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How to Drive Traffic to Your Web Design Projects with Instagram

How to drive traffic with instagram

Instagram is quickly proving to be the most invincible social media platform compared to other social media networks. Whether it because Instagram has attracted millions and millions of people around the globe or it is because Instagram is the number one photo sharing network, the platform has become quite popular.

Today, people who use Instagram know for a fact that one has to get as many followers and likes as possible for them to stay relevant on Instagram. This is a nightmare for Instagram users who are on Instagram to market their brand, products or services. Not to worry though, there are popular Instagram tools like that are designed to help you get a large following on Instagram.

As a web designer, it is important that you attract traffic to your web design projects. Ever heard of the old saying ‘Seeing is Believing’? Well, use your website designs to market yourself to the world and expand into new territories. By giving people a taste of what you have accomplished, you will be creating a name for yourself in the web design circle. However, the underlying question remains, how does one use Instagram to drive traffic to his work?

This is how;

  • Add your website link to your Instagram Bio

Instagram lets you add one clickable link to your account bio, so ensure that you use it wisely. Since you are on Instagram to market yourself as a web designer, make sure that you leave a link that will lead your Instagram followers to your website with a simple click.

Most importantly, ensure that your website has everything and anything that will show your fans that you are a knowledgeable and well qualified web designer. This is to mean that, when your Instagram followers browse through your website, they should be able to see a full detailed portfolio of your web design projects.

  • Include your Website URL in your Instagram Videos

Instagram lets you tell your story through 15 minute videos. Only the wise will tell you that Instagram Videos are more like TV commercials. They are educative, informative and fan clips that tell the world about you, your business or your capabilities. Therefore, it is important that you maximize your opportunity and invest fully in these 15 minutes by ensuring that you include a URL that will link back to your website.

  • Make Use of Instagram Ads

With over 400 million users, Instagram is one of the largest online Ads platforms. Therefore, investing in Instagram Ads is a decision that you must make if you want to be a star in the business. Instagram has a great audience and advertising your work to this audience will generate traffic to your site and expand your business in ways you could have never imagined.

  • Connect with Influential People within your Circle

Use famous web designers as leverage. By connecting to them, you can capture their followers’ attention and be recognized within your niche.


Khloe Davis is a professional writer and social media expert working with to help different brands become successful on Instagram.


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