Google video search.

Also, YouTube embeds are another metric YouTube uses to rank your YouTube video on YouTube. Combining all these traffic generation methods creates momentum and synergy.

Consider doing list posts as well. Readers love them! This is a list post “57 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website,” 7 Ways to Do This,” “11 Ways to do That.” You get the idea. List posts are easy for readers to comprehend and they are more likely to click on them.

Here is an excellent article from CopyBlogger “7 Reasons List Posts Will Always Work.


#32  Re-Produce The Most Popular Content in Your Industry Using Multiple Sources- Skyscraper Technique.

kyscraper Technique How to get traffic to your website Matthew May

The Skyscraper Technique is a technique invented by Brian Dean of Backlinko  for increasing traffic to your website. It works as follows:

Find a highly popular blog post or video in your niche.

Create and even BETTER version of this content

Promote the content.

I am using the Skyscraper Technique with this post. I found a very popular blog post on ways to increase traffic to your website. Then I found a number other high quality blog posts on the same subject of increasing website traffic. I included my own ideas and experiences as well.

I cherry picked the best ideas and content I could find from the top experts on increasing traffic and along with my own ideas I created a blog post which is actually better than any of the blog posts that I had used for research.

I Cherry Picked The Best Ideas of Multiple Blog Posts And Created A More Complete Version Of My Own

Of course I do not do any “copy and pasting.” I read the ideas, think about them, own them and then put them in my own words from my own perspective. The ideas do not have to be original but every word has to be original.

I am linking back to many of the articles that I used for research.

This is the Skyscraper technique and this a very effective way of increasing traffic to your website. There is also a bonus included when performing the Skyscraper technique. You will start to become an expert on the topic. One of the best ways to learn is to teach.

Review Influencers in your niche- Write a Blog Post Featuring Influencers and Their Advice (Expert Roundups)

#33 Interview and Review Influencers-Roundup Technique

I highly encourage you to stalk the top influencers in your industry. I have not done enough of this myself. I am not talking about hanging out in front of their house. I am suggesting making a list of the top influencers in your industry. Then immerse yourself in their material.

You can even take some of their top blog posts and review them with your own blog post, video or podcast. If they suggest certain techniques, do them yourself and report on the results.

If the top influencers have products or services review them and let the influencer know about the review. Just using their names in the your text and headlines can attract targeted visitors

There is a technique called the Roundup Technique. This is where you interview top experts in your industry, usually asking them similar questions, and then you report on the responses.

#34 Answer And Ask Questions Using Quora

Quora is a question an answer site. You can post questions and answers. You can look for topics that relate to your niche. You can includes links and even videos in your answers.

For example, I could look for Quora topics on how to get traffic to your website and include some tips from this blog post. I could then include a link back to this blog post for more tips. The idea is first to offer value then at then end include a relevant link or video.

Here is an excellent video by John Crestani on How to Advertise on Quora:

John Crestani is an expert affiliate marketer. He is an authority on how to generate traffic, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. He has an affiliate marketing course where he takes you step by step.

#35 Syndicate Your Content on Medium

Medium is simply a place where you can place your content. Medium is for writers. It is a place to put original, quality articles about your subject. It is not about postIng ads. So your content has to be original and informative.

If you have your own blog with original content you can syndicate your content on Medium. The advantage of having your content on Medium is that it tends to rank well on Google because the domain is of a very high quality.

Here is an article on Medium: The Ultimate Guide to Medium.

#36 Include Hashtags in Your Posts

A hashtag is just a keyword phrase, spelled out without any spaces and with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #websitetraffic and #payperclick .

You can put these hashtags at the beginning middle or at the end of your social media post. People search topics by actual hashtags and this can help searchers find your post according to the hashtag topic.

Here is a screenshot of the above video by John Crestani which shows his use of hashtags:

how to use hashtags john crestani

Notice he created hashtags according to the topic of his YouTube video. He also make a hashtag out of his own name since many people are using the search term “JohnCrestani.”

I find it interesting that he put the hashtags and the end of the post. The idea is to help with search engine rankings so it makes sense to put actual links that people click on at the top of his description and SEO stuff and the bottom.

#37 Use Analytics to Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are multi-word searches such as “Brazilian Miami Personal Attorney Near Coral Gables Specializing in Motorcycle Accidents.” It would be much easier to rank for that string of keywords than simply “Miami Personal Injury Attorney.”

