8 Reasons You Must Have an Autoresponder Now


Email marketing and especially autoresponders are the most effective advertising methods I have ever found. I have made hundreds and thousands of dollars with autoresponders. It is numero uno, the Big Kahuna, the holy grail of advertising methods. If you do not know what an autoresponder is please read my article “What is an Autoresponder?”

Now here are some reasons why you need to set up an autoresponder lickity split.

1. Your Customers Ain’t Gonna Buy From You The First Time They See Your Beautiful Website! They Need Multiple Follow Ups.

Sorry to break it to you. I know you think your offer is just the cat’s meow but your customers generally need to have several exposures to your offer before they fork over their hard earned money. Do you buy online the first time you see an offer? Probably not. Maybe you need to have some questions answered. Maybe you want to check out reviews from other people who have purchased the same products. Maybe you need to talk to somebody.

Most people need at least 7 exposures before they buy and I am assuming your offer and customer service is exceptional.

An autoresponder can capture your prospects email address and send them periodic follow up emails automatically. Those follow ups can answer common questions and concerns about your offer. Those follow up can offer helpful tutorials, links to videos and social media pages, customer testimonials etc. But bottom line if you are not following up with your customers you are throwing away most of your sales!

If You Are Not Following Up With Your Customers You Are Throwing Away Money!

For this reason alone you should stop everything right now and just git yourself one. You can do so here

2. Autoresponders Allow You to Build Credibility With Your Audience

Who would you most likely buy from? Somebody whose website you saw once or somebody who had been sending you valuable information for weeks on a topic that you are passionate about?

Imagine you wanted to buy a new bass boat. You are looking all over online on forums and reviews. You are bouncing around every bass boat dealer website within 500 miles of where you live.

One dealer website had a little subscription form on it that said “Find Out The 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Bass Boat. Plus Get Great Local Fishing Tips.”

You subscribe and every week you get emails from this dealer telling you what you should look out for when buying bass boats. They send you videos testimonials of customers catching bass in your local rivers and creeks with their new boats. You get rigging tips from experts. No hard sell just valuable information on a topic that you are interested in bass fishing!

It is now 6 weeks later. You have cogitated enough and you are ready to buy. Who do you think you will feel more comfortable buying from? The dealer who never followed up with you once? Or the dealer who you feel is your best fishing buddy by now!

You are gonna buy from your buddy because you know and trust him know. You have built up a relationship with the dealer who followed up. This relationship was built by an autoresponder follow up system!

3. Autoresponders Save You Time

Autoresponders are automatic. You set up the follow up series once and your autoresponder system just follows up sending your promotional emails on autopilot. You could never remember to send out follow up emails to people every few days yourself. Autoresponders are sales machines that do exactly what they are told. Your messages will go out if you are asleep, on vacation or even fishing! Autoresponders are time efficient workers that will not give you any lip!


4. Autoresponders Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Other Advertising Campaigns

I would not spend