Onlywire Firefox Plugin Review By Someone Actually Using It


I recently wrote an ebook “101 Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website.” I thoroughly researched the topic and it was a tremendous learning experience. I have tested some of the techniques and they worked. However, I have not done 1/10th of the techniques I talk about in the ebook. I want to. I am working on it but it is just extremely time consuming.

How many different pieces of really good seo software have you purchased that you are not fully using? The main problem with link building, seo and social media is not knowledge. You can read “5 tips to” “10 ways to” type blog posts until you are cross-eyed .

The Real Problem Is Not Knowledge But How To Implement What We Already Know In A Time Efficient Manner

This is what I love about Onlywire.com’s Firefox plugin. Onlywire’s Firefox Plugin let’s you bookmark any webpage, blog post, YouTube video in over 30 different social media sites in just a couple of quick clicks. Now you can bookmark your media as you go.

For example, if you just made an interesting comment on a popular blog why not bookmark the post? Not only is your link in the link field for the comment but you are sharing valuable relevant information on the fly.

The Onlywire Firefox plugin just sits on your Firefox toolbar discretely showing the words “Bookmark & Share.” If you want to bookmark the webpage your are visiting just click the Bookmark & Share link in your toolbar. A small dialog box will pop up with a list of pre-checked social media sites.

Would You Rather Click Once Or 30 Times?

Click “Post Bookmark” and your webpage is bookmarked in 30 major social bookmarking sites. You just saved 30 clicks over using one of the more popular sharing widgets like Add This.

Because Onlywire is so convenient and fast I am actually using it. I have another program Bookmark Demon that actually is more powerful but I do not have the time right now to set up all the parameters, proxies, spun versions etc that I need to do to really use the software properly.

However, with Onlywire not only am I bookmarking all my own blog posts but I bookmark all the blog posts, Facebook fanapages, YouTube video channels where I make comments. This is giving me valuable deep backlinks to my website plus I am sharing excellent content and gaining credibility.

Here is how Onlywire works:

1. Register for a free Onlywire.com account here.
2. Install the OnlyWire Submitter on your computer.
3. Open Up Firefox
4. Drag and drop the Onlywire Bookmarklet to your Firefox toolbar near the bookmarks area.
5. Fill in your usernames and passwords in the services section of your Onlywire account for your social media accounts

That is it! Now you can bookmark all your online media as you go. The bottom line is that you actually will do it rather than think about it because it is so convenient. You are also bookmarking in a very relevant and organic matter which makes for better social bookmarking accounts.

It is free to bookmark up to 1000 bookmarks per month. If you want to bookmark more than that they have paid plans that scale up starting from $10 per month. Also, with the paid versions you can pay to have them automatically perform all the captchas for you. For more info about Onlywire.com see here.

If you have used Onlywire before I would be interested in your comments. Oh yes, and please do not forget to bookmark this post in all your favorite social media channels.



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