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5 Profitable Niches for YouTube Automation Channels That You Might Not Have Thought Of

5 Profitable Niches for YouTube Automation Channels

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If you’re keen to make a substantial income using the YouTube Partner Program, selling your products and services, and through affiliate marketing, you’re in the right place! Today we’re uncovering five profitable niches that work excellently for automated, faceless YouTube channels.

1. The Aspiring Billionaire Niche


Consider establishing your channel in the “aspiring billionaire” niche. A great example is Alux.com — a booming YouTube channel that fishes in the pool of people dreaming about luxury living and the opulent life of a billionaire.


Take a look at their content. It’s about selling the dream. Interestingly, you don’t have to sell high-value items like yachts; you are selling the aspiration, the billionaire lifestyle. You can imagine the audience here — people with a thirst for high-end living, even if they can’t quite afford it yet.

Their videos are quite straightforward, often list videos such as “15 Signs You’re Cool” or “15 Things that Make People Instantly like You”. They’re great at monetizing their site a number of ways, including the YouTube Partner Program, their personal store via a site called Spring, and by selling courses online.

“Education is huge. This is really profitable. They’ve got all these courses and freelance mastery, learning mastery, $249. $499 for goal mastery. Wow. And it’s 100% profit whenever they sell these courses because they’re already made up bitcoin essentials. Mind mastery. 49 lessons, 41 lessons. Very profitable.”

2. Investment and Personal Finance Niche

The second profitable niche is personal finance and investment. Channels in this sector enjoy high pay, as CPM advertisers are willing to shell out to display ads on investment-related content. For instance, Chris Invest is a promising example with his simple-yet-popular whiteboard videos discussing basic concepts of finance and personal investing.

To monetize this, besides using Google AdSense, platforms like The Motley Fool affiliate program offer $100 commission per lead. They provide personal finance and investing advice through a popular site and newsletter. You could also create your own eBook on personal finance topics like credit score improvement and sell it for 100% profit.

3. Natural Remedies or Natural Living Niche

‘Natural Ways’ is a trending niche, with videos exploring home remedies, natural lifestyle choices, and alternative ways of living. As health-conscious people’s demand for natural approaches to health and wellbeing soars, this niche will flourish. For example, the YouTube channel ‘Natural Ways’ has an enormous 1.63 million subscriber base.

Monetization ranges from AdSense to various affiliate programs offering natural vitamins, healing, and home remedy products. Platforms such as Clickbank.com are useful for connecting to and selling natural supplements.

4. Retirement Niche

Tailoring content for an older demographic considering retirement could also prove beneficial. Videos can discuss topics like the ‘Twelve Best Lakes to Live or Retire’ or ‘Twelve Best Islands for comfortable retirement’. Monetization can come through financial programs concerning retirement, affiliate programs, and selling e-books on retirement planning.

5. AI Niche

Lastly, AI is a scorching niche right now. Channels reviewing AI tools or providing the latest AI News can draw a substantial audience. Monetizing through affiliate programs within AI tools and billings that provide commissions is a good way of generating income.

One successful AI-focused channel is ‘Future Unity’ which is already thriving within less than a year of launch. Their technically detailed content may not be for everyone, yet it clearly works for them, boasting 867 subscribers at the time of writing.

Given that AI is a broad field, there are many sub-niches available for you to consider.

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“Thank you so much.”

In conclusion, no matter the niche, the overarching rule in creating a successful YouTube automation channel is to sell dreams, not products. Add value, and the money will naturally follow.