Most likely you could write one article, or create one YouTube video with that exact title and come up first that search every time simply because there are less people competing for those keywords.

However, if you are a Brazilian Personal Injury Attorney near Coral Gables specializing in motorcycle accidents then the clients you would find through this search would be every bit as valuable as the competitive alternatives.

Most likely your clients are searching for long tail keywords related to your business. You can find long tail keywords related to your business by using Neil Patel’s UberSuggest Tool here.

How to get traffic to your website long tail keyword search Neil Patel Uber Suggest


Once you find the long tail key that relate to your content then you can create content around these long tail keywords. You will have an easier time ranking for those keywords plus the traffic will be ultra targeted.

If you are using pay per click advertising your ppc costs will be less because these terms are much less competitive.

#38 Press Releases

You can create and submit a Press Release to sites like You can learn how to write a press release here.

#39 Claim Ranked Expired Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr is a high ranking social media site focused on blogs. There are many blogs that are already ranked for your keywords on Tumblr but they have expired. You can claim these Tumblr usernames, create your own blogs using these pre-ranked blogs and benefit from the traffic.

There is software called “Expired Tumblr Hunter” that you can use to find expired Tumblr blogs that are ranked for your keywords. You can join this newsletter here and you will be able to download the software for free.

#40 Create Slideshare Presentations

You can create pdf files which essentially are word files that you convert to pdf. Then upload them to document sharing sites like These sites generally get ranked in search quite easily.

If visitors click on the links you get traffic! Here is somebody on Fivver who will upload your pdf to 15 document sharing sites and give you a report.

#41 Fully Describe Your Categories In WordPress

I can’t believe I missed this one! In wordpress you can put full detailed keyword rich descriptions of your categories. This can only help bring more traffic to your blog or website.

Here is my “Traffic Generation” category on wordpress. Imagine having all your categories with keyword rich descriptions. This could only help generate more targeted quality traffic to your website.

how to generate traffic to your website filling out descriptions of categories on wordpress

#42 The Content Relaunch Strategy

Do you have any videos or articles that you created that were big hits a few years ago?  How about updating that content with new timely information and relaunch the successful campaign again? This is a great way to revive relevant content and attract new traffic to your website!

#43 Create the Most Awesome FAQ Section For Your Industry and Create Videos for all the FAQ

What are people looking for mainly when they use search? Answers to questions. Solutions to problems. What if you created the ultimate FAQ section for your industry on your website.

Then every time somebody would search for an answer to a question regarding your industry they will come upon your knowledgeable answers!

It is easier than you think to create a FAQ section using Google Answer Box and “People Also Ask” sections of Google. You probably have already seen this when you typed in a question into Google. It looks like this:

how to get traffic to your website Google Answer Box People also ask

You can keep opening up more questions and answers by clicking the little down arrows. This should give you plenty of material. If you run out look at the FAQ sections of your top competitors.

#44 Create An Awesome Resource Pages

What tools and services are you using for your business? You can create a resources page discussing all the tools and resources you use for your business. This is a valuable resource for followers in your niche and can easily get ranked in Google for the various keywords associated with your services and resources. Here is the resources page I created.

#45 Mass Submit Infographics

Images can bring traffic to your website from social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram as well as from Google image search. You can create an informative infographic regarding your business and share it on various social media platforms.

Here is a service that I have personally used which will not only create an infographic for you but will submit it to many image hosting sites.

#47. Write Reviews and Testimonials of Products in Your Niche Let The Website Know They Can Link Back

If you have products or services that you use all the time why not do an in depth video review of these services? This can attract even more traffic to your website including giving you more credibility.

Be sure to let the owners of the products and services know about the review. Perhaps they can even link back in their resources sections.

Viral Marketing


#46 Give Away Free Software

Give Away Free Software How to get Traffic to your website

I have built a list of over 30,000 using just this technique. I created a suite of marketing software and I give it away free  as an incentive to join my newsletter. In addition my landing page is written as a sales page not just as a simple landing page. You can my sales/landing page here.

Also, within the software itself there is a splash page which opens up to another simpler opt in page. My brand,, is also prominently noted in the software itself. People share the software and I get more subscribers that way as well.

So not only do I use the software as an incentive for people to join my list but the software itself promotes my brand and brings me more traffic as people share the software.

Even if you are not a programmer you have have very talented developers to develop all kinds of software at They key is to know exactly what you want so that you can explain it to the programmers who often are not native English speakers.

I have posted 100’s of projects on sites like with great success.

