5 SAAS Businesses From CodeCanyon Where You Can Make Money Now!

5 SAAS Businesses From CodeCanyon Where You Can Make Money Now!

Are you intrigued by the concept of using software as a service (SaaS) for your business? Or perhaps you’re already familiar with the term SaaS, but haven’t yet experimented with it due to a lack of technical knowledge or hesitation about its feasibility. In this post, we’ll debunk the common misconceptions about SaaS, discuss its potential benefits for affiliate marketing, and introduce you to some valuable SaaS business opportunities that are affordable and require minimal technical skills.

What is SaaS and Why Should You Consider It?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, offers powerful tools and services that users can access via the internet, rather than having to download and continually update software on their individual devices.

My top affiliate, for instance, provides a landing page creation and email marketing system as a service. The sheer popularity of this site exposes a vast audience to our complementary products and services, which creates an ample opportunity for earning affiliate commissions.

Want to tap into this potential? Here are five incredible SaaS business opportunities for minimal costs that are readily customizable and can help you increase your affiliate sales and overall revenue.

CodeCanyon Net: A Treasure Trove of Affordable SaaS Solutions

CodeCanyon Net, a marketplace that I’ve personally utilized for years, boasts an assortment of PHP scripts, WordPress plugins, software themes, and other website solutions. The real gem here is what I call “business in a box” software as a service solutions, which are available at shockingly low prices.

Installing these SaaS systems on your web hosting will enable you to create your own recurring income streams, thanks to the heavy lifting already done for you. Five of these ‘business in a box’ ideas available at CodeCanyon Net include:

Traffic exchange program platformWeb application for email marketingClassified ad websiteURL shortener and bio-page composerFree SEO tools

Rather than spending an overwhelming amount on hiring a programmer or learning coding yourself, you can benefit enormously from the amazingly inexpensive resources available on CodeCanyon Net.


How to Make the Most of These SaaS Solutions?

The key to harnessing these SaaS opportunities for successful online marketing involves audience building. Get people to visit your website repeatedly by providing them with valuable content or services, and you’ve got yourself a solid audience to market your products and services to.

Start Your Own Traffic Exchange

Have you ever come across traffic exchanges that let you view ads for credits, which can then be used to get views on your own offers? What if you owned such operations? CodeCanyon Net has a PHP script that allows just that.

For only $49, you can get a complete, pre-programmed system, inclusive of 20 different payment gateways, variety of ad sizes, and more. Once purchased and set up on your web server, you can start building free organic traffic as people repeatedly visit your website to view and post ads.

Set Up Your Own URL Shortening Service

You might’ve used services like Bitly in the past to shorten long URLs. But how could you resist setting up such a URL service of your very own? Start your very own URL shortening service and BioLink page creator.

The SaaS script from CodeCanyon Net, available for just $45, works excellently, and provides endless business opportunities, like offering premium URL shortening and BioLink services to clients.


In addition to BioLink, individuals and businesses on social media also crave a tool to list multiple links on their profiles, a service you can also offer using the same script.

Get your own classified ad website up and running

The next SaaS business opportunity exists not on CodeCanyon, but right on my domain. I set up classified ad website businesses on my clients’ domains. We handle all the back-end work, and all leads and income from upgrades are yours to keep.


Added perks include us listing your new free classified ad site amongst the sites we submit to, helping you attract new advertisers, and offering round-the-clock technical support. This SaaS tool can transform your site into a destination visitors frequent for free ads, generating colossal repeated traffic and revenue.

Set up a Battery of Free SEO Tools

You don’t have to limit offering SEO tools to subscribers only. Attract constant traffic by offering free SEO tools such as keyword research, backlink checkers, and more.

A good example of someone leveraging this strategy is on the YouTube channel H-educate. With almost a million subscribers, the channel promotes a website called supertools, dedicated solely to offering a collection of free SEO tools. As with the previous scripts, you can buy this for just $40 on CodeCanyon.

Create your own Email System

Fed up of paying exorbitant prices for email follow-up systems? Set up your own and even offer the service to others. CodeCanyon has an affordable PHP script that allows you to do exactly that. For a mere $69, you could have your very own email marketing platform to offer other marketers services akin to AWeber or GetResponse or MailChimp.


Getting Started

SaaS offers immense potential, but where do you begin? Pick one idea that appeals to you the most and get started on it. Remember, you’ll need your own domain name and a Virtual Private Server (VPS), a mini-dedicated server providing the minimum requirement for starting. Websites like Quickregister US offer affordable domain name and hosting services.

If you run into any technical issues, you always have the option to seek help on platforms like Freelancer or hiring a developer. Remember, the majority of the work’s already done; all that remains is for you to set things up and watch your audience and revenue grow.

SaaS is no longer out of reach, thanks to CodeCanyon. With a bit of effort and dedication, you too can run your own lucrative SaaS business. So go ahead, dive into the remarkable opportunities SaaS affords. After all, I’ll be delving deeper into this as well!

Was this post helpful? Do you have further queries? Feel free to let me know! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content like this. Until next time, this is Matt May with Quick Register SEO wishing you every success with your online marketing efforts.


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