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How to Use Safelists to Get More Traffic and Sales



I just bought something after I saw the ad on a safelist. Yep, I actually purchased a product after seeing it advertised on a safelist. It actually can happen. It was a marketing service that I pay $30 per month for.

Some people look down on safelists. However, If you pick the right ones they can be an excellent way to get inexpensive real traffic to your website.

A Safelist is a List That People Join and Agree to View Each Other’s Ads

For those who are not familiar with safelist they are basically lists that people join and agree to view each other’s email advertisements. Usually you have to confirm 2 separate email addresses to use the services.

Then once you have confirmed both email addresses then you can send your advertisement out to the list of members. Generally members get credits for reading the emails and clicking on the credit links of the other members.

Safelist Members Get Credits For Reading Each Other’s Emails

The more emails you read the more credits you get to enable you to send out your own advertisements. Usually members use secondary email accounts when they sign up because they will definitely get lots of emails from other members.

The reason I like safelists is that you are getting real eyeballs looking at your ad. They have to look at your website for a fix amount of time like 10 seconds or so before they get credit for viewing the ad.

Safelist Advertising Gets You REAL EYEBALLS Viewing Your Ads

Since the other members of safelists are all marketers safelist marketing works especially well if you have offers that appeal to other marketers. Normally safelist marketing is targeted marketing since readers are given an incentive to view emails.

However, if you know your entire audience is interested in marketing their website and you have a great advertising offer this can be a great place for targeted inexpensive advertising.

The proof is that I am happily spending $30.per month on a service I first found in a safelist ad!

If Your Product Appeals to Marketers Safelist Marketing is Targeted Marketing on The Cheap

Safelist marketing also works well if you have a fantastic offer that appeals to a wide general audience. If you have a genuinely great deal that would appeal to almost anybody you have a shot at making a sale with safelist advertising.

The reason you have a shot is that safelist marketing gives you REAL EYEBALLS! It is up to you what you present to those eyeballs in the 10 seconds that you have their attention. If you have a mediocre offer they will just wait the 10 seconds and go to the next credit link.

However, if you are really offering something that presents outstanding value they might go for it. I did!

Safelist marketing also works well for FREE OFFERS that get people to join your mailing list. Try giving away an original ebook or some cool software as an incentive to get people to join your list. Make your offer and call to action as appealing as possible. Think “what would I respond to in a safelist advertisement?”

Safelist Marketing is Not Spam. It Actually Uses  a Triple Opt In System

Is safelist marketing spam?  There more security measures on safelist than most major email marketing firms require. Many autoresponder companies allow single opt in which means subscribers do not even have to confirm the one email address they submit in the subscription forms.

Safelists require you to confirm 2 separate email addresses which makes this process actually TRIPLE OPT IN as opposed to single and double opt in which is the industry standard.

Here is a list of some good safelist for you to get started with. Most offer a free version for you to try and if you want you can upgrade to the more valuable pro versions later.

Lead Club– Lead Club has about 1400 members so far and is growing. The pro membership is really inexpensive at $2. per month. Worth a shot for some low cost advertising. (Disclosure. I own this one.)

Email Hog– Weird name but very well run safelist. I usually get about 200 clicks per email blast sent out. She works very hard to make sure you get at least 2 per cent click through. Around 9000 members. This safelist has about 2000 members who are all triple confirmed opt in and they are all PAID members. They all paid $12. per year to be on this list. The advantage to this is that you are sending your ad to paid members only. So at least they have proven they are willing to spend a few bucks online.

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