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How To Start Your Own Traffic Exchange Business


So you want to start your own traffic exchange business? Traffic exchanges actually predate pay per click advertising models such as Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Marketing as ways for websites to generate traffic. Basically, members of traffic exchanges view other members sites in exchange for credits. Usually, if you view two sites you get one credit for your website. This will translate to 1 view of your site by another member.

If you are a traffic exchange owner you get the extra credits. Remember, members have to view two sites to get one credit. The traffic exchange owner gets the extra credits which he can sell to the other members
for cash.

Also, if your traffic exchange script permits, you can offer recurring pro memberships which guarantee members a certain amount of credits each month regardless how much they actually surf themselves.

This whole process is rather complex and you will need a top notch traffic exchange script to manage all the transactions.

I would suggest avoiding all free scripts. Operating a traffic exchange script is complex. Some people will try to cheat the system and you need a script with built in anti-cheat systems.

You need to choose a script which has been around several years with many different licenses. This way many of the bugs of the script will have been already worked out. You want to have the most reliable script possible. The last thing you want is to be constantly dealing with customer support questions about script errors. Go for quality! It will save you time and money.

One of the more popular scripts is the Walker Traffic Exchange script. We purchased this script along with the source code. Of all the scripts we reviewed it seemed to have the most features and a long track record.

Included in our purchase was full pro installation. Unfortunately the Walker Traffic Exchange script by Ventrino was full of database errors and glitches. The only support available was forum support not email support. The Walker Traffic Exchange forum members were unable to solve the problems and no members of the Walker staff tried to help. When we complained we were banned from the site and they kept our money.

It is important to have a good relationship with your programmer because there will be updates to the script, modifications and you need a reliable technical partner. So even if a script seems to be good check out the support. One question to ask is:
“Do you offer email support after the sale?”

Another popular script is the Trafficdx script. This is run by programmer Ricky Greer and, as of writing this article, has over 635 licenses outstanding.

We purchased the Trafficdx script after corresponding with Ricky on several issues. His answers were always detailed and prompt. We did the installation ourselves with the easy to follow instructions. It worked the first time without any glitches. They also have an excellent forum where members can exchange ideas about the script. So far our experience has been very positive with Trafficdx.

Another script to look at is the LJ scripts. They have all different types of traffic exchanges. Auto surf, manual surf, and start page exchanges. Prices range from $20. to over $200. Again, I would always go for the most advanced quality script. You need quality. Many programmers seem to like their work.

Overall, our advice is to think long term when you create a traffic exchange business. This is a business where you can make money with for years to come and where you can offer a valuable service to your members. Always, think what will give the members a better experience and you should be on the right track.

Here is a list of the discussed traffic exchange scripts:

TrafficDX – Advanced PHP/MySQL Traffic Exchange System
LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script Package
Walker Traffic Exchange Script

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