List Of Top 36 Free Classified Ads Sites Where It Is Not A Waste Of Your Time To Post Your Ad


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Here is an updated list of classified ad sites ranked by Alexa for 2020.


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Here is a list of 36 top classified ads where people actually view, post ads and buy stuff. We have eliminated all junk sites from this list. There are no ffa pages, forums acting like classified sites,classified sites which are full of spam or which have no traffic and are not well maintained. These are real classified ads site where if you post your ad you actually have a serious chance of somebody seeing your ad and responding. There are no sites here with an Alexa ranking over 150,000. This means that the sites below all get serious traffic.

1. http://www.craigslist.org– The grand daddy of classified ads sites.

2. Now out of business! –http://www.backpage.com This was the second busiest classified site after Craigslist. This is where all the escort ads went after Craigslist took down their erotic ads section due to pressure from 17 Attorney Generals. Well it looks like the government shut them down because of the escort ads. There was a very active business opportunity section as well on the site but they entire site has been taken down.

3. http://www.gumtree.com Weird name but this site is one of the busiest classifieds sites out there. This high traffic classifieds site (Gumtree) is focused on UK ads.

4. http://www.oodle.com This serious classified site has partnerships with ForRent.com in the US and Autotrader UK.

5. http://www.ebayclassifieds.com The official classifieds site for Ebay.

6. http://www.olx.com This board has a presence in most countries and can be read in English or Spanish.

7. http://www.usfreeads.com A popular US focused site with a large business opportunity and pet section.

8. http://www.classifiedads.com Classifieds focused on the English speaking world. US, UK, AU, and India.

9. http://www.inetgiant.com A green board not only in color but in their ads. They have a well represented area for green products. The board is pretty much translated in most languages. I checked their Lithuanian board. No ads there yet. Do you want to be the first?

10. http://adpost.com Solid board with presences in the United States, Singapore,Canada,Malaysia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

11. http://adlandpro.com Well established board with a strong focus on internet marketing, business opportunities, and website promotion.

12. http://www.classifiedsforfree.com A well organized world-wide classifieds board.

13. http://www.salespider.com/online-classifieds-free-advertising Classified ads are only one part of this business site. They have forums, sell leads, and offer business tools for online businesses.

14. http://www.yakaz.com A lean uncluttered board which reads your ip and directs your ad posting accordingly. US based as far as I can tell. However, I have not yet tried accessing it with a Chinese ip. Maybe the entire site changes language with my ip. I hate being a slave to my ip. What if I am a Greek living in Spain?

15. http://www.thefreeadforum.com (Update 2020 this site is now the number 1 site for business opportunity classified ads with 15,000 Alexa ranking.) Ok I cheated. This is my site. But it qualifies. High traffic site which is getting serious promotion. I am doing ppc and seo campaigns for each individual category. So if you have a turtle to sell this is the place to get that type of targeted traffic!

16. http://www.domesticsale.com US classifieds site which allows car dealers and other heavy advertisters to bulk upload large amounts of listings.

17. http://www.pennysaverusa.com/classifieds/usa/index.html This is the online version of the old Penny Saver newspaper which was a very popular print newspaper with discount deals and classified ads.

18. http://epage.com This site has been in business since 1994. That is before we had Google. It looks somewhat like Usfreeads.com but with less emphasis on business opportunities. They have an affiliate program with over 34,000 affiliates. This means if you post your ad here it goes out on a feed to over 30,000 other sites who run their ads. This means more exposure for you. Many of these sites have programs where other websites run their feeds. This gives you quite a bit more exposure.

19. http://www.recycler.com Simple easy to negotiate classifieds board.

20. http://www.webcosmo.com US based with worldwide advertising possibilities.

21. http://www.hoobly.com The cleanest looking classifieds site so far. Just the ads. No clutter at all. Very Googlesque in their design. It must be working for them. Over 15,000 people have clicked their like button.

22. http://www.freeadlists.com They do it all: personals, cars, pets and they do it all over the world though they are US based. They even claim on their homepage that if you are a man looking for a woman you can find one here! Watch out Match.com!

23. http://www.sell.com How much did this domain name cost them? I give them number 1 on domain name value. Excellent classifieds site as well. Kudos for not just squatting the domain name. They have been running online classifieds since 1999. Their advertising engine has been used by big business directories such as AT&T’s YELLOWPAGES.com, newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, and niche online properties such as sellhomes.com. Sell.com is a part of a network of advertising properties. Again, if you advertise on many of these sites your ad will simultaneously run on thousands of other partner sites.

