Four Ways to Beat Your Local Search Competition (Guest Blog Posting Pays Off)


Several months ago I did a guest blog post for Site Pro News. I must say they have been very good to work with. Not only have they published and even featured my post but they made a very professional YouTube video promoting the article as well. I really appreciate the fact that they gave me full credit in the video. This shows a willingness to work with other webmasters which is very smart on their part. Here is the video. Please review it and leave me your comments. I welcome good comments and well as constructive criticism. Coming back to the article after being away from it for several months I realize that there is some very relevant information in this video for anybody interested in local marketing.

Here is the original article Four Ways to Beat Your Local Search Competition.

As You Can See Guest Blog Posting Really Pays Off

It is nice to have a high traffic site not only publishing post but making a video of your post. I am getting valuable credibility, traffic, backlinks, and more subscribers to my newsletters. If you have not yet started using guest blog posting in your strategy I suggest you start. You can submit guest blog posts to Site Pro News here. I also accept guest blog posts on this blog see here for guest blog post criteria. The two blogs are not mutually exclusive. You can submit guest posts in both places and get double the exposure.

Why Not Submit Posts To Both Sites That Relate To Each Other And Interlink?

As a matter of fact you could do guest blog posts that are unique yet relate to each other on both sites and reference each blog post within the body of your posts. This way you would have links going to both your posts from 2 high credibility sites each with links back to your original website. Google loves this type of unique relevant linking.

Here is a link with a list of 9 sites where it is not a waste of time submitting your guest blog posts. Of course I include Site Pro News and but there are others as well. Let me know your experiences with guest blog posts in the comments area. Thank you.

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