My 5 Most Effective Traffic Generation Techniques


(Just a quick note. I stumbled upon Onibalusi’s blog and I was stunned. Here was a 17 year old who wrote with the eloquence and wisdom of a 45 year old. On top of that his blog is now at about 15,000 Alexa which even tops the traffic for this blog which has been around for 10 years. He accomplished this feat in just 2 years of blogging. And get this, he is not even a native speaker of English. He did not ask me to guest blog. I sought him out and asked him to write specifically on the subject of his 5 most effective traffic generation techniques. I suggest you take note. Onibalusi knows his stuff when it comes to traffic generation. Your comments are always appreciated- Matthew Meyer.)

Have you ever wondered what the secret recipe for blogging success is? While it might be cool to create great content, or to look for a way to get people to act on your offer, the number one ingredient that will determine how far you will go with your online business is traffic, and traffic, and traffic. Nothing else! It might be great to have great copywriting knowledge, and it might be awesome to have the best product on earth, but without traffic, every other thing is useless.

I have been blogging for almost two years now, and within that period, I have been able to build my blog to a stage where it is now getting over 25,000 visitors a month, and it has gotten over 260,000 visitors till date. In this article, I will be sharing my 5 most effective traffic generation techniques with you.

1. Guest Blogging

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It was only after a few months of my starting blog that I heard about guest blogging. The concept of guest blogging was still new then, and I was awed by the kind of traffic other bloggers are getting just by writing a guest post for another blog. I started guest blogging after that, and the result has always been great.

My first guest post on another blog sent me around 50 visitors the week it went live, and after a few months of learning how guest blogging works I submitted a guest post to an A-list blog, and that guest post resulted in over 1,000 visitors the day it went live. Ever since then, I have decided that guest blogging will be an integral part of my marketing approach.

There are countless articles on guest blogging if you want to know more about the subject, but I also have a complete guest blogging guide on my blog written as a result of my experiments.

2. Email Marketing

If you’ve been in the internet marketing space for anything more than a few days now you will have heard several times over that the money is in the list. If you haven’t taken that saying serious before, then I’d also like to tell you that the traffic is in the list. Yes, you heard that right. For several months over my email list has been one of the top traffic sources to my blog. Whenever I publish new content the first thing I do is send a link to it to my list, and in a matter of minutes the article will have gotten enough traction to make it go viral. Building an email list can be a great way to get in touch with your readers repeatedly, while at the same time creating an opportunity for your blog to be successful.

3. Search Engine Traffic

I’ve always been a fan of optimizing a website to take advantage of search engine traffic, and I have good reasons for this. As far as traffic generation is concerned, guest blogging on a top blog will only send you a spike in traffic for a limited time, sending an email to your list will only send you a spike in traffic for a limited time, and both of these tasks have to be done repeatedly for maximum results. This isn’t the case with search engine traffic, and you can easily optimize your blog for the search engines once and reap the rewards later. Google currently sends around 15,000 visitors to my blog every month, and this has been the only source of traffic that is constant without me doing anything.

4. Interviewing Top Experts

This is another tactic I love and have used to great advantage on my blog. You can easily get more traffic and readers to your blog by interviewing experts on related subjects and asking them to share the interview on their favorite social media site. Most of these bloggers already have an impressive following, and if you can ask them interesting questions they will want to tell their readers about it.

Another approach you can follow is to ask a group of bloggers a single question, and then compile all their answers on one page and ask them to share it. Most of the bloggers will be honored to see their name included alongside their blogging heroes, and as a result, they will want their followers to see it.

5. Social Media

People have been saying it for years now that social media is the future of the web, and I can see social media starting to have more influence in the lives of individuals. Facebook is currently the 5th top traffic source to my blog ever, and is always one of the top 10 traffic sources to my blog every month. Twitter is also the number 10th top traffic source to my blog ever, and it also sends quality traffic to my blog every month.

Social media is becoming increasingly important, and as marketers and bloggers we shouldn’t ignore its importance. If you can learn and master how to use social media for your business, you will start noticing significant difference in how much traffic you’re getting.

Are you looking for ways to get more traffic and income from your money? Then check out Onibalusi’s blog at YoungPrePro.com. Also make sure you sign up to his course that shows you how to build a successful writing business.

P.S. Here is a video of two girls talking about this post. For $5. they will talk about almost anything you want. I found them on Fiverr.com. Not sure if I will keep hiring people like this but I thought it was funny.