24. http://www.bestwayclassifieds.com/ Claims to be the fastest growing free advertising site in the world. Hmmm, I do not think so. Could they even have said one of the fastest? In any case they may not be the fastest growing site but they do get some good traffic and they have a nice classifieds site worth posting to.

25. http://www.webclassifieds.us A solid well designed board with a .us domain name. What else could you want? They seem to monetize their site quite a bit with Adsense which is good and bad. It means they include more features on the free ads, including free pictures and youtube video (many free boards charge for this) but visitors could be distracted by the Adsense ads.

26. http://www.americanlisted.com A family friendly US only board. I guess if you are an escort or into SM you should stick with Backpage.com. Your church announcements would be welcome here though.

27. http://www.freeadscity.com Lean easy to read worldwide board with non classified ads discretely at the bottom of the board.

28. http://www.chooseyouritem.com This is what they have to say about themselves “Place your classified ads with us and your ads appear not only on our site but also on over 70 partner websites — including over 30 classic car or vehicle related websites, as well as ISP’s, real estate, media, shopping and search networks. Each month, over 1 million visitors view tens of millions of our pages – making our Classified Network one of strongest in the country. Not only is our exposure the best but we also provide the best in value. ” Sounds like a good deal to me.

29. http://www.daype.com Straight forward US only board.

30. http://geebo.com They have quotes about connecting communities, building safe environments and how they are leaders of a “revolution of how classifieds sites see themselves as responsible citizens.” So if you want to join their “nice” revolution go ahead. And while you are at it why not sell that old Buick Enclave you have been meaning to get rid of. Vive La Revolution! (Pervs see Backpage.com)

31. http://www.claz.org I like the name. This site is actually an agregator of classified sites within 250 miles with picture previews. They feature ads from most of the sites I mention here. It does not look like you can place an ad directly here but it probably will appear if you place it on any of the other sites listed here.

32. http://wantedwants.com Well, you can stop looking at classifieds sites right now, forget Craigslist, forget Backpage, nope, it has been officially decided. These guys officially declare that their site is the best classifieds site in the world! I do not agree. But I think their site is worth posting to. Respectable traffic, and sharp unique and fun design. US centered with opportunity for international ads as well.

33. http://www.freeclassifieds.com No nonsense classified site which has their own Android application so you can post ads from your mobile phone. They even have their own QR code that you can scan with your Andorid phone to get immediate sucint info about freeclassifieds.com. Kudos again for the domain name. Mobile friendly site. Smart!

34. http://www.bonqo.com Huge homepage showcase of photo ads. Why not put your photo ad on their homepage?

35. http://www.buysellcommunity.com They sell everything but it looks like they have a penchant for Cocker Spaniels. US and Canada classifieds mainly.

36. http://businesslist.com/post-classified-ad/ Straight forward US targeted classifieds site. All your ads are automatically tweeted to their twitter account. They also sell business lists, hence the name Businesslist.com.

37. Pressmania.com’s Worldwideclassifieds. Thank you William for letting us know about your site. I tested it and I really like it. Alexa 70k means the site is getting decent traffic. Nice options of having never expiring ads. Free ads get live links and even the ability to add a YouTube video to your ad. Really quite a bit of value for a free ad. Just click the red icon at the top right to place an ad.

38. FreeGlobalClassifiedads.com– New added 8/30/2017- Post unlimited ads in any category and in almost any category. Upgrade your ad to stick to the top of your category for one month just $2. for 30 days. There even is free software that will post your ads for you automatically!.

39. Trafficplanet.org– New added 8/30/2017Started off as a Canadian only site but the only Emmanuel decided to let the Americans in as well. You can post to almost any city in the USA and Canada. This is an up and coming and well promoted site.

If you have your favorite classified sites please tell us about them in the comments area and especially tell us why they are your favorites. If you found this post helpful please tweet, like, bookmark, Digg, Stumbleupon, and buy an ad during Superbowl half-time. You get the idea. I am shamelessly begging for promotion.

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Update 4/12/2018 Up and Coming Classified Ad Sites. All these sites accept business opportunities and the ads stay live for 90 days. Completely free to post. Include your YouTube videos, clickable image ads, and Facebook page. 

