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My name is Matthew May and I manage the Quickregisterseo.com (QRS) blog. I have been earning a full time living online for 10 years. I am completely self taught.

Before doing internet marketing full time I was a professional musician. The goal of this blog is to share new  marketing and SEO ideas  as I discover and test them. I am only interested in what works and not theory. I am not a purist. I am a marketer.

I encourage you to make comments on my posts, including negative comments. All I ask is that you have a real point. I still feel that I am a white belt in online marketing and SEO. No matter how much I learn there is always more. We never stop growing.

This reminds me of what my Japanese judo sensei told me the day I finally received my black belt while in my forties. “Now is when you begin to learn.”

Here are some of my websites:
Classified advertising posting service.
Affiliate program for the classified ad submission service.
Custom Marketing Software.
Start your own safelist business
The Free Ad Forum Free Classified Ads
Pay per view traffic.

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Much success in all your marketing efforts. I hope you find all the success you are looking for. Let’s learn together!

Matthew May


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DECON designs - 2012/01/04

Dear Mr Matthew, Thanks for sharing your beautiful information ,
Wish you a happy new hear


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/01/04

    Happy New Year to you as well DECON!


Lyudmila - 2011/08/30

Yes Matthew, you are an excellent marketer and your blogs
give us a lot of valuable information.Usually I use your sites and addresses.
Thank you very much !


Robert Polan - 2011/08/22

Hey Mathew,
Just wanted to say I like the no hype style. Probably because I use the same approach. My focus is helping local independant business put their message in front of local targeted customers both online and on the street. On the street I manage campaigns on street furnature like bus benches. On line I’m in the process of publishing 60 posts on 60 different businesses in 100 different cities. I have discovered something I share in some of my posts. It is far easier to promote yourself as the “very best” in your field than with any other key word modifier. There is almost no compatition at the top of the list. Something your readers might keep in mind if they are looking to rise to the top of local search.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/22

    Great to hear from you Robert. I really think you are on the right track. Local is where it is at. Almost no competition for somebody who knows seo. Huge opportunity right now. It will not last. The local markets will get hip eventually soon. But right now it is wide open. I am going to work on some local niches as soon as I am done with a couple of projects. If you have some original articles you have written about local marketing I would be glad to publish them on the blog. Thanks. Matt. “Very Best.” Got it!



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