From 0 To 3 Million Visitors Per Month- Learn How He Did It!


I was just reading a post on Search Engine Watch where they interviewed Fraiser Cain from Universetoday blog about astronomy. He brought his stats from 0 visitors to over 3 million visitors per month! Here are the top points I resumed from the article:

1. He wrote “Evergreen” type articles. This means who researched what people were constantly asking questions about in his field and wrote authoritative articles on this subject. These type of articles keep bringing in traffic over and over. For example he wrote an article about explaining why Pluto is no longer a planet. I could care less but people interested in astronomy really want to know about this subject.

I experienced the Evergreen effect with my blog post on a list of classified ad sites. The post just took off in popularity and still gets the most traffic of any post on my blog. I saw a similar post on Copyblogger called 56 ways to market your business on Pinterest. This post just sucks in the traffic. The moral of the story is to try to find popular topics in your niche and write authoritative articles on these subjects.

2. Having an email list is important- He started his blog building an email list. He actually lists this as his number 1 most important source of traffic. If you can constantly keep in touch with your audience by email you can really boost traffic.

3. Do not forget about Google plus– He seems quite impressed with Google+. I just started using Google plus and I will be researching how to better use this social media.

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4. Focus on content first– What is the sense building links to lousy content. The content has to be good otherwise people will not return to your blog. Once you have people on your blog you want to make sure they find the experience worthwhile.

5. Double down for your success– If you have a hot article do a video about it and submit it to all the video hosting sites and social media outlets. The article will give the video traffic and vice versa.

If you want to read the full article you may do so here.





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