Articledude.com Free Classifieds


Interleads.net Free Classifieds

Leadclub.net Free Classifieds

Classifiedadsubmissionservice.com Free Classified Ads

Quickregisterhosting.com Post Free Classifed Ads

Quickregister.info Free Classifieds

Quickregister.us Classified Ads

Bestinjurylawyerusa.com Post Free Classifieds


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Huge list .. this is very useful for small business thank you for the information and here is one more good classified website you can include this to your list
India’s No.1 Free Classifieds?


Sondra - 2013/05/11

Great post with list of classified sites. There are so many it’s important to be able to find out which resources are most effective for promotion. Also http://www.usfreeads.com is a good site as well.


Free Classified Ads - 2013/05/03

Please add http://www.buytrader.co.uk UK Free Classifed Ads to your website thank you


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Toseef - 2012/12/11

Very informative .. thanks for sharing to list of all 36 sites.


cheap korean clothes - 2012/12/10

thanks for this links.it was a really great help.


maazuddeen - 2012/12/04

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Excellent opportunity, great article. Indeed classified ads are a good source of traffic and generate sales or leads. Very practice for me.Thanks for this information.


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Erick Pryme - 2012/11/05

Hey I found this very helpful thanks! Now I know where I should post for my business ads I already was using craigslist, backpage, and sales spider but now I know even more effective options.


Classifieds - 2012/10/30

Another free classified site for mature audiences adultxjobs.com


Janet - 2012/10/30

http://www.freeadstime.com can easily be in the top ten of your list. It probably is the time to update your free classifieds list. Nonetheless, it is a great list.


Humayun Kabir - 2012/10/21

nice, really nice list. personal it is helpful for me. thanks


classifieds - 2012/10/16

I also suggest checking ads and trades 🙂


Kevin Timothy - 2012/10/12

OMG! This post totally reminded me of a couple of effective sites that I lost a while back. Oodle was right after Craigslist and Backpage in my classified ad strategies. Webcosmo, I liked a lot too, but forgot how to get there. Thanks, this list rocks. Very good authoritative websites.


vfinds - 2012/10/09

Hi Dear,

I wanted to let you know that we have recently launched a unique free classified site (http://www.vfinds.com)

it’s highly customizable and user friendly… Just check it out once…!!!

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vfinds - 2012/09/27

Please include – http://www.vfinds.com also


K.Singh - Graphics Designer - 2012/09/13

Gumtree is probably one of the best. It started out as a website for South African and Australian community but has grown into a truly international site. I have used it a number of times and have received quick response from all my ads.


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/09/13

    I am going to give Gumtree a try. Thanks for the review.


Albert - 2012/09/10

Classified Ads Services from KEVALADS.COM in more than 75 countries and their cities without any charges. You can post ads without any fee and there is no restriction on the number of ads. You can put images of your services and products. Please follow the link http://www.kevalads.com to start posting ads on kevalads.com



Paige Lister - 2012/09/09

You can check out Pagelist Classifieds by going to http://www.pagelist.org. It is completely free and you can post pictures, links, google maps and youtube videos. What is really cool is that people can comment on your ads and facebook like directory from your classified ads. Really cool! If you like it, please add to your list. Thanks.


Doug - 2012/09/08

Thanks so much for this list! I have been searching everywhere for a list like this.

Be Blessed, Doug


Postarx Classifieds - 2012/09/01


Postarx Free Classified Ads offering postings such as for sale, jobs, services, housing, pets, and community from anywhere in the United States.


Steve - 2012/08/21

I would recommend this site, its very easy and I got good enquiries, spam free. http://classifiedkingdom.com/


free classifieds ads - 2012/08/14

Free local classifieds ads website for cars, jobs, real estate, and everything else post free classified ads across the USA
free classifieds ads
classifieds cars&vehicles


abid anwar - 2012/08/08

Hey, Today i found a amazing free classified site.
This is a great free classifieds ads posting site. It has a huge amount of daily traffic.
plz also add to your list.


Free USA Classifieds - 2012/08/07

http://www.USAHotAds.com ranks #1 in Google for “USA Classifieds” Search Google and see for yourself! : )


Adam Taylor - 2012/08/07

Another international Classified Ads site with good exposure is http://snazzl.com/ where you can post ads for free. Try it out – you wont be disappointed.


Autopten - 2012/08/06

Hi, thanks for adding http://www.autopten.com/ to this list. Autopten.com is cheap cars for sale classifieds ads specially made for dealers and car owners selling for very good and low prices, such as under $3000 or under $5000.


sanjay - 2012/08/05


its a best classified website. also useful for ad posing job.


