Using Cheap Website Traffic To Generate Affiliate Commissions

cheap website traffic

There is a crazy little site called Donkeymails. They get a ton of traffic. They have about a 3000 Alexa ranking and over 10,000 likes on their page. Every once in awhile when I want to kic kstart a project I will  buy a bunch of cheap website traffic from Donkeymails and send it to my site. Donkeymails has the taboo forbidden type of traffic, the type of cheap website traffic that Google hates called “incentivized traffic.”  Basically people are paid to view ads.

If It Is Cheap Enough Un-targeted Cheap Website Traffic Can Actually Be Profitable

Yes, I know this is not targeted traffic, they are motivated to click your link because they want to earn 1 or 2 cents not because they are interested in your product or service. However, they may not be motivated eyeballs but they are eyeballs. They are real human beings looking at your site. They HAVE to look at your site because there is a timer and a short test to prove that they really looked at the link.

They May Not Be Motivated Eyeballs But They Are Real Eyeballs None The Less

The advantage of this type of cheap website traffic is that real people are looking at your site and you can get a ton of real traffic dirt cheap. I just purchased 100,00 real visitors for $20. I have tested this traffic before and it is not great but I have made sales, signed up affiliates and actually made a few bucks using it. I am not expecting miracles with this type of traffic. If  I get one sale I am ahead, If I get one affiliate who promotes my site then get 10 subscribers to my newsletter I am ahead of the game. Plus this type of traffic surge starts drawing attention to your site in the search engines which can only help.

100,000 Eyeballs On Your Site? Your Are Bound To Find One Interested Person If Your Offer Is Solid

Big warning for this type of cheap website traffic. Do not send this type of traffic to any domain which has Adsense on it. This type of traffic is big time against the TOS of Adsense so even if you send traffic to a page on a domain which has no Adsense but other pages on that domain have Adsense you could be in trouble. The entire domain where you send this type of traffic has to be completely Adsense free. Do not make this mistake!

Our domain is completely Adsense free. So you can use incentivized traffic to promote our Classified Ad Submission Service affiliate program.  If you want to join our affiliate program and start earning affiliate commissions see here to register for free. You can get affiliate tools and banner here.


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