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My Clients Are Forcing Me To Take $1000. +$550 Per Month


Leveraging Your Social Network for Financial Gain: A Tale of Jiu Jitsu and Online Marketing

Have you ever taken advantage of your social circle to offer valued services, and gain some money while doing so? Yeah, that’s right. Offering your skills to people within your social circle can be lucrative. In my case, my involvement in a Jiu Jitsu club sparked an unexpected shift in my professional life leading to business owners practically begging me to help improve their online presence.

Networking in the Unlikeliest of Places


For context, I frequent a Jiu Jitsu Club, where I, along with fellow members, train, unwind, and form lasting personal connections. Among this group are several business owners—some with loads to their names, like private jet purchases. We’ve bonded over coffee post-workout and during these casual encounters; they are generally curious about my profession.

When I tell them I aid small businesses in increasing website traffic, it piqued their interests. Little did I know this simple revelation would be the start of a new business venture.

“Just a random discussion over coffee led to potential business transactions.”

The Unseen Gap in Business: Online Marketing

Being exceptionally good at their businesses, these owners had one Achilles heel: Online Marketing, a fundamental aspect they knew absolutely nothing about. I’m sure many of us who work in affiliate marketing or any digital advertising related work often assume everyone is familiar with it. Nope, not everyone understands the art of setting up a landing page, creating a blog, or using an email system to generate traffic.

Opportunity Knocks: The Lucrative Potential of a Forgotten Skill

When they started asking for my help in online marketing, it dawned on me the breadth of opportunity lying ahead. They valued their time and wanted effective services. That’s when I offered to devise and implement a marketing strategy comprising video blog type promotions, social media marketing, and consistent content creation.

Making a deal wasn’t difficult at all; $1000 for setting up and $550 per month for content creation seemed like an acceptable bargain for them. I didn’t have to sell it. It seemed as though they chased me down, humbly requesting help. And believe me, they paid like a breeze. Needless to say, I am providing my services diligently, ensuring I give them their money’s worth.

“I underline the importance of having an open mind and being ready to adapt as it could be your gateway to unexpected opportunities.”

Leveraging Skills Within Your Social Circle; Your Next Big Break?

Crafting blog posts with WordPress, designing videos, using GPT-3 AI to generate article ideas, basic understanding of SEO, and optimizing social media profiles are all significant skills in today’s digital world. Be it high-end local businesses like those of my Jiu Jitsu friends or work-from-home setups, these skills can be marketed effectively.


And the beauty of it all? Unlike most bizop world arrangements with high client turnover rates, these types of clients are golden. They tend to stick with your services longer, leading to steady income. They value time, efficiency, and quality, making them the perfect clientele to work with.

Ruminations & Conclusions

The Internet era has cleared the way for learning anything and everything. Cold calling and physical presentations belong to the past. Now, to kickstart your career in online marketing, all you need is an understanding of the basics and the internet.


If you’re doubtful about approaching such tasks, Freelancer.com and Fiverr host a plethora of talented individuals who are willing to work at competitive rates. However, take note: local businesses owners are more likely to approach you for these services as they prioritize their time and money over learning these new skills.

“With the right set of skills and the willingness to learn and adapt, the opportunities are endless. You might already have a potential business idea tucked away within your social circle. Be open to it.”