Escort Classifieds - 2012/08/02

Other interesting site to post adult classifieds for FREE is : http://www.adultclassifieds.co


Marvin Ball - 2012/08/02

Kashlist has a classified section here http://www.kashlist.com/?page_id=166 They receive lots of traffic


Jim - 2012/08/01

You may also want to add this one: http://qwikad.com

I have been using it the last two-three months. Great site. Lots of traffic.


Listmyjunks - 2012/07/24

The new classified that everyone need to check out is



Paige Lister - 2012/07/13

Brand new site that is really cool. It is completely free to post and is international meaning you can post classified ads from anywhere. You have the option to load many pictures and a video. Also, privacy is always a plus. You can use anonymous email or use a contact form on your ad at a click of a button. Every ad is posted on site and mobile and has to be approved before posted to cut back on spammy ads. Great for any business.


Desi Ads - 2012/07/06

Found this information very useful. Thanks for this list. I generally post ads to http://desiads.adpost.com which is easy to post ads for free .


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Mark R. - 2012/06/28

Matthew, thanks for the comprehensive list. Yes, I’ve been using http://GumTree.com, Oodle.com and most recently http://iSell.com (didn’t see this one mentioned on your list) which has been getting me some great replies when I list my antique items for sale.


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/06/28

    I have been seeing some action from Gumtree.com. Thanks for the conirmation and the tip on Isell.


Dave Lewis - 2012/06/26

Thanks for the free classified ads links. If we post here, are the website links “nofollow” or “follow” ?? I can get more people from my company to post here if they know their links are actually being followed 🙂 Thanks


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/06/26

    I am not sure all on of them but http://www.thefreeadforum.com/ads is definitely do follow.


James - 2012/06/26

Just add some classified ads sites where you can place free ads:

1) http://www.adultclassifieds.co
2) http://www.sexyescortads.com
3) http://www.localescortpages.com


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Tricia - 2012/06/22

Caribslist.com is the best advertising website out there


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/06/22

    Why do you say it is the best?


Miky - 2012/06/21

Hey Guys here is one more big website http://www.broadcastuae.com

Hope you like because it’s 100% Free.



free classifieds for artists - 2012/06/20

http://digitaleasel.net is a free classifieds website dedicated to artists. There’s no charge for the artists to post up their artwork and deal directly with the public, thereby eliminating gallery and art broker fees.


Adult Classifieds.co - 2012/06/09

Agreat local adult classified ads site is http://www.adultclassifieds.co . Place free escorts ads there.


free classifeds - 2012/06/02

Free Classified websites Here, Post your free ads in 30 sec, it`s give you help for increase traffic of your websites and blogs, you can sell or purchase your new or used things, it’s a best place for small business, make an attractive ad post on http://www.freeadswebsites.com and receive huge amount of visitor…


Sarkari Naukri - 2012/06/01

Awesome information about free classifieds sites.


Roderick Coleman - 2012/05/29

Here are 3 more good sites to include on the list.

1. http://www.freeclassifiedstuff.com
2. http://www.thebulletinboard.com
3. http://www.superads.com


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Lee Brown - 2012/05/08

This was a great post I added some of the websites to my list that Idid not know about. Thanks so much!


aakshat - 2012/05/08

Free Classifieds is the Best Way to Get Higher Rank in Google By Related Category available in classifieds site. i have always use this idea to get clients and higher rank for my clients websites.


Webmaster - 2012/05/07

It’s a really useful resource. Thanks for sharing….:-)

Please add http://selldobuy.com/ free online classified site that serves the online community in popular Indian metros to the list.


alex - 2012/04/30

here is what i use
nice and clean 🙂


Mark R - 2012/04/25


Great free classified list here! I’ve been using iSell.com (it says 1998 on the site) and its a great domain.
I like the simplicity of the site and the clean feel. Alexa seems to be quite good at 80k so I thought it was a good one for you to add to the list.


Muhammad Ali Raza - 2012/04/24

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    Matthew Meyer - 2012/04/24

    Please give us the link to the software.


    Rickey Martin - 2012/07/06

    send me the free software to my email


      Matthew Meyer - 2012/07/06

      Join our newsletter and you will receive the link. Thanks. Matt.


Quinn@Retractable-banner.com - 2012/04/21

It really helpful, how come kijiji is not on the list?


Geeks Villa - 2012/04/21

amazing list, many of websites I never visited. for your information, the kijiji is sold to ebay.


Bngya - 2012/04/21

Kindly include our classifieds site in your list

Classified Ads Made Easier Than Ever At Bngya Classified Ads (http://www.bngya.com/ads)

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rocky asad - 2012/04/17

APD – thanks very much. tony – i’ll try more on oodle. i have had a lot of luck w/it already and need to do more.


