How to Come Up With Hundreds of Unique Classified Ad titles in Under 10 Minutes


The title of your  classified ad is the first exposure you have to your prospect. If the headline arouses curiosity there is a good chance that your prospect will click on it to learn more.

However, if your headline or title is just like everybody else’s boring boiler plate headlines then even if your prospect sees your headline he might not click to learn more.

That is why some people can make sales with just a little traffic and others need lots of traffic to get sales. If you title then your offer are smoking hot then you do not need as many visitors. So it really pays to have some excellent titles.

Now if you are submitting multiple ads to classified ad site with some of our software you will need a multitude of eye catching titles because most sites will not let you post the same ad with the same title over and over.

Here is how you can get some ideas for some great titles quickly:

Go to or  Craigslist and Check Out Your Competition

I guarantee that if you go to your category in any major classified ad site and check out the titles your competition is using you will find some great ideas.

Just open up notepad or any text editor and start copying and pasting titles. You can edit them later to suit your needs. There are literally thousands of great titles being used on most classified ad sites right now.

Just pick out the ones you like and modify them to suit your product or service.

Get Ideas From the Copy of Your Own Website.

I bet you have some excellent bullet points extolling the benefits of your offer right on your website right now. Go ahead and copy those bullet points into your text editor and save them for later editing.

Get Ideas From Your Competitor’s Websites

Do you have a competitor who hired  professional ad copy writers to do their site? Why not “borrow” some of their great ideas and see if you can modify for your own use.

You do not have to copy directly but you can get the gist of their idea and put your own personal touch on it. There is no shame in learning from those who are more successful than you.

Look At Your Inbox At Your Spam Emails

Yes, you can learn from spammers. I am not saying become one but if you are like me you get thousands of emails each week. And there are those certain emails that really entice you to open to learn more.

Take note! Is there something in those enticing spam titles that you could perhaps use for your ads?  Get creative but stay on the ethical side please. If you lie to somebody in a title they will never trust you again. It is not worth it.

Get a List of Superlatives and Put Them In Spintax.

Superlatives are exaggerated expressions of praise. You can find all the superlatives you want here. The idea is to put a group of superlatives in spintax before your titles and they will turn each title into a unique title. For example here I put several superlatives into spintax:


Say my title is “Learn to make $500 per day starting today!”

And I put my superlatives into spintax before the title:

{Arresting|Brilliant|Chivalric|Commanding|Elegant|Elevated|Exalted|Excellent}! Learn to make $500 per day starting today!

Every time the software will submit your title it will put one of the superlatives before your title like this for example:

Brilliant! Learn to make $500 per day starting today!


Excellent! Learn to make $500 per day starting today!

Having a list of superlatives in spintax will make each title unique.

Use Synonyms Like You Used Superlatives

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing as other words. For example here are some synonyms for the word “Wealthy” in spintax:

{Affluent|Independent|Moneyed|Prosperous|Upscale|Well-Heeled|Well-Off|Well-To-Do|Booming|Comfortable|Having It Made|In The Money|Loaded|Made Of Money|Opulent|Pecunious|Rolling In It}

Say your title is “Learn How I Became Wealthy From Panhandling.” Then you could put your synonyms is spintax like this.

Learn How I Became {Affluent|Independent|Moneyed|Prosperous|Upscale|Well-Heeled|Well-Off|Well-To-Do|Booming|Comfortable|Having It Made|In The Money|Loaded|Made Of Money|Opulent|Pecunious|Rolling In It} From Panhandling.”

Now the software will rotate synonyms within your title making that one title multiple unique titles.

You can use this tool to generate synonyms and then pick the ones you want form

Once you find the synonyms you want you can put them into spintax quickly with this free online spintax tool.

Combine Your Spintax Titles Into Two Groups of Spintax

Let’s say you have 10 titles in spintax. You can put them together like this:

{Get Paid Getting People To Try Products!|Referral Agents Needed!|Make Money From Your Own Couch|We are Hiring |Get Paid To Text Earn $100-$500 Weekly|Get Paid 100% Commissions With ‘Mobile Marketing|”Warning” This Income Strategy Is Highly Addictive!}   {Get Paid Getting People To Try Products!|Referral Agents Needed!|Make Money From Your Own Couch|We are Hiring |Get Paid To Text Earn $100-$500 Weekly|Get Paid 100% Commissions With ‘Mobile Marketing|”Warning” This Income Strategy Is Highly Addictive!}

This will produce interesting double titles that will all be unique like this:

Get Paid Getting People To Try Products! Warning” This Income Strategy Is Highly Addictive!

Since you have two sets of the same spintax the software will rotate both sets creating one longer unique title out of both sets. Both sets will be rotating titles so the new longer titles will be unique.

To submit to some sites you also need unique ad descriptions and you need to rotate these in spintax as well. One trick is to put your titles in your description as well. This will help make your descriptions unique as your titles are rotating within the description as well.

As you can see there are plenty ideas here on how to generate quality unique titles quickly. There is software out there that will just take one title and description and put it into many different spun versions. I do not recommend doing this because it usually produces low quality non human readable content and people can see this. Take the time to come of with quality titles and you can still use spintax to help make your titles unique.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Much Success,









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