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5 Of The Highest Ticket Affiliate Programs on Clickbank 2024


Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly attractive way of earning passive income without the need for physical inventory. Especially intriguing are high ticket affiliate programs that offer lucrative commissions. ClickBank, a leading global retail platform, hosts several such programs to choose from.


In this blog post, we bring to you an examination of five high-ticket affiliate programs on ClickBank, including the potential pitfalls and best practices to maximize your earnings.

1. Crypto Code

Crypto Code, a robust product, offers its affiliates a generous commission of $656 on initial sales and $39 on recurring sales. The initial price of the product reflects the considerable commission figure, charging an upfront fee of $1,997 and a monthly subscription of $97.

The product is a comprehensive webinar that tutors people on how to make money with cryptocurrency. A unique addition to this program is the Wavebot, a next-generation technology for earning daily profits on autopilot. They also provide premium trade alerts, which are ready-made trade setups based on years of profitable experience and an impressive track record.

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2. Native Ads Masterclass

Native Ads Masterclasses pay affiliate sales of $298 per sale, which is a reasonable return compared to the course fee of $997. As its name indicates, this product teaches learners how to build an affiliate marketing business through native ads and paid advertising, which is a strategic skillset to acquire.

Again, no recurring billing is involved since people tend to favor one-time payments. The sales page is clean and well-structured, with a well-detailed affiliate page and easily accessible affiliate links.

Check out the Native Ads Masterclass

3. Commission Hero

At the same commission as the Native Ads Masterclass, Commission Hero pays $298 per sale. Much like the previous program, Commission Hero revolves around making affiliate commissions using paid ads. However, it distinguishes itself with a trove of testimonials and personal coaching, which can be invaluable for users navigating the tricky waters of paid advertising.

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4. Conversio Bot

With Conversio Bot, you can earn up to $208 on average, along with recurring commissions. An impressive feature of this service is the integrated chatbot, which significantly increases lead generation and subscriber count. Their affiliate tool page is hands down one of the best ones out there.

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5. John Christani’s Super Affiliate System

The final product, John Christani’s Super Affiliate System, offers an initial conversion of $206 and recurring commission of $114. Despite its excellent reputation and performance, the program’s ubiquity can prove to be a challenge, making it harder to stand out from the competition. Therefore, out-of-the-box promotion techniques are crucial.

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Stay Ahead of the Game with High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High-ticket affiliate programs offer an easy way to monetize your platform. While selecting a program, remember to consider the product’s price, commission, recurring payments, and competitive saturation.

Finally, don’t stick to just Clickbank programs. Diversifying your affiliate mix with non-Clickbank high-ticket programs can extend your earning potential further. Our affiliate program offers 50% recurring commissions every month and includes attractive high-ticket offers.

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Feel free to share your experiences with other high-ticket affiliate programs or drop any questions you might have in the comments below.

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