17 Examples of Headlines Spammers Used to Trick Me into Clicking

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I have been collecting headlines that have been coming into my inbox with headlines that I just could not resist clicking. I thought there might be something to learn from these marketers.

This is a follow up to my previous blog post giving you “7 Techniques on How To Create Irresistible Killer Headlines.”

But these headlines below got me! I even knew that some were B.S. but I clicked anyway! Here are the 17 email headlines that I could not resist clicking on:

#1 “Nothing to see here.”

You have to love this one. So simple yet you have to click to see what? Nothing!! Brilliant!

#2 “Hey Matt, Future Super Earner!”

This one appeals to my pride, me ego, plus he is “calling me out” as a reader. See technique #4 Flag the Reader in my article on how to create compelling headlines here.

#3 “Good Job!”

Everybody loves complements! This simple headline got me to click. What good job are they talking about? I definitely do not want to miss a complement!

#4 “Need your advice Matt?”

 This one doubles down on technique #4 Flag The Reader.  Not only is he addressing my by name but he is asking for my advice. He needs my help. He is not just telling me something he is asking me to engage. We naturally want to help other people if we can. A very powerful yet simple headline.

#5 “My Private Phone Number”

Ok this one was some sort of dating scam. But you can still use this technique for your business. If your sales are slow offering personal service can put you in the front of line. There is less and less personal service in this world. If you can offer this type of service and are willing to speak directly with your prospects you can beat out your bigger less personal competition.

#6 “I am expecting your reply”

We naturally do not want to let people down. Did I forget to respond to this person? I thought I had better check it out. It is a bit bold and could backfire but it works. Use judiciously.

#7 “Did you see this?”

I actually used this one with a broadcast email and it worked quite well. I wanted to make sure my followers saw this particular YouTube video. This could be used when sending an email to subscribers who did not open the previous email.

#8 “It Has Been Awhile We’ve Missed You!”

Savvy email marketers sometimes send emails out like this to those who have not logged in or opened their emails recently. It is a great way to re-engage with subscribers who have lost interest. You might even ask them what they would like to learn more about.

#9 “I am Unhappy”

For sure I will open this email because I want my customers to be happy and if I can solve a problem and keep a customer I want to get right on this. This uses both a sense of urgency and a strong emotional appeal in just 3 words.

To learn more about using emotional or “Power Wordssee my article here and look for tip #5 Get Emotional!

#10 “My father said this about you…”

Very specific (my father?), they are calling me out (again technique #4). I wanted to know what his father was saying about me. Maybe it was true, maybe not. There is also an emotional appeal here. We automatically think “I hope he is not saying anything bad about me!” It would be hard not to open this email.

#11 “5 Minutes”

Just when I though a headline could not get any simpler. This uses technique #3 adding a sense of urgency. What is going to happen in 5 minutes? Am I going to miss out on something? I just had to click.

#12 “I guess this is goodbye”

Technique #5 get emotional. This evokes the emotion of loss and regret.

#13 “Heartbreaking news”

Another simple and powerful headline evoking strong emotions and curiosity.

#14 “[4 HR WARNING] Matthew, doors are slamming shut”

Urgency (4 Hours), Personalized (Matthew), Emotion and Scarcity with power words (slamming shut).

#15 “You Need Know This”

Calls the reader out (You), appeals to practicality with urgency (Need to know which is also a good formula technique #7) and it is quite short and simple making it easy to digest.

#16 “This Is The Most Important Email I’ve Ever Sent”

You cannot send this one out every day but if it is really important it is worth a shot. Do not blow your credibility by using it all the time. Your offer had better be great!

#17 “Can I pay you this week?”

Calls out the reader, appeals to practicality (getting paid), specific (putting this week shows that the author knows his crowd wants to get paid quickly)

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