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Making Money Online Using ChatGPT-4: An Exploratory Journey


Making Money Online Using ChatGPT-4: An Exploratory Journey

Hey guys! There’s this exciting concept that’s started making waves in the ‘make money online’ world. It involves ChatGPT-4 – currently the most advanced version of the Chatbot, conversing with it, asking it to brainstorm brilliant ideas designed to help you make the most money possible in the shortest amount of time. We’ll call it ‘AI-driven money-making strategy’. Intriguing, right?

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The Genesis of AI-driven Money-making Strategy


The credit for introducing us to this potentially game-changing money-making strategy goes to a certain player in the industry, Jackson Fall. With his thousands of Twitter followers as witnesses, he embarked on a one-of-a-kind experiment. We’ll first explore what Jackson did, learn from his journey, and try to replicate the experiment ourselves to see if the results are worth the hype.

Here’s the initial dialogue he presented to ChatGPT:

“You are hustle GPT, an entrepreneurial AI. I am your human counterpart. I can act as a liaison between you and the physical world. You have $100, and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible without doing anything illegal. I will do everything you say and keep you updated on our current cash total. No manual labor”

And what did the AI suggest?

ChatGPT-4’s Surprising Recommendations

The ChatGPT-4 offered interesting suggestions. It told Jackson to buy a domain and hosting, set up an affiliate website, establish a footprint in a profitable niche with low competition such as specialty kitchen gadgets, unique pet supplies, or eco-friendly products, and then sign up for relevant affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate.

The AI didn’t stop there. It gave more directives on how to use social media and online communities, produce articles and reviews, leverage social media platforms for promotion, and even implement basic SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking.

Jackson implemented these recommendations and even asked the AI for a catchy name for his website. Imagine ‘Green Gadget Guru’, an eco-friendly products website, designed entirely based on AI directives!

The Results: Green Gadget Guru and The Money Factor

Heavily leaning on AI, Jackson created the ‘Green Gadget Guru’ website. Though he had a considerable Twitter following, which indeed played a part in attracting investors, his unique venture seemed to pay off.

One investor offered him $500 for a 2% investment in the company, valuing the company at around $25,000. Eventually, he bagged nearly $1,378 in cash, alongside investors. He managed to stay ahead, making more than the initial $100 investment he had in web hosting and web design.

Now, not having a massive Twitter following might mean you might not immediately secure investors, but the impressive angle here is the winning niche that ChatGPT identified – eco-friendly products. Given today’s focus on sustainability, it’s clear that people are passionate about eco-friendly products. With some groundwork in terms of creating engaging content, videos, podcasts, and building a community around the niche, this idea could generate a steady income stream.

My Experience with ChatGPT-4

Inspired by Jackson’s experience, I decided to take the challenge, signed up for ChatGPT-4 ($20 a month), and formulated a similar request. Here was my query to the AI,

“You are hustle GPT, an entrepreneurial AI. I am your human counterpart and can act as a liaison between you and the physical world. You have $100 and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible—without doing anything illegal. I’ll do everything you say and keep you updated on our current cash total. No manual labor.”

ChatGPT-4 suggested interesting options like dropshipping, flipping, creating digital products or online classes, stock market cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, and peer-to-peer lending.

One strategy I hadn’t considered before was peer-to-peer lending—if you have the cash and want to earn interest off it, apparently there are platforms for that.

Though none of these ideas were turnkey solutions, they got my mental gears turning. No matter what niche you are in, ChatGPT can be a major boon, helping generate innovative ideas—be it domain names, articles, or even marketing strategies. Currently, I’ve been leveraging AI to generate ideas for articles for some of my local business clients—an application of AI that’s yielding excellent results.

Round two with ChatGPT-4: In the Quest for Low-effort Income Ideas

Let’s put this ‘AI-Thought generator’ to the test once more—but this time, by couching our request differently. Looking for ways to make money with little effort or thinking involved, I asked ChatGPT-4,

“I’m really lazy.. Can you give me some ideas on how to make money that require very little effort or thought on my part?”

The AI suggested some feasible strategies. I concluded that mobile apps, peer to peer lending, and renting out stuff can be viable low-effort income ideas.

The Bottom Line: Is AI the Future of Making Money Online?


From Green Gadget Guru—an experiment with a website targeting a trend-conscious market, to ‘lazily’ looking for income paths requiring minimal effort or thinking—it’s safe to say that AI is worth considering when concocting your online income strategies. Sparking fresh ideas and providing different perspectives, ChatGPT-4 serves as an impressive ‘thought-generator’.

In the fast-paced world of online money-making, incorporating artificial intelligence could be a gamechanger. Although it might not offer wholly automated and effortless ways to make money, it can certainly aid in streamlining processes and developing innovative strategies to boost your income.

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