Automated Classified Ad Submission Software The Ultimate List

Automated Classified Ad Submission Software

Automated classified ad submission software can save you hours of time posting classified ads. If you even have tried to post classified ads manually you know how tedious this task can be. With automated classified ad submission software you can just set up your ad, click run, then go spend your time on more profitable tasks.

Posting Classified Ads Manually is Tedious and Time Consuming

I have started creating my own automated classified ad submission software. I started creating my own software because I could not find what the software I wanted. Even if I did find some good automated classified ad submission software it was not kept updated and eventually stopped working.

So far I have 5 automated classified ad submission software packages with more to come. The software is either priced very reasonably or is free and I offer 100% 30 day money back guarantee on all my automated classified ad submission software.

With Automated Classified Ad Submission Software You Just Set Up Your Ad Click Run Then Go Do Something Else More Productive

I plan on coming out with dozens of different ad posting software packages and I want everyone to feel confident ordering our software.

If one automated classified ad posting software does not fit your needs perhaps another one will. Here is my current list of automated classified ad posting software:

Please note Backpage no longer exists as a site so the software has been dis-continued. Please see for our latest submission software.

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter– This software posts ads automatically to which is the 2nd highest traffic classified ad site after Craigslist. It posts to about 20 different categories.

This Backpage auto posting software posts ads on autopilot to close to 500 mainly US cities on Backpage. The software works with captcha service and will solve the captchas for you. You can also use proxies if you wish.

It is of course ideal to get your ads published on Backpage since the site gets so much traffic. However, it can be frustrating posting ads on Backpage because many ads will get deleted or “ghosted.”

This happens most in the Biz Opp or business opportunity category where people just spam the same ad over and over again with the same make money do nothing pitch or variations there of.

Backpage is The Big Daddy of Classified Ad Sites But They Moderate Ads in The Biz Opp Section. The Solution is To Think Out of The Box and Come up With Free Offers And to Post in Other Sections

The internet is tired of these pitches and people are getting blind to these ads and Backpage is moderating

The answer is to come up with a free offer and to post in other appropriate sections. You can come up with a free ebook, free video, free coaching, free software, free guide to promoting your home business or a free guide which solves problems in your industry.

Then promote your free offer and capture the prospects email address with an autoresponder system and follow up with them.

You can also send people to your YouTube channel or Facebook page and invite them to subscribe or follow. Backpage Easy Ad Submitter automated classified ad posting software can be an excellent tool for building your social media profiles and email list.

This however, takes some work and creativity and many people are not willing to be creative or to work. However, if you are willing to think a bit out of the box the automated ad posting software can be a tremendous value.

With Most Advertising Methods The Traffic Stops as Soon As You Stop Paying. When You Use Automated Classified Ad Posting Software You Pay Once And Get Free Traffic For As Long As You Use The Software

When using automated classified ad submission software the software becomes a better value the more you use it. With most advertising once you stop paying the traffic stops. With automated ad submission software you pay once and you keep getting more traffic the more you use it.

See here to learn more about Backpage Easy Ad Submitter. Pro Submitter– This is by far the easiest to use of our automated classified ad posting software. Unless you post something illegal or immoral your ads are not going to get ghosted.

You can post up to 7 pictures, a YouTube video,and  a full html description with a clickable link to your website. This classified ad submission software posts to all major cities in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Caribbean, and Australia and New Zealand. Pro Submitter requires no captcha services or proxies.

This classified ad site also gets very good traffic to the ads. There are classified ad sites which get quite a bit of traffic but the individual ads do not get that much traffic. This can be because the space they leave for ads is small, they do not allow pictures, videos or clickable links.

Just Because A Classified Ad Site Gets Traffic This Does Not Mean That Your Ad Will Get Traffic. Check How Many Views Ads Are Getting. What Counts is Views to YOUR Ads Not Just to The Site.

The ads on are getting real views. You may even get more views than on busier sites.

Something else to consider is to upgrade your ad to stay live for one year. This only costs $5. for the entire year. If you can’t make your money back after one year then you need to change your ad!

Consider Upgrading One of Your Ads on TheFreeAdForum To Stay Live For One Year For Just $5.

One smart move is to promote your ad a little  bit on your own. If you get around 1700 views or more you could get listed in the hottest listing section.  This means your ad will be permanently on the homepage of the site which gets serious traffic.

Again we are back to being creative and thinking a little out of the box. I know it hurts but give it a try.

See here to learn more about Pro Submitter.

ClassAdsCom Easy SubmitterThis automated classified ad posting software posts to the popular classified ad sites.

It posts to most categories and most cities on autopilot. See here to learn more about the ClassAdsCom Easy Submitter software.

Global Free Classified Ad Submitter– This automated classified ad submission software posts ads automatically to hundreds of cities and to any category. The site is the popular classified ad site.

The key with this site is to come up with multiple titles and descriptions and put them into spintax. You need unique content with your ads to post to this site. It is not as hard as it sounds. Here is an article which tells you how to come of with hundreds of titles in minutes.

See here to learn more about the Global Free Classified Ad Submitter software. Free Biz Opp Submitter– This software submits your ad on autopilot to 50 random US cities on This is a completely free automated classified ad submission software. The Pro version is faster and can submit to any category. To learn more about TheFreeAdForum Free Biz Opp Submitter see here.

New! Global Ad Reply Reverse Advertising Software– This ultra simple easy to use software delivers highly targeted traffic directly to your offer every time you use it! This automated classified software does not post classified ads but it responds to classified ads.

You choose your category, then the software finds classified ads in that category then you send your response to the targeted classified ad with your website link.

The advantage to using this software is that advertisers are carefully monitoring their inbox so they ALWAYS see your response!  See the video below which explains exactly how this Global Ad Reply Automated Software can help you get massive targeted traffic for pennies.

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As always your comments and suggestions are encouraged. If you have other automated classified ad submission software that you have used and that you have been successful with please let us know in the comments area.

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