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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there’s one search engine that truly matters and one search engine that’s going to bring you most of your traffic. That’s the big “G” (Google). Google has been around for well over a decade now and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone has the goal of ranking high in Google because they want some of that free organic traffic. While there are plenty of people paying for paid ads alongside search results, you can’t beat traffic when it’s completely free and easy to manipulate.

The algorithm behind Google and how it places value upon websites for specific keywords is a very complex one. When you have some of the top engineers and top programmers in the world working for you, this is something you can make happen.

What Are Factors of Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of different factors that go into how a website ranks and places for a particular keyword when it’s typed in but here are some of the most important ones

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Content – You’ve more than likely heard at one point or another that content is king. Content will affect your search engine rankings in more way than one.

#1 – If your content is copy/pasted or spam that’s already been published on another website, then you’re obviously going to rank lower and you even run the risk of having your website de-indexed period. This is why content has to be 100% unique and written by you or having it written by someone else that will not publish it on another website. While it is true that major websites copy and paste articles and stories all the time, they also have a high page rank and authority with Google. Websites that have been established for a long time can get away with that.

#2 – If your content is unbearable to read or doesn’t appeal to readers then you’ll have what’s called a bounce. A bounce is essentially when someone goes to your website and then clicks off of it immediately without clicking on anything else. So while content must be unique, it must be easy to read for the native language and entertaining to read. No one wants to read a page full of ads or a page of just gibberish that no one can understand.

Backlinks/Authority – How much authority your website has is determined by backlinks and how relevant the content of those backlinks is to your website. A huge mistake that some people make is that they think they can just get backlinks from any website they want and it’ll make them rank higher in the search engines. You see spam automation tools like XRumer, SeNuke and automated article writers but what people don’t realize is that this only hurts your rankings. While some of these programs while used effectively and intelligently might help you, this usually isn’t the case.

Website Speed

Is website speed truly a factor in ranking? How can Google actually know how long it takes to download a page, your website and how long other users are taking? This is actually very simple. When you have a web page that is updated or brand new, Google sends out what are called “Spiders” to crawl your page and report back to the server what information the page has. It’ll report back what kind of content is on your page, how many images and videos are on your page and how long it takes to download the site. If the site takes longer to download than other websites in your particular niche, you will definitely rank lower.

Try to limit how big your background is, how big your images are, how many images you have in the first place and try to make the site user friendly so that even people still using DSL may download your website in the quickest time possible.

Author Bio: Gustavo Silva works at HomeHost which is one of the top web hosting (hospedagem de sites) companies in Brazil.

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