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Recently it was announced that Facebook became the busiest website in the United States surpassing even Google. But who determines these statistics? The most commonly used rating system to determine a site’s traffic is Alexa. Alexa rates the traffic of websites and ranks them. The lower the number the busier the website. For example, as of writing this, this website has an Alexa ranking of about 40,000. This means that there are only about 40,000 other websites with more traffic than this one. Not too bad considering that there a millions of websites out there.

To check the ranking of your website just go to Alexa.com and type in the website address if the site your want to check. I just typed in “Yahoo.com.” Yahoo.com has a rank of 4. That means there are only 4 other websites which get more traffic out of all the millions of websites out there. Get the idea?

Now go ahead an type if your website address. Click on get details. You will not only see your Alexa ranking but you will see some basic information about your website. If you want to write a more detailed description about your website you must register an account with Alexa. It is free to do so. This is important to do because first of all Alexa itself is the number 1 authority website in ranking websites. Thousands of websites link to Alexa.com and if somebody is going to check up on your website this is most likely where they will do it. So you want to have the most complete and favorable description of your website as possible here.

There is also the possibility of having your site reviewed and reviewing other sites as well. Having good reviews on Alexa really helps your reputation online. Alexa.com is major authority websites.

The first thing you need to do is register a free account with Alexa. You may do so here.

Then click on “Your Sites.”

Then click ” Add Site.”

Then type in your site address and click on “claim your site.”

Then download the link which says “Download this text file.”

Use your ftp program to upload this file to the root folder of your website.

Then click the button which says “Verify My Text File.”

That is it! Now you can update the description, title and contact details of your website on Alexa. You can also review other websites and ask them to review yours. Most people do not take advantage of this so a lot of good reviews on Alexa really looks good. One strategy would be to write reviews of other websites you like and ask them to review you as well.

Here is a short video which shows the exact process I am describing. If you found this information helpful please bookmark this post in your favorite social media. Also your comments are welcome.

Claiming your site on Alexa.com will allow you to:

Easily update your site’s contact information
Update your site’s title and description
Respond to user reviews of your site.

See here to claim your site now.

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Anne @ A Blogger's Books - 2011/12/08

I understood everything until you got to the uploading to root directory. I don’t even know where to find that on my website. Sorry state, eh?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/12/08

    Not at all. Usually the root directory is the public_html folder or htdocs folder depending on the type of hosting you have. I hope this helps. Matt.


buuzo - 2011/10/27

Is there any advantage of claiming alexa page except editing your site info?


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/10/27

    The more fully your profile is filled out the more credibility you have with your users plus you can encourage people to actually visit your site if you have a good description.


Paul G. Walmsley - 2011/07/04


I tried to post a video response to a number of YouTube videos but there was never an icon to allow me to add a video…please advise.


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Mr Smith - 2011/06/27

Can see why this site is popular. Some great information here, thanks.


Peter Write - 2011/06/09

Thanks for the info and link for alexa


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