Review Of Viral PDF Generator From Somebody Who Is Using It


When I first stumbled upon James Grandstaff’s Viral PDF Generator I thought the concept was just brilliant. Write a report on a subject related to your niche which solves some basic problems and give it away offering re-branding rights.

Put links to your blog, website and related affiliate programs in the report and as your users give away the report to their lists you get viral traffic and sales.

To incentivize your users to distribute your report allow them to re-brand the report with their own affiliate links and website links. Of course you will retain your main links in the report but your users will be more motivated to spread the report around if they are also sharing in the traffic and sales.

This is where the problem usually starts with re-brandable reports. Most re-branding software is rather awkward to use and most potential distributors of your material will stop and this point and not distribute your report.

Allow Others To Re-Brand Your Report With Their Affiliate Links

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This is the main problem that Viral PDF generator solves. When you are a client of Viral PDF Generator you get a re-brander page for your report. All you have to do is direct people to this re-brander page.

They then just fill in their affiliate ids and website addresses in the report, click publish and Viral PDF Generator produces a re-branded copy of the PDF with their own affiliate ids and websites.

Now your user is motivated to distribute the report because the will be sharing the traffic and sales with you.

Viral PDF Generator Makes Re-Branding Your Report A Snap

Here is my re-brander page for my report “101+ Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website.”

Just fill in your affiliate ids and website links, click “Re-Brand My PDF” and you will get your own re-branded copy of the my report with your affiliate and website links.

It has been about 3 weeks since I launched my first project with Viral PDF Generator. The re-brander has worked perfectly. However, I realized that only a small minority will actually take the time to re-brand the report and distribute it. You have to be patient. However, some people have started distributing the report and I am seeing links on forums and in the search engines.

Users Will Be More Motivated To Distribute Your Report If It Is Re-Branded With Their Links

I think it is a longer term strategy. Out of 100 people you might find one or two who start to promote the ebook. However, if you just get a couple of people who take this seriously this can result in quite a bit of free traffic back to your websites.

Overall I think this is a highly worthwhile project. For more info on Viral PDF Generator please see here.

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Matthew Meyer

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