Getting The Most From A Freelance Writing Service


Are you tired of doing all your own content creation? It’s a subject that a lot of marketers have a problem with. Sitting hunched over a keyboard for hours on end, trying to perfect an article that is going to do a lot of work in the future. It’s also something that a professional freelance writing service can assist you with.

The thing with content creation is that it is much more than writing articles and submitting them to directories for traffic back to your site. Or even to get those keyword backlinks coming into your site for search engine exposure picking you up natural search traffic.

You need the content to be valuable enough for your readers to stick around the page, scroll through your content and soak up the golden nuggets of information you’re providing them. It’s only through the strategic placement of those little nuggets of information for your readers to find value, that they’ll be impressed enough to click the link in your bio box and arrive at your site.

Once on your site you then need to follow through with even more valuable content. It’s from here that you’re freelance writing service is going to pay off dividends.

If you’re doing things right, you will be able to capture leads here too. Perfect for building client rapport and that all important trust factor that helps add weight to your recommendations. (For those of you who are affiliates.) If you are selling your own products or services, it’s going to be even more important for you to build trust with your clients so they know you are there to provide excellent customer service.

All of this takes time. And we all know in any business, time is money.

The more time you have the more productive you can be.

That’s the benefit of using a freelance writing service. Forget plowing cash into Google AdWords and paying for every click that brings someone to your website. That’s something that is easy to produce a negative ROI.

Outsourcing your writing projects is something that is going to be online for years, hopefully continuing to drive traffic back to your website, or even keeping your site updated to let your target audience know that you’re active and continue to maintain your website.

Making it more likely for people to sign up to your FaceBook fan pages or follow you on Twitter and all the other good stuff that has people sharing your content.

Let’s rewind that a bit there and go back to the email marketing strategy that helps you build the trust you’re after, get that credibility and have your recommendations listened to and people taking action.

There’s a lot of freelance writing services available, but if you approach a ghostwriter and ask them to produce an email follow up sequence to load into your autoresponder service…

What would happen if your writer asked you what that was?

You’d be looking elsewhere for a writer who has an understanding of how to carry out the content creation tasks that you need done, so you can improve your business.

That might be an idea for you to test a new writers capabilities before considering working with them long term.

A half decent freelance writing service, should be able to provide you content that’s going to get you results. Content that your visitors can enjoy reading and also material that even the Google bots know exactly what your page is about.

How would a freelance writing service carry that task out? Creating user friendly content for search engines and readability.

Done through not so much keyword density, although still applying some basic keyword structuring. Something you should check before assigning a project to a new writer. Asking how they do their content creation with regards to keyword density. Not every writer is well-versed in SEO content creation. At the same time, not every website owner agrees with certain SEO strategies. Some like to create content with over 2% keyword density and others are around 1% KW density. Then there’s those that don’t pay attention to this at all.

Personally I don’t pay too much attention to it but ideally try to get it around 1%. Although if it isn’t up to that amount, I wouldn’t go messing around with the content to keyword stuff it up to a certain density as it will eventually affect the flow of the article, affecting the readability.

My style of writing is to use the target keyword phrase within the first and last paragraph of an article and then a few times throughout the content. Then backing up the target keyword phrase through using LSI.

I find that style to be better in terms of readership as it isn’t too obvious to your readers while still ensuring that the bots can clearly understand what the content is focused on.

Of course, a good freelance writing service will take the time to listen to what clients are after. Follow the instructions and deliver the content to meet your requirements. It is your content after all.

Outsourcing your writing, doesn’t mean that you have to change the way your content is written.

When you find a freelance writing service you’re interested in working with, just open communication and get to know the ghostwriter, the services available, turnaround time, capabilities and ask any and all questions before assigning a project. Or assign a test project first to get a feel for whether or not there it’s good match for you both to work together on your projects.

This has been a guest post by Robbie B. who is the webmaster for You may learn about his freelance writing services here. Your comments and questions are welcome.


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