About Quickregisterseo (QRS)

My name is Matthew May and I manage the Quickregisterseo.com (QRS) blog. I have been earning a full time living online for 10 years. I am completely self taught.

Before doing internet marketing full time I was a professional musician. The goal of this blog is to share new  marketing and SEO ideas  as I discover and test them. I am only interested in what works and not theory. I am not a purist. I am a marketer.

I encourage you to make comments on my posts, including negative comments. All I ask is that you have a real point. I still feel that I am a white belt in online marketing and SEO. No matter how much I learn there is always more. We never stop growing.

This reminds me of what my Japanese judo sensei told me the day I finally received my black belt while in my forties. “Now is when you begin to learn.”

Here are some of my websites:
Classified advertising posting service.
Affiliate program for the classified ad submission service.
Custom Marketing Software.
Start your own safelist business
The Free Ad Forum Free Classified Ads
Pay per view traffic.

Much success in all your marketing efforts. I hope you find all the success you are looking for. Let’s learn together!

Matthew May