Webmaster - 2012/04/11

Hi here is a free classifieds site where you can get anchor links of your sites


Henk Jan de Ruiter - 2012/04/09

“…I am shamelessly begging for promotion…”
Hi Matthew, I’m impressed by your list of free classifieds sites. For customers it sometimes can be difficult to find advertising-sites that are serious well maintained. There comes your article very handy.
It would be nice if you’d mention our site ( http://www.sneup.com ) also.
Placing ads is free, up to 10 photo’s free, and a link (do-follow) to the advertisers-site also free!
In The Netherlands we are very successful with over more then 15.000 users and about 36.000 ads on http://www.sneup.nl. With the search-term ‘Gratis adverteren’ (Dutch for ‘Post free ads’) we’re on place one (!) of the about 21 mlj results.
Quoting your ‘begging for promotion sentence’ I am trying to gain the same success for our English version of Sneup.

Kind regards,

Henk Jan de Ruiter


CheapTravelPackages - 2012/04/08

Nice lists, Here is another Travel Classified site http://cheaptravelpackages.in/

It is related to travel packages and travel deals. Thanks.


Steve - 2012/04/04

I know it’s an older post, but a truly great one! I make my online money by posting to free classifieds sites and there was a couple here I had never heard of.
Also on my list that you don’t have.. free-ads.ws and I’m a triathlete.. so I buy and sell a lot of bikes at bicyclebuysell.us – Both are very active sites.

Thanks again!


Anuncios clasificados - 2012/04/04

Wow! Thanks for this huge list. It is very helpful for me. I am really grateful to you. You can add this site http://clasificados.eltiempo.com/. It is also a classified ad site.


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dron3adds - 2012/03/29

hello frdzz i introduce new website http://www.3adds.in this site is classifieds 3adds is an extensive network of online classifieds and community websites. Classified ads are either free or paid for depending on the product category and the geographical market. Sellers may promote their listing through featured placements on the homepage or under product categories.

follow us on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/3adds


Rayan khan - 2012/03/27

top 30+ classified ads sites where it is not a waste of time to place an ad. You can take the time to post your classified ads […]


Adusin - 2012/03/26

Another new site for classified listing is http://www.adusin.com try this out


jai - 2012/03/25

nice list of ad posting sites… thanks for it


Free Classified - 2012/03/22

You have created a great list of free classified sites and your service is also very good. I also have a free classified site with good traffic http://tuffclassified.com .


ali - 2012/03/20

here is a new where you can record online your ad evenads.com


Justin - 2012/03/19

Have you checked out http://www.hastooffer.com yet? We just launched our first local site, http://newyork.hastooffer.com, in Greater New York. We offer free classifieds with an online auction format! It’s the best of both worlds.


Rohit Gandash - 2012/03/17

Post FREE ADS at indiabusinesszone.com. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED !! Push to top Facility available !!


Positive Energy - 2012/03/17

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to let you know that #28 and #29 both link to “chooseyouritem.com” so you can fix it.

Have a nice day!! 🙂


nancy grace - 2012/03/16

another best classifieds websites are..




Brandon - 2012/03/16

You can also try http://www.ifieds.com
Its a free classified ads website and you dont have to register to submit ads


neeraj sahu - 2012/03/14

good list of websites


Nisha - 2012/03/13

I also want to add a 100% free PR 2 classified site to your huge list http://www.epageindia.com/. Thanks


unique pets - 2012/03/13

Ad this also for pets..


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    Steve - 2012/04/28

    Works for me. I utilize classified sites like crazy. Try free-ads.ws and kijiji.com. – Both get me responses.


From Sex Slaves To Oxycoton Online Classified Advertising Dominates The American Grey Market - Australian Business Search Directory - 2012/03/12

[…] Here is a list of over 30 high traffic classified ads sites. Most do not accept adult ads, but as many online classified ad site webmasters will tell you they are constantly deleting adult classified ads anyway. This is the case even if they explicity say they do not accept adult online classified ads in their terms of service. […]


classifiedadszone - 2012/03/12

Sorry for the repost, i made a mistake, here is a good clean and easy to navigate classifieds site, http://www.classifiedadszone.com/ 100% free.


