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Secret Super Affiliate Technique That Has Generated Over $12,497 In Affiliate Commisions!


Here is an affiliate technique used by some of my top affiliate to generate huge recurring commissions with Classifiedsubmissions.com affiliate program.

The best market for advertising services are those who are already advertising. Classifiedsubmissions.com is a classified ad posting service. So what better marketing than those who are already posting classified ads?

The Best Prospects For Advertising Services Are Those Who Are Already Advertising

So our affiliates will simply contact people who are already advertising on either classified ad sites, Google or Facebook. Most of them have contact forms on their website as well as on their actual ads.

Our Top Affiliates Will Contact Those Who Are Already Advertising Offering a Free PDF of 36 Working Classified Ad Sites Where You Can Post Free Ads.”

The catch is that they use a 2 part approach. Rather than just sending a sales pitch to the advertiser they send them a simple note like this”

I have compiled a list of 36 working, high traffic classified ad sites, where you can post your current ad for free. If you are interested please send me an email to “you@youremail.com.”

We Use a Two Part Approach. First Ask Permission to Send The List. Then Send The PDF.

Then if the person is interested they send them a link to a blog post or pdf with this list of sites: Click here open the pdf in a new window.

The pdf has a nice list of 36 high traffic classified ad sites where they can post their ads for free. Inter-sparsed with the classified ad links are banners promoting Classifiedsubmissions.com. Each banner is linked to their affiliate link.

The PDF Has Banners Promoting Classifiedsubmissions.com. These Banners Are Linked to The Affiliate Link of The Affiliate.

This way if anybody clicks on the banner and orders the service the affiliate will receive 50% recurring commissions.

The beauty of this approach is that you are never approaching the prospect with a sales pitch. You are giving him valuable information which relates directly to what he is trying to accomplish, get more exposure to his ad.

If Anybody Orders From Clicking Any of The Banners in The PDF The Affiliate Receives Credit.

If you just pitch the prospect on the program directly he most likely will consider this spam and not be interested. But a simple list of free classified ad sites is valuable information for the advertiser. The interaction most likely will be warmer.

The approach has been bringing in impressive results.

The only issue in implementing this approach is that not everyone is adept and writing blog posts and using html code. We have made this process extremely easy for you.

To Make This Easy For You We Have Created An Online Re-Brander That Automatically Re-Brands The PDF With Your Affiliate Links

We have created a pdf/ebook will the list of classified ad sites and the banners built in. All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program, input your affiliate id, click “Re-brand it” and our online re-branding system will automatically give you List of 36 Classified Ad Sites pdf coded with your affiliate link.

Here is how you get your own re-branded pdf of “List of 36 Working Free classified Ad Sites.”

1. Sign up for the Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Program for free here.

2. Visit our re-brander page here:

3. Input your username into the form.

4. Click Re-brand it!”

Five. Either download your copy of your re-branded ebook or use the direct link provided.

6. Share the link with your current list, and social media followers.

7. Contact advertisers using the 2 part processed mentioned above to get more prospects.

You can learn more about our affiliate program here.

You can get banners, solo emails, and affiliate marketing tips here.

Here is a video which gives you tips on promotion our other re-brandable ebook. You can use the same tips to promote this one as well.

Here is a blog post on how to promote your ebook as well.

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Much Success,


P.S. I cannot guarantee that you will make $12,000 or even any money with this technique. A lot depends on your ability and dedication. However, it has proven to be an effective technique and I thought I would share it with you. Good luck.