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A Good Way To Do Keyword Research


Everyone knows keyword research is important, and to have the right keywords is an essential part of a successful online strategy. But the question is, how to choose them? And which ones should I use (which ones should I build my site around?). There are various keyword research tools available and many of these are free to use (or else they have a free portion that will provide a limited number of results). Market Samurai is a very useful Market Research tool, and the keyword research module is actually free. But of course the useful information that you need requires the analysis tools that are included in the full version.

The secret is to find a good balance. Ideally, you need keywords that get a decent number of daily searches but which have low competition (in other words, the competitors in your market are not working these keywords to death). You can get most of this information from the Google Keyword Tool – in fact most of the tools on the market today rely heavily on Google’s tool for their results. I am assuming that you already know what market or niche that you are going to position your web business in.

So for instance, you want to base your website or blog around “cake recipes” and you want to add some useful content that will get picked up by the search engines. Your seed keyword is “cake recipes” but you need to be planning on having 10 to 12 keywords with this as the root (such as porter cake recipes, birthday cake recipes and so on). These keywords are going to be separate pages on your website (or categories if you wish) and you can base your articles or blog posts around each one.

So what will you choose for the 10 to 12 keywords? This is where Market Samurai excels as a research tool, because you can set various “filters” on the keyword research results that will show keywords (or keyword phrases) that have the right balance between searches and competition. There are many and varied parameters that you can use to filter the results. There are 2 in particular that I like to check:

1. SEOT – The number of potential clicks you would get if your site was ranked #1 for this keyword. (Should be 50 or more)

2. SEOC – The total number of websites that mention the keyword. (Should be 15,000 or less) You may have your own target numbers for both of these, but I think they are a good “rule of thumb”.

This article was written by Tom McCarrick. You can get information and tips on Web Marketing here.

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