WebHosts - 2012/03/10

Thanks for sharing this useful list.
Here is another classified for webhosting http://www.webhostingjunction.com and for Gadgets http://www.buysellgadgets.in


admin - 2012/03/07

Great work mate its helping me a lot


Maximus Max - 2012/03/05

Thanks for the nice post. This is really a helpful one. You can also include this website http://www.webadvertisedirectory.com/


Joey Long - 2012/03/01

I have been making sales from my ads on http://ClassifiedsEarth.com and often see my ads sitting on first page Google. I like it because I can stream my twitter account under my ads and my ads automatically post to my facebook wall using RSS Graffiti. I like CL and BP too but this site will eventually be king.


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/03/01

    Tell us more about RSS graffiti. Cool name.


      Joey Long - 2012/03/03

      Just log in to your personal Facebook account and enter RSS graffiti into the facebook search and a link to it will display. Basically in a nut shell you can enter your feed into RSS graffiti on facebook and your Facebook Wall will display it automatically. It works like RSS Feed works in Squidoo pages but for Facebook. One of the unknown good features of facebook if you markett stuff.


        Matthew Meyer - 2012/03/05

        Very cool Joey thank you for sharing.


Doritha - 2012/02/24

Please i want to know if it is possible to have a free uk or us numbers from another country?


Doritha - 2012/02/24

Please i want to know websites that work with partnership with oodle.com that is websites that sent their ads to oodle.com like love2trade.com for example.Thanks for replying me to doritha_lore@yahoo.com


Joe - 2012/02/23

For Canada related classifieds you can also add http://www.buysellusedstuff.com/ in your listing.


Richard Bligdon - 2012/02/22

Great list.
I posted to a few just to see if they work,but there is site that has an Online Ad posting demo(posts to thousands of sites),so one can try it,then if they like it,they buy the full software,basic to platinum,etc.Sure would beat posting to thousands of Classifed Ad Sites by hand.Some with Safelists.1 Top Marketer says stay away from “Ad Blasters” such,as Ipostad,yet other top Marketers have built their Empire on them!

I’m new to Classifed Ad posting,so this ‘uncharted territory’ for me,but I’ve had many top marketers tell they did this and that is how they get so many sales,so I’d better get started! lol


admin - 2012/02/21

please review this site for list inclusion http://www.betterlist.info



Naptor - 2012/02/21

Hi try this new classifed site http://naptor.com i dont know the potential in naptor but it looks pretty easy to use and post!


Asad Munir - 2012/02/19

very nice and working list thanks for sharing.


Saba ali - 2012/02/11

Thanks for this list add one more site:


upload pictures - 2012/02/11

here a good one I use http://www.classifiedwars.com


Ayush - 2012/02/05

Great list, have you checked freeclassifiedadpost.com ? This is also a great website which is absolutely free.


Vishwajeet - 2012/02/05

Hi, Nice list, Please add this classified site to your list. http://www.etradeclassified.com


Nilesh - 2012/02/04

Dear Admin !

Here are 4 more classified websites of me any my partners.

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Lawrence - 2012/02/01

If you guys don’t mind:) can also check out my new classified ads site. @ http://www.classifiedads4free.com


Andy - 2012/01/30

Noticed another site pop up recently its http://www.quickadsnow.com. They are giving away iPads and iPods.


Paul Johnston - 2012/01/25

Consider adding Free Classified Listings. The website has been around since 1999 and has recently been upgraded to handle the huge amounts of traffic it receives. If you are looking for a quick and effective way to promote your business or website online, visit the new Free Classified Listings website. http://www.FreeClassifiedListings.com
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It’s also SEO friendly. If there is a category you need added, click on ‘other’ and post your suggestion there. This site is offered to individuals and businesses in Canada and the USA.
Post your free classified ad today and see it live immediately.


manish - 2012/01/20

Hi Guys,
You can also check this web portal as a free classified
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Rejoice - 2012/01/16

Thanks a lot for this useful list of the most useful sites which we can use to market different products online.This is really important to any one selling be it just on the internet or using the intenet as a second marketing channel.Keep up the good work.


Gerry_L - 2012/01/16

I find some of the newer sites are worth checking out for their improved user experience. http://www.sortopia.com is a good free growing site with a simple user interface. Another backlink for your site or business couldn’t hurt!


Sarah Garner - 2012/01/15

Its a fantastic list of classified sites. But it would have been better if you had mentioned which one is free and which one is paid. Anyway thanks for this list!!!