If you can think of a problem that can be solved with software most likely it can be made and you can use this software to bring you more traffic to your website.

#47 Give Away Free Re-Brandable Ebooks

I have also used this technique very successfully. I have created several ebooks with valuable resources and then I give my affiliates the ability to re-brand the ebook with their own affiliate links. You can find them here: and

The affiliates give away the valuable ebook for free and if anybody clicks on the affiliate links within the book then they get credit for the sale.

Actually this is exactly what I am planning to do with this blog post. I will turn it into a re-brandable ebook and give it to my affiliates as an effective tool to promote several of my affiliate programs:, and

I use a php script called Easy Viral Pdf Rebrander.

Even if you do not run your own affiliate program you set up the ebook so that people can re-brand it with their own social media links or websites. Then they promote your valuable ebook which of course will promote your brand and website.

#48 Incorporate Trends

Incorporate Trends Quickregisterseo Matthew May How to Get Traffic to Your Website

Can you somehow incorporate the latest trend with your business somehow? Big companies do it all the time with their virtue signaling. Well if it is good enough for them why not get some action for yourself. See what is trending and see if you can bring this together with your business.

#49 Create or Participate in a 30-Day Challenge

Here is an article on how to create our own 30 day challenge.

#50 Publicity Stunts

Publicity Stunts How to Get Traffic to Your Website Quickregisterseo Matthew May

Are you ready to do something outrageous? Here are some publicity stunts that actually worked. 

#51 Do Charity Work

Many times charity events are looking for lots to give or auction away. Do you have a service or product you could donate? These events generally get written up in articles in major local publications and these highly ranked media stay live for years.

This can be a great credibility builder as well as traffic generation technique. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

# 52 Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is simply asking your customers to refer you without formally paying commissions to affiliates.

Ask people if they “Do you know anybody who might need xxx product or service?”

Ask potential referrers for “their opinion” about your products. Then follow up by asking if they know anybody who might benefit from your services.

Reviews. Ask your current customers to review you on Google and other directories. You can also install a Tell a Friend Script on Your Website.

Start Your Own SAAS Business

Do you know what works even better than SEO? Offering both free and paid online tools and services. Here is a video from Mega SEO guru Neil Patel who explains that his free/paid keyword tool UberSuggest is his number 1 traffic source! And this guy is one of the top SEO experts in the world!

I have done this myself offering free/paid advertising through my many classified ad sites. They generate 1000’s of organic visitors who then can in turn opt in to my newsletters and purchase my other products and services.

There is a wonderful site called Codencanyon. This sites hosts software offers from a multitude of quality publishers. Many offer so called ” businesses in a box” php scripts.

These are pre-made Software As A Service Businesses (SAAS.) From as little as $50 you can purchase scripts that would cost you $1000’s to have coded. These scripts are ready to start taking orders and generating traffic.

I have purchased many php scripts from Code Canyon and I have been very happy. All you will need is a vps server for hosting and you can have a traffic and money generating machine for less than $200 usually.

Incredible value for the create entrepreneur. Check out the video from Neil Patel and below I have some ideas on SAAS businesses you can start for next to nothing that could potentially drive 1000’s of evergreen visitors to your offers.


#53 Create Your Own Business Directory

Depending on your business model you can create your own business directory in your niche. For example if you were a personal injury attorney you could create a directory of personal injury attorneys. Yes, you would be advertising your competition but you can put your ad as the featured #1 personal injury attorney in your area.

The other listings from your competition will be there and will be improving the ranking of your site. This is because there are searchers actually putting in the name of your competition in Google.

When they do YOUR directory will appear featuring your ad at the top as the number 1 ranked personal injury lawyer in your area.

You can do this for almost any niche. Creating authority sites in your niche can deliver long term highly targeted traffic and bring awareness to your brand.

Here is a list of wordpress plugins that will allow you to quickly create your own business directory.

#54 Start Your Own Traffic Exchange

There are preset scripts already created that you can set up and start your own traffic exchange. People come to your site to exchange traffic and they can see your offers when they do. Also this can be a great business on it’s own and a way to build up your own email list. Here are some traffic exchange scripts that are already created and ready to install

#55 Start Your Own Forum

Why not have a portal and become the hub where people interested in your niche come to discuss your topic? You can have your advertisements in the header and sidebar of the site.

Forums attract an enormous amount of targeted traffic. The downside is that you MUST moderate the forum to make sure there is no spam. However, this can become a valuable property that you could even sell eventually on a site like Flippa.

