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Lead Club Completely Renovated Now A Traffic Exchange


I have owned the domain since 2001. I have made money with this site every single since then. It is a ffa or free for all links concept. People post ads on the network and agree to receive emails back from pro members in exchange for placing their free ads. It is a reverse advertising system. The concept worked well for many years. People would put down this system saying the leads were junk however if you were selling something that other marketers were interested in they were quite targeted leads. I have proven this to myself over and over.

However, over the last few months the quality of the leads really went down hill. The whole ffa concept seems pretty much dead now. So I decided to turn the site into a traffic exchange.

Traffic exchanges actually pre date sites like Google as ways for people to find each other’s sites. The concept is simple, you view a member’s site and you get one credit. This credit is good for one view to your site. The more you surf the more views (credits) you get.

Traffic exchanges are surprisingly popular. One of the most popular,, has over 373,000 members and is growing by over 400 members per day.

One aspect I like about manual traffic exchanges is that real people actually view your site. Plus they view it, in most cases, for at least 10 seconds. If you have a very compelling offer, maybe a great giveway to join your newsletter, you will see results. I have run many campaigns on systems like Donkeymails and I get subscribers and even some sales.

I do not think traffic exchanges are good for high ticket items for super specific niches. Offers that would appeal to a more general audience work best. I prefer offering something for free to get them to join my newsletter. Also traffic exchanges are good just for getting hits to your new site so that they start getting noticed in the search engines.

The new Lead Club traffic exchange is a 1:1 Traffic Exchange which means that for every site you view you get one view to your website. In addition pro members will get 6000-9000 high quality co registration leads monthly. These leads replace the old ffa type leads and are of a much higher quality. We have tested many sources of leads and these converted really well for business opportunity type offers.

Pro members get 6000-9000 high quality leads, 5000 credits(views) , 5000 banner impression ads and 5000 text ad impression ads per month on our network. Plus they get to surf faster with a 10 second timer. This is a pretty fair deal for prices starting at $4.16 per month ($49.95 yearly option.)

Is traffic exchange traffic as good as a great ppc campaign with Google Adwords. The ads definitely are not as targeted (unless you are targeting other marketers in which case traffic exchange traffic is super targeted), yes the ads are incentivized (people are surfing for credits) so no the traffic is probably not as good as a ppc campaigns with Adwords.

However, traffic exchange traffic is much much cheaper, and way easier to set up. You get way more views for much less money. Plus you get something precious. Real eyeballs looking at your site. You got the eyeballs. What are you going to do with them? Make your offer simple, free, fantasic, irresistible with a clear call to action. Do not send them to your website. Send them to a landing page with a clear simple call to action. You have 10 seconds to capture them. Yes, many will be freebie seekers but many can be buyers too if you have the right offer.

The bottom line is how much money you spend for how much results received.

Nothing is stopping you from using both ppc and traffic exchange traffic.

Check out Lead Club Traffic Exchange here and let me know about your experiences with traffic exchanges in general.