Marketing | Rockin GDI Team - 2012/01/14

[…] List Of Top 36 Free Classified Ads Sites […]


Other Advertising Ideas | | Rockin GDI TeamRockin GDI Team - 2012/01/13

[…] List Of Top 36 Free Classified Ads Sites […]


yashila - 2012/01/12

Find one More Free Classifieds Ads


Ramesh adivi - 2012/01/07

Wonderful compilation.
http://www.123adsfree.com is one more FREE classified web site. It accepts global ads and it is totally free. Numerous categories are available.


Dave Lewis - 2012/01/04

Thanks for this list. I have a big downline in a nutrition company and many of them could use this valuable info. Happy New Year Entrepreneurs!


junnydc - 2012/01/02

For Singapore you can add http://sgbizness.com
For Philippines you can add http://pinoybizness.com



Worldwideads - 2011/12/29

You all forgot about http://www.worldwideads.co.uk

Free classifieds website for world wide


Indian classifieds - 2011/12/27

Good classified site is very important for promoting.Good sharing.Also look http://bandelal.com/, a free Indian classified site.


Sabaali - 2011/12/26

New Free classified ads Website
Free classifieds worldwide online free rentals, cars, Home Based, hot jobs, real estate, automobiles, internet, collectibles and computers with photo.
Also New Classified Sites List


bellena classified - 2011/12/24

These were brilliant pointers, Brian! I thought the most useful points were mailing several topics, this would surely demonstrate the adaptability of the writer


moemoney - 2011/12/15

Thanks for sites! I was looking for a way to market my website! Thanks again!


ImpressionWebStudio - 2011/12/15

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timo - 2011/12/13

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clean funny joke - 2011/12/07

Great list…Will try them all


dhiren patel - 2011/12/06

this is new india’s free classifieds website http://www.maitrihitech.com add to your list


Joan - 2011/11/28

I think the classifieds list cited is great if you are buying and selling general items. But what about specialist cites like http://petsmiles.com which specialises in pets. I know Gumtree has a pet section but it is unethical and full of puppy farmers etc. I think classified sites where you can post for free should have stronger policies on what can be posted – particularly animals.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/11/29

    You make a great point. I was not aware of the pet issues until somebody pointed it out. I think Craigslist refuses pet ads because of the breeding issues.


Daniel M. - 2011/11/21

Another great free classified ads website is http://www.workhorseads.com it is very similar to http://www.craigslist.org. Check it out. USA owned and USA only listings.


dhiren patel - 2011/11/21

You can also post your ads in this site http://www.maitrihitech.com It is 100% free and you can post ad in any category.
You can also choose countries in which your ad should appear.


vinay vallabhaneni - 2011/11/21

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UsAdsCenter - 2011/11/20

Here is another good free classifieds website.
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Take a look at http://usadscenter.com.


raju - 2011/11/19

http://www.adsbyads.com also good website for free listing

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Geeta - 2011/11/18

thanks dear to list of classifieds site you can also add this site to your list Classifieds


abdul saboor - 2011/11/17

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Mark - 2011/11/16

I am currently working on a classifieds site where it automatically finds potential buyers for your goods via the social web.


I’m currently looking for classifieds to be posted. Thanks!


Nicki - 2011/11/15

Just found this new website: bayadvertisements.com/
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I find the site very convenient, practical, and user-friendly


alya jabeen - 2011/11/12

Very great list of add posting sites. I thank you all for sharing a valuable information. It is great really


arvin@mydiggs - 2011/11/04

Thanks for the list.
Please include www. mydiggs.com.
Post Your Free Classified Ads on Mydiggs.com. Mydiggs.com is your best online classified site for posting free advertisement in India.


Classified Ads Philippines - 2011/11/01

Don’t forget Bili.ph for the Philippines!


Raviwari.com - 2011/10/31

Raviwari.com for Free local classifieds for apartments, cars, jobs, services, used goods, events and more in Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi and many mega cities in India


Bailey - 2011/10/30

Bailey’s List We offer free classified ads and we won’t flag or ghost your ads period. We do offer some paid listings. Half of all revenue generated through our site goes back into advertising to increase traffic to the site. We will always dedicated our time to advertising Bailey’s List to increase our traffic, After all Bailey is hotter than Craig!


vincent income - 2011/10/30

Wow!!.. such a great list. It really is time consuming but I guess the mentioned online classified ads are great!. Very inspiring theme also ^_^..

Keep up the good work sir.. .


Gerald Staub - 2011/10/25

Nab5.com is a fast growing site with traffic increasing everyday.


