How I Use Mass Video Blaster Pro to Rank on 1st Page of Google for Local Key Words


Rank Number 1

I have been trying to rank of the first page of Google’s natural listings for the highly competitive term “Best Plumber in Fort Lauderdale.” Initially I did not realize how competitive these keywords were. You would not think there were that many plumbers in Ft. Lauderdale Florida doing intensive SEO.

In Order To Rank For Local Keywords You Have to Compete With Mega Sites Like Yelp or YellowPages

But the problem you see is that site’s like Angie’s List, Yelp and Yellow Pages get a tremendous amount of traffic and therefore authority with Google. So their Ft. Lauderdale Plumber sections are hard to beat.

I noticed that the sites other than these popular directories that were having success all seemed to have the keywords in the actual domain name.

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A Big Factor For Ranking For Local Keywords is Having A Domain Name Which Contain The Keywords You Want to Rank For.

So I reserved the domain name “”

But just having a keyword domain name is not enough. I knew I needed real content and real traffic coming to that real content to get my domain ranked.

Having A Keyword Based Domain Name Was Not Enough I Needed Quality Keyword Targeted Content

So I decided to create my own video directory all based on south florida plumbing videos. But coming up with original videos on a topic I knew nothing about would be very time consuming if not impossible.

I Created My Own WordPress Based Niche Video Directory Using Videoswiper and WordPressTube

So I decided to use a service called Videoswiper and a wordpress based video hosting software called

WordPressvideotube will create a ready to go organized video directory from YouTube, and other video hosting site videos.

Videoswiper will automatically download keyword based video along with their keywords, titles and descriptions and upload them automatically to your WordPressvideotube video hosting directory.

Videoswiper Automatically Downloads Keyword Targeted Video and Uploads Them To Your WordPresstube Directory

Videoswiper is capable up downloading and re-uploading hundreds of keyword targeted videos onto your directory per day making it very easy to create a niche focused directory with hundreds or even thousands of videos in quite a short time.

You can see my Best Plumber Fort Lauderdale Video Directory right here to get an idea.

I have thousands of plumbing videos in my directory specifically targeted to the South Florida Ft. Lauderdale market in my directory and it took me very little time to set up.

There are no copyright issues because I am basically embedding YouTube videos on my directory and by allowing embedding on your YouTube channel you are giving permission to people to embed your video on your blogs or websites.

Actually the creators of the videos like to have you embed videos on your site because it gives them more exposure.

But just having a video directory with thousands of keyword targeted videos is not enough to get your site ranked. You need traffic. And you need real local traffic if you are looking to get your local site ranked by Google right next to Yelp and YellowPages.

Just Having A Keyword Based Niche Video Directory With Thousands of Videos is Not Enough You Need Real Local Traffic

So I decided to use Mass Video Blaster to download creative commons videos from YouTube about Ft. Lauderdale and to re-upload these Ft. Lauderdale videos to one of my YouTube accounts.

I Used Mass Video Blaster to Download Creative Commons Videos and Reupload Them With My Link To One Of My Accounts

Mass Video Blaster also allows you to put a link to your website in the description of every video as well. I put a link to my directory, www.bestplumberfortlauderdale, at the top of the description of hundreds of videos about Ft. Lauderdale and uploaded them to YouTube.

I Just Searched For Videos About Ft. Lauderdale I Did Not Limit Myself To Plumbing Videos

I did not limit myself to videos about plumbing in this campaign. I just wanted traffic coming from and about Ft. Lauderdale. I wanted LOCAL traffic. You see Google is smart and is always looking for the most relevant traffic.

I Received REAL LOCAL TRAFFIC from My Local Videos Directing Traffic Back to My Site.

The end result was that one day after I uploaded hundreds of Ft. Lauderdale YouTube videos to my account with links back to my site was ranked on the first page of Google for “best plumber Fort Lauderdale.”

Considering the Google Adwords ads right next to my listing were probably paying 5 bucks per click I thought this was a good investment.

Within One Way My Site Was Ranked on The First Page of Google for My Keywords

The site now bounces around the first 2 pages of Google but I have neglected it over the last few weeks. A bit more promotion should solidify it’s position a bit.

The key was that I went for REAL LOCAL TRAFFIC. All the traffic coming from the Ft. Lauderdale videos were from or about Ft. Lauderdale. This was relevant traffic. Google picked this up and gave my site a good ranking.

I think that traffic is a big factor in ranking a site. Almost always the high traffic sites get the best ranking. We concentrate quite a bit with SEO on backlinks but real traffic probably pays a bigger role in ranking.

Here are the links the software I used:

VideoSwiper– Download keyword videos from YouTube and reuploads them to your own video directory.

WordPressvideotube– A wordpress based video directory script

Mass Video Blaster– Well maintained software than will mass upload videos to one or many different video hosting accounts. Included in the suite of software is a software which will download targeted videos as well. They are downloaded in a format which permits re-uploading by the main Mass Video Blaster software.

If you have any questions let me know. If you like this post please share it on your favorite social media! Thanks! Matt.


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