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Get Your Free $100 Advertising Credits on Thefreeadforum.com

TheFreeAdForum Free Advertising Credits

Welcome to this step-by-step guide where I’ll be showing you how to get $100 worth of free advertising credits on Thefreeadforum.com. With a staggering member base of over 500,000 and thousands of ads posted each day, these credits will allow your ad to feature in the premium section, effectively boosting its views.

Before we delve in, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and stick around till the end for all the necessary information on how to benefit from the credit.

Roaming the Rotator

We’ll start on this simple page which I’ll link here. What you carefully want to do is click the rotator on the page and sift through various websites that pop up. Remember, you’re searching for a site that possesses similar features to a this landing page.

It might take a bit of dedication but ultimately, you’ll land on the exact page. Consult the video for a visual representation of the page in question.

Registering: A Key Step

Here we go! Now that you’ve found the correct form, you’ll want to go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter available on this form. While it’s an optional move, sticking around could reward you with valuable freebies or beneficial information.

Once you’ve successfully subscribed – a quick process – you’ll be redirected to a page displaying a code. Note it down.

Gaining the Advertising Credits

With our obtained code, we follow a link that leads us to a new page. This is where we input our name and the email address we used for our free account at Thefreeadforum.com. Completing this step provides a route for the credits to stream into your account.

To get moving, input the noted code (without the phrase ‘the code’). Now click ‘Submit’. Done! Be patient for a while as the credits get tallied and transferred to your account – it usually takes between 1 and 7 days.

Utilizing Your Credits

Once you’ve obtained your credits, log back into your account on Thefreeadforum.com. Navigate your way to ‘my account’ and choose ‘your credit wallet’. Here, unlike my $0.32, you’ll find a whopping $100!


With your loaded account, maneuver to the part that allows ad upgrades. Pay for a premium upgrade of your choice with your new credit balance. You will be surprised by how many premium ads these credits will cater to.


As an additional perk, upgrading your ads gets you listed in the credit ads rotator. Meaning, you’ll see an increase in your ad views.


NOTE: The credit ad rotator only features upgraded ads hence upgrading gives your ad a premiere slot among the best.


Besides getting the credits, opting to upgrade your ads places you at strategic points. Your ad will feature at the top of your category as well as the homepage.

Free Advertising, Not the Only Perk


Did you notice all the different sites when we were navigating the rotator? They belong to pro members of Classifiedsubmissions.com – a platform where you get your ads seen on 70 different sites through their credit viewers.


Feel free to join Classifiedsubmissions.com to get extra promotion at a discounted fee. However, if you’re only interested in the free advertising, follow the link below to get started.

Thanks for reading. I’d love if you could share this post within your networking circle, or even embed this on your blog for others who might benefit from free advertising. As mentioned, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more practical tips like these.


Matthew May, Quick Register SEO.
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