5 Sites My Affiliates Are Using to Get Leads


We all know how crucial lead generation is for any online business. In my continual quest to discover fresh avenues for getting leads, I had an interesting conversation with some of my followers recently.

I asked them about the unconventional sources they were tapping into for lead generation, and they responded with intriguing options. Today, I will be sharing these five notable sites that could be potential goldmines for your own business. If you find this post valuable, feel free to subscribe and stay updated.

1. Easy Hits for You Link Exchange

Easy Hits for You is a traffic exchange site where you view others’ websites, earn credits, and use these credits to drive traffic to your own site. To start, sign-up, confirm your account, and navigate to Get Started. From there, begin surfing other sites to start accruing credits.

As one of the features, you will see a shield symbol with numerous pictures. The goal? Locate the duplicated image and click on it. Doing so earns you a valuable credit. If this method of earning credits proves too time-intensive for you, don’t worry! Easy Hits for You also provides an option to buy credits.

“`markdownTo purchase credits:

  • Select ‘Buy Credits’
  • Choose your preferred package
  • Follow the prompts

Note: I bought a 1000 credits package for my experiments, which equated to 1000 visitors to my website.“`

Utilize these credits to generate traffic to your website, through banner or impression ads, or by directing traffic straight to your landing page.

2. 1 Million Leads for Free

How about getting access to a whopping 1 Million Leads for Free? Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Well, the numbers are vast, almost suspiciously so. But in my approach to testing out various platforms, I decided to give this a shot.

This site offers you the opportunity to mail your offers to a large pool of confirmed opt-in leads. Here’s the gist: by viewing at least ten ads, you receive 5000 bonus open contact credits. Whilst my experience yielded merely two clicks from sending mails to 5000 leads, different offers may fare better.

Think it's worth trying?- Head to 'Post to Open Contacts'- View 10 messages to receive 5000 bonus open contact credits- Fill out your details and submitThat's it! You've mailed 5000 people.

If inclined, you can also try their paid option where you get 5000 bonus leads for $20 a month. Experiment with it for a month and measure the outcomes for yourself.

3. LeadsLeap

One of the sites that have stood the test of time and continues to offer value is LeadsLeap. They have an extensive line-up of tools including an autoresponder, link trackers, SEO-powered reviews writing system, popup creator, and image hosting.

“I believe they’re totally legit and I might try it again with a whole different offer.”

For maximizing traffic, an upgrade to Pro (currently $27/month) will give you an average of 4453 hits per month, depending on your account activity. You can earn additional hits by viewing ads. Overall, LeadsLeap is a quality site with substantial offerings, especially if you harness their autoresponder and additional tools excellently.

4. Free Advertising For You

Free Advertising For You is a unique platform that gives you free ads along with a substantial boost of 52,000 credits to buy more ads, offering you a generous head-start on your advertising journey.

In addition, the platform allows you to earn more credits through activities such as viewing ads, which can later be used to buy a wide variety of advertisements.

5. Viral Mailer For You

The sister site of ‘Free Advertising For You’, Viral Mailer For You gives you a realistic picture of click-through ratios, which is appreciated.

To advertise, view 25 credit emails, add your advertisement to the integrated editor, hit send, and your message gets delivered across their user base. Take advantage of their upgrade options to get an influx of advertising power.

So, there you have it, five unique platforms you can utilize to gain leads for your business. I am curious to know your experiences with these platforms. Also, if you prefer some other lead generating platforms, do mention them in the comments section below.

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