The most popular forum software is Vbulletin. This is paid software. However, there is a free forum software called PHPBB forum software which is very popular.

#56 Start Your Own Safelist/Viral Mailer

Similar to starting your own Traffic Exchange you can also start your own Safelist. A safelist is simply a list that people join and agree to receive each other’s emails. Often readers are incentivized to click on links and will credits towards getting traffic to their links by clicking the links of others. You can charge monthly membership fees and for various upgrades.

There are pre-existing php scripts that you can install on your server to run the software. You will probably need a vps server. You can get one here.

#57 Start Your Own Link Shortening Service

Have you ever used sites like or These sites take long urls and shorten them. Often affiliate links are long and cumbersome like: . Well, services like will shorten the url to this:

A shorter url is more “friendly” to promote. Well, you can offer your own url shortening service. Here is a script on CodeCanyon, which for $45. will run your own url shortening service.

You could easily spend several thousand dollars hiring a programmer to code this for you. It is amazing that you can get this software business in a box (Known as “Software As A Service AKA SAAS) for just $45. You will need a domain name and hosting preferably a vps server which you can get here.

I use this very script to give me customers to track traffic for and These types of services attract lots of users. You can ask each to join your email list! When their links expire you can re-direct the links to your own opt in landing page.

There are many such SAAS businesses that you can get for a song at Code Canyon. For the creative entrepreneur there really are some opportunities there.

#58 Mobile Marketing

SMS/Text Marketing- Everybody has a phone and everybody reads their text messages. The open rates for text messages and much higher than that of email. Incorporating SMS marketing is an effective yet under used ways of increasing website traffic.

Here is an article by Neil Patel on How to Effectively Use SMS/Text Marketing: SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck: Here’s How to Use it To Generate Revenue

You will need a SMS/Text Marketing service to manage your SMS campaign. Please visit Slicktext to learn more.

#59 Niche and Local Directory Listings

Directories Especially for Local Businesses- If you are a local business the absolute most important directory you NEED to be listed in is Google My Business. These listings appear at the top Google Searches for local products and services.

Claim your profile and make sure you completely fill out all the information requested.

Include as many pictures and videos as possible. Also, this is where your customers can review you. Make sure you get your customers to review you on Google My Business.

Local Businesses Must Have a Google My Business Page If They Want To Be Found In Local Search

The more reviews you get generally the higher you rank in these important listings.

Also, remember to keep the way you list your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP)  the exact same way on all directories. These are called citations.

Even in the description of your YouTube videos you should make sure your NAP is exactly as on Google My Business. Having many citations can help rank your Google My Business Page even better.

There are also many other local business directories where you can list your local business. Here is a huge list of local business directories.

Incentivized Traffic

#60 Real Viewer Incentivized Traffic

The subject of incentivized traffic is a bit controversial. This is when people are actually given an incentive to view your website. They are not specifically looking for your products or services.

The people looking at your website are getting some form of compensation for viewing your website. Usually they are either getting paid money or they are given credits to get traffic to their website.

Incentivized Traffic is When Visitors Are Given Some Form of Compensation For Viewing Your Website

This is generally considered to be low quality traffic and it kind of is. But I like incentivized traffic! I like it because it is very inexpensive and I am getting REAL EYEBALLS on my offer.

If my offer is fantastic and grabs my viewers attention I have a very good chance of converting this incentivized viewer into a sale. I have generated many leads and sales through incentivized traffic. I have also purchased products and services through incentivized traffic!

The main keys to converting incentivized traffic is knowing your audience and having the right offer.

I sell mainly marketing tools. Most of the people looking at ads with incentivized systems are fellow marketers. This is actually a targeted audience for me so I am getting targeted traffic for dirt cheap.

Key #1 For Converting Incentivized Traffic. Know Your Audience!

The next issue is my offer. It cannot be the same as everybody else’s offer. Usually I offer something over the top for free which appeal to marketers. Right now it is usually free software or a free ebook.

I use a simple page with everything above the fold. My goal is simply to get them to subscribe to my email newsletter which will follow up with automated emails every 4 days.

Key #2 For Converting Incentivized Traffic.  Have An Outstanding Offer!

Here are some different types of incentivized traffic systems.

Traffic Exchanges– There are both Manual and automated traffic exchanges. Manual traffic exchanges operate on the principle that you get credits for viewing other people’s websites. Then you can use these credits for the other members to view your website.

