How To Get Low Cost Traffic From List Builders


List builders are basically like safelists. You join them and agree to receive emails from other members. List builders stagger the mailings so that you do not get quite as many emails. You also have staggered sending times too. Usually you cannot send every day to everybody on the list. The higher level membership you have the more you can send out.

You can definitely get some traffic using safelists and list builders. People read the emails to click the credit links and to confirm their email addresses. Also some people just scan the subject lines for something interesting or even to see if their own emails are going out. If you catch their interest you could have a subscriber or sale if you proposition is good.

Safelists and list builders are good if you are selling products which other marketers would be interested in. For example advertising services,business opportunities, marketing information all works well. If you are selling a special type of part made for certain tractors I do not think this is the place for you to advertise.

People complain about safelists. Actually people complain about all types of advertising because most people expect visitors from any type of advertising to immediately buy their products the first time they see it. Most marketers are too impatient or lazy or simply too ignorant to set up a splash page to capture an email address so they can follow up with their customers over and over. They seem to prefer the slam bam thank you mam marketing approach where they hit you once with their offer then if you do not buy the first time you see it the advertising they bought was a rip off.

Safelists and list builders can work. They may not be the one solution that you are looking for but it can be one weapon in your arsenal of advertising methods. Why or? You can use many marketing methods. A little bit of traffic from lots of sources adds up to lots of traffic. Mike Purvis has a great free report called The Traffic Button showing how to make the most out of the top list builders out there. He really knows his stuff when it comes to using list builders. Check out his free report here. You can even rebrand it with your affiliate links and when people sign up for the various list builders he recommends and list building tools you get a commission. Let me know what you think about his report and safelists and list building in general here.

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