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Best AI Software to Turn Videos into Blog Posts VideoTap Review


Do you want to transform your videos into high-quality blog posts effortlessly? Allow me to introduce you to an incredible AI software that does exactly that, and so much more! In a matter of minutes, the software can create a beautifully formatted blog post from your YouTube video, ultimately saving you time and increasing your content production capabilities. Also, remember to follow and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more information about leveraging new technologies.


Transforming Videos into Blog Posts

Blogging plays a crucial role in building an audience, regardless of your niche. Regular content production might seem daunting due to the time-consuming nature of blog writing. However, with the help of advanced AI software, those days are now behind us.

For instance, consider a video about YouTube automation. In no time, the software can convert the video into an impressive and highly detailed blog post. The process is quite straightforward. You simply need to input the video URL into the software, hit ‘Add Video’, and wait for the magic to happen. Quite conveniently, the resulting blog post maintains your original narration, thus preserving the authenticity of the information.

Add video -> Add YouTube -> Input video URL -> Add Video

The blog post created has a smooth formatting with neatly placed quotes, relevant thumbnails, and an intuitive flow— all automatically done for you. With the click of a button, you can export the blog post as HTML and integrate it into your WordPress site.

Driving More Traffic To Your Content

Utilizing this AI software will not only help increase traffic to your blog but also boost views on your YouTube videos. The search engine often prioritises YouTube videos embedded in blog posts. As a result, you stand to gain more visibility, subsequently increasing your chances of being ranked top in the search results.

A perfect example of this would be a client I’ve worked with who owned a company offering indoor air quality testing and mold testing in Rojobuth Beach, Delaware. After embedding their videos on my blog and using the correct keywords, my blog post ended up ranked right under the paid listings on Google. More so, being in the video section on Google, my blog post was more visible because it had the video embedded. Hence, the more your videos are embedded into blog posts, the more traffic you get.

The AI software In Action

The beauty of this software comes alive when you use it. Let’s consider a video about ‘Five SaaS businesses from Code Canyon Where You Can Start Making Money Now’.

The process is as follows:

  1. On the software, click on ‘Add from YouTube’.
  2. Input the video’s Share URL.
  3. Click on ‘Add Video’.

Upon starting the process, the software begins to make clips of the video. These short clips can be shared on platforms like Instagram or used for YouTube shorts. As a bonus, the AI software creates automatically generates tags which I can then use on WordPress or YouTube, as well as a well-informed video description.

Interestingly, the software also generates a series of tweets from the video. All I have to do then is to log into my Twitter account and post the pre-written and well-crafted tweets. You can imagine how fast your Twitter engagement would grow!

Furthermore, the software creates ‘chapters’ that can be added to the description of your YouTube video. These chapters help users navigate through the video, enhancing the watching experience and hence, increasing the view time.


From Horizontal to Vertical Clips

Besides making horizontal video clips, the software also makes vertical clips perfect for Instagram and YouTube shorts. Both versions are professionally made, with appealing subtitles and eye-catching visuals.

An All-New Blog Post in Minutes

The speed at which this software operates is nothing short of impressive. In only about five minutes, it generates a beautifully written and excellently formatted blog post, complete with screenshots and division into appropriate sections. Simply exporting the HTML and copying the images into WordPress will yield a delightful blog post.

The Key To Increased Exposure

The AI software I’ve shared with you today provides a significant boost in exposure for your YouTube videos, and potentially, your business. By repurposing videos into blog posts and vice versa, you can attract more traffic to your YouTube channel as well as your blog. Even without a WordPress blog, you could set up a Medium blog (it’s free!) and enjoy the high Google ranking Medium articles often receive.

I can confidently assure you that this software is definitely worth a shot. If you’re still skeptical, you could try the free version which allows for three free videos. For unlimited benefits, I recommend the Pro version which goes for approximately $25 per month.

Thank you for your time! Don’t forget to join the community by subscribing to my YouTube channel – Quick Register SEO. Let’s continue on this journey of leveraging technology for successful online marketing together.