Automated traffic exchanges are simply bots that you run on your computer to get credits. Almost nobody will see your ad. This type of traffic is just to boost the metrics of your site.

Here is a list of The 20 Best Traffic Exchanges for 2022.

Credit Safelists- With credit based safelists you join a list and everybody emails each other their offer. You earn credits by actually clicking on the credit links in the emails.

The safelists I recommend in the safelist section all have a credit/incentivized component. Members actually get credits every time they click on the credit link in the safelist email.

#62 Crowd Sourced SEO Incentivized Traffic

Crowd Sourced SEO Traffic Quickregisterseo Matthew May How to Get Traffic to Your Website

Crowd Sourced Incentivized SEO Traffic– This traffic is generated exclusively by professional clickers who get paid every time they click on a site. These people will not be interested in your products and services at all most likely.

The Goal of This Type of Traffic is to Improve Your Website Metrics Giving a Better Ranking in Search

The advantage is that you can tailor the traffic so that the bounce rates are very low, so that they click on multiple links on your sites, the length of time visitors stay on your website, keyword searches, referring websites and the country and sometimes city location of the traffic.

The clickers are real people on real computers so technically the visitors are 100% real. Traffic and website activity are definitely factors that search engines look at when ranking your website for your keywords.

This type of traffic can potentially take a dead site with no traffic and start to get it noticed in the search listings.

The Advantage of Crowd Sourced Traffic is that You Can Tailor The Metrics to Your Exact Specifications

The difference between this type of incentivized traffic and traffic exchanges and safelists is that these visitors are not other marketers. I am able to monetize incentivized traffic when other marketers are viewing the ads because my tools, software and services appeal to other marketers.

You can even sign up as a professional clicker and earn some money clicking yourself. is an example of a site which provides Crowd Sources Incentivized SEO Traffic.

#63 Bot Traffic

Quickregisterseo How to Get Traffic to Your Website Bot Traffic

SEO Bot Traffic– There are services available where you actually pay for bots to visit your website. The goal of these services is to mimic actual visitors coming to your website and clicking on various pages.

With these services you can choose keywords, different browsers, which countries the ips are coming from, bounce rates and more.

Bot Traffic is Similar to Crowd Sourced Incentivized Traffic Except Crowd Sourced Uses Real Paid Clickers

The concept is that the traffic will help your site get noticed and ranked in the search engines. Traffic does seem to be a factor in SEO. Websites with very little traffic generally do not rank well for their keywords.

Here is a service which provide SEO Bot Traffic:

30+ Ways to Increase Website Traffic


#64 Old School and Offline

  •  Put your site URL on business cards
  • Create branded t-shirts.
  • Create branded posters.
  • Create branded postcards.
  • Put signs on your car or van.

    #65 Host Webinars

Webinars are a very effective way to generate traffic, opt ins and sales. Here is an article from Pat Flynn and on how to organize a webinar

#66 Create Your Own Podcast

Podcasts are hugely popular and there are many places to syndicate your podcasts. Joe Rogan, the world’s most popular podcaster, regularly gets 11 million listeners! Again, it comes down to creating community. I know this is a longer term strategy but why not get started today?

Here is a detailed tutorial from Pat Flynn from How to Start a Podcast STEP-BY-STEP | 2022 Complete Tutorial

#67 Appear on Podcasts

Why not leverage other people’s audiences? Podcasters are constantly looking for new guests. If you have an angle maybe you can approach them about being interviewed? If you do this enough eventually people will be seeking YOU out for interviews and you will begin to make a name for yourself.

#68 Create a Free Online Course

Online education is hot! You can learn almost anything online. I recently purchased a course on how to program in Python. Do you know how to do something? Create an online course and charge people to teach them. Having proper online course will give you authority in your industry. People will be more likely to share your content.

Many people who are looking to “make money online” get into the “make money online” niche. However, you might do better simply creating a course about something you are really good at already and that you are passionate about.

Are you good at fishing, fostering kittens, skin care, fitness, poker, camping etc?  Here is one gentleman who has created an entire online community around living in a van!

Your secret to riches may simply be teaching others how to do what you already love to do!

Here is a tutorial on how to create and sell an online course. How to Create and Sell an Online Course: The Ultimate Guide by Pat Flynn.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Please share on social media and let me know if you have other ideas that have worked for you to generate traffic to your website. We can all learn together!

Wishing You Lots of Traffic, Leads and Sales!

Matthew May



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