Doug taylor - 2011/10/22

Check out http://www.metroyards.com. Tweets your ads and is growing fast


AdsHive Classifieds - 2011/10/21

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Ahmedabad Webs - 2011/10/20

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MentroAdverts - 2011/10/19

u can also add this website to your database http://www.mentroadverts.tk its easy to post your free classified


FamousFunda - 2011/10/13

Gr8 list of classified sites.
this is also a very good classified sites.
plz also add to your list.


Rashid Ali - 2011/10/12

Dear All please send me 10,000 classified ads sites list …..Please help me


Gordon - 2011/10/08

Great list! Do you know of any other free classified sites? Thank Yoy


Kathy - 2011/10/03

The amount of details spent on this site is incredible.
Here is another free classified site that you want to post ad. Post Classified Ads India


Sites Like Craigslist - 2011/09/16

I wish to inform that you have really missed out some other popular high traffic classifieds that have equally if not better pagerank as well as better alexa traffic rank.

Kindly include:-

Thank you.


Aslam - 2011/09/15

Your this list is excellent as compare to other classified sites list, please include these three sites also.


Rasool khan - 2011/09/13

Hi Admin

Please ad My Free Classified Sites To Your List
Thanks in Advance

Free Classified In UK

Free Classified In INDIA


Cloud-ads - 2011/09/13

Don’t leave out http://www.cloud-ads.biz where you can post your free classified ads and get great products and services being advertised also.


saritha - 2011/09/12

Please add following classified sites to your list


Joe - 2011/09/12

The best online classified site is http://www.zooyaaclassified.com countries all over the world are using zooyaaclassified.com. The service is FREE. You can post text ads, picture ads, and video ads all for free. You can also advertising your company banner on the site too.


Rohit Gandash - 2011/09/12

Please add my site to list-/www.indiabusinesszone.com


edeals365 - 2011/09/11

Thanks for the List Which is really handy to post classifieds and reach people there.


Sridhar - 2011/09/10

Thanks for sharing. Here are two more sites


classifieds - 2011/09/08

Good article. I like http://classified4u.biz and http://eonlineads.com site.


Naveen - 2011/08/28

GumtreeAds.co.uk : Free Classified Ads with Gumtree Ads in the UK. Place free ads now. Find Jobs, property, Buy and sell Cars, vans, puppies, Household and many more


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/28

    Thank you Gumtree


Anthony - 2011/08/25

Not sure about Alexa rankings, but the Third Report has a free classifieds section at http://classifieds.thirdreport.com


Ruan - 2011/08/23

Why is http://www.junkmail.co.za not on the list. Or is this post aimed at just the US?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/23

    Thank you for the suggestion.


aivilvin - 2011/08/22

Absolutely a mind blowing list. You have put all the best sites in one place-thanks for sharing!!


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/22

    You are welcome. Thank you for dropping by.


Latest jobs - 2011/08/20

Hey here is a job posting service http://latestjobs.org. it’s 100% free.


    3adds - 2012/06/28

    http://www.3adds.in a classified site for india


Terry - 2011/08/20

You can also post your ads in this site http://www.localswired.com It is 100% free and you can post ad in any category. You can apply for free coupans for premium listing of ads.

You can also choose countries in which your ad should appear


    campusebay - 2012/02/05

    this another new one that is good, http://www.campusebay.com …. what do u thinka bout it ?


aishwarya - 2011/08/20

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Great information,

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Warung Iklan dot Teka - 2011/08/19

I’ve used clasypress for my classified blog. Take a look at http://warungiklan.tk/.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/20

    Thanks Warung for letting us know about this wordpress theme.


Free India Classified - 2011/08/17

Please Include My Site in Your Directory……


Joshua Zamora - 2011/08/14

Hey Matt! Truly Amazing list! I have not had much success with classified ads but I will give some of these a shot.

Do you have any ideas on inexpensive outsourcing of posting?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/14

    Hi Joshua, you could try Scriptlance.com for the outsourcing. You could also experiment with posting multiple backpage.com ads.


Janny - 2011/08/13

Thanks for the extras Matthew.
This has been great. If a person used about 10 of these a day it sure is better than none.
I can see making a spreadsheet and code system as I join will be beneficial to monitor it.
When the emails keep coming about these it motivates me to move on.
What success rate could be expected from free advertising? Anyone?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/08/13

    That is the key question, how to manage your time. Impossible to tell you of results. It depends on your offer. But classifieds have worked well for a long time. Thanks Janny.


      Janny - 2011/08/13

      It appears classifieds work as well as mostly anything else for the home use niches.