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Review of DesktopLightning Software And Traffic Exchange Network


I am a fan of traffic exchanges because at least with traffic exchanges real people actually see your site and the traffic is generally low cost and free. The people who thought of the traffic exchange concept Screenblaze ( a screensaver traffic exchange program where people exchange their screen exchange traffic) have come up with a new innovative concept. It is called Desktoplightning.

I have to give them credit for being creative. This concept if pretty neat. Here is how it works. You download this very easy to install software to your hardrive. This software is sort of like an email reader which pops up on your computer screen. You open it up and you will see an inbox with messages from other people who also have downloaded the software.

The concept is that you have to read at least 60% of your messages for at least 10 seconds each then you get to send your message to the network as well.

The advantage to this system is that there are no email filters to deal with. Messages go directly to this compact easy to use software. You are not using email so there are no spam issues. Also, as with most traffic exchanges, real people are viewing your messages for at least 10 seconds. It is really up to you to have a great offer and landing page.

Another twist to this software traffic exchange is that it is a viral traffic exchange. Your “network” of people you can broadcast to consists not only the people you refer but the people they refer down 15 levels deep. The potential is that you can build a huge network of people that you can broadcast your message directly to their computers bypassing spam filters. I tested this feature and it is working. I referred about 26 people in a test and my network is 32. Not huge, but I have just started promoting this concept. I am sure it will grow to thousands.

I do not think you will get millions of visitors to your website with this or any other traffic exchange. But it is another way to start getting real visitors to your website for free. I am finding that many little traffic generation methods can really add up to deliver a substantial amount of traffic at the end of the day.

The only downside right now is they do not pay commissions on their upgrade package. This is definitely something they should add in the future. However, I still believe this is another valid method to building a large viral network that you can consistently send your messages to.

See here to sign up for Desktop Lightning for free and download the software.