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Using Safelists And Ipostad For Affiliate Marketing


Safelists are systems that marketers join basically to send each other advertisements. Most safelist system include a banner and text ad advertising throughout their system as well. I run two safelists. One is both a free and paid safelist called Lead Club safelist. The other is a paid only membership safelist here. It is of course always better to have your own proprietary list of subscribers but if you do not you can still use safelists as a way to build your list or even promote affiliate programs.

What do those who join safelists have in common? They are all marketers. So if you have a product which appeals to other marketers you have a ready made targeted list. A list of marketers will be more likely interested in other marketing product rather than real estate in Montana. This is why our classified ad submission service is such a good match for safelists. Do you think a list of 4000 people who are trying to market their products through sending ads would like their ad on 500,000 advertising sites each month? You bet!

If you are going to market our classified ad submission service through safelist I do NOT suggest my 2 safelists. They are great for promoting other programs but the members of my two safelists have already received several ads promoting the classified ad submission service. You should join other safelists and get your ads out to as many new potential clients as possible.

One efficient method of doing this is through the Ipostad Safelist Blaster service. Here is what this service offers:

Fully Web Based Safelist Submitter
One Click Submit to 3,915,170 Safelist Members
Free Safelist Automatic Validation System
Amazing Lowest Price Ever
Large Responsive Safelist Directory
Free Safelists Auto Email Cleaner
100% Safe Free Safelist Advertising
Save & Rotate Safelists Ads
Bonus Automatic FFA Blasters
Free Online Form Builder Tool
Auto Send Search Engine Submitter
Make Money Online Promoting iPostAd

I suggest you join our classified ad submission service affiliate program here.

Get a sales letter from our affiliate tools section here.

Then join Ipostad here.

You can then start joining many safelists and sending out your ad promoting the classified ad submission service to a highly targeted audience who is looking for betters ways to promote themselves online. Remember, you can use the Ipostad service to promote your other programs as well.