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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

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michael smith - 2012/01/02

I would love to guest blog on your website.Please contact me, and hopefully we can discuss a time ..

powerhouse seo


    Matthew Meyer - 2012/01/02

    Hi Michael, I am ready anytime you are. Go ahead and submit your post to info (at)quickregisterseo.com Subject Guest Post and we will get going on it. Thank you! Matt.


Kevin Mulgrew - 2011/12/31

Thanks for this very wonderful interesting post – i learned some great new stuff i didn’t know before – definitely something to action when my new web sites are up and running … and it was very cool to learn about Bamidele Onibalusi – a very inspiring young man – way to go and good on you for taking action at such a young age !


weaver - 2011/12/30

thanks for this very wonderful post – i learned some new stuff i didn’t know before – definitely something to delve into at some point … and it was very cool to learn about Bamidele Onibalusi – a very inspiring young man – way to go!


Freelancer - 2011/12/22

This is a great post. It would be easier if you can outsource some of the work. It is a bit difficult if you do those mentioned above by yourself.


Vince Stevenson - 2011/12/21

I really found this post incredibly useful and as always will try to apply the suggestions in a balanced way. Regards Vince


monster energy cap - 2011/12/21

I guess it is because of the niches I am in. The reason might be attributed to the fact that I focused on a narrow niche which raises eye brows.


Winchel - 2011/12/20

Thanks Matthew For The 5 Methods.
I will Be Checking Onibalusi’s Blog Soon.
Thanks Again
Best Regards



Bloggerdreams - 2011/12/20

An intelligently compiled post. I have been blogging for 4 years now but have not yet taken certain steps to improve on it. I guess it is because of the niches I am in. The reason might be attributed to the fact that I focused on a narrow niche which raises eye brows. I recently started to try something else and this post just came as manner from heaven. 17 years old you said? What an intelligent chap.

Thanks for the tips. I should make then as one of my guidelines in future.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/12/20

    Thanks for the comment. I am glad some of the tips help you. Makes to check out O’s blog as well. He has lots of great tips there too. Matt.


    Bamidele Onibalusi - 2011/12/23

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the article and could get some tips from it 🙂


Dave Lucas - 2011/12/18

Onibalusi is a cool guy – I’ve run across him before – I’m wondering: my blog is “old” – how could I employ email marketing techniques this late in the game?



    Matthew Meyer - 2011/12/18

    Get started by simply putting a subscription form on your blog. Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet is a good plugin. I am using it on this blog. Then maybe get an account with Getresponse.com or another autoresponder company to manage your list. Just get started today!


roger - 2011/12/16

You are my mentor whatever advice always do and follow.slowly and gradualy always tuning in blogspot.I feel elated unknowingly your persistent and conventional power awaken me.For me its great oppurtunity to be part of the elite savvy computer wizard.
Sharing your knowledge is wonderful humanitarian acts.
Kudos to your team


SEOWritingExpert - 2011/12/16

As a professional writer and online marketer, it is indeed very refreshing to see that people are sticking to the simple basics of driving traffic to a site. There is no need for any fancies or blackhat methods that ultimately gets you banned or blacklisted (excuse the pun). The five methods as listed above, are no-cost interms of money and will only take up a llittle of your time, as long as you work on it say for 15 to 20 minutes a day.


The Affiliate blogger - 2011/12/16

I must say that the article above is very well written and chock full of good actionable content. Well done Matthew and Onibalusi. I have never considered consistent guest blogging as a viable traffic strategy. I find points 1 and 4 to be refreshing ideas. Although, most of my traffic comes from from search engines through effective keyword linking. I find a well written press release submitted to different news sites very effective as well. Thanks for the post.


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/12/16

    I can tell you from experience that guest blogging is an excellent traffic building and seo technique. It works quickly too!


      Bamidele Onibalusi - 2011/12/19

      Yeah. I had one of my guest posts on a big blog send me over 1,500 visitors. Guest blogging definitely works!


toddjir - 2011/12/15

Matt, very nice post. Ya know on the social media side of things I have acually created good traffic for blogs by just doing blog commenting. Ofcourse the comments need to be good and offer value. But as far as I can see posting on other blogs is a very viable way to get traffic.


property sales portugal - 2011/12/15

As a novice at SEO and the internet as a whole, it was nice to read such a simple explaination of the writers most important five points. Even I could understand it, and even though I receive regular emails from new potential clients, I have never done anything with them. Thank’s for the tip, and I’m sure I’ll be sending an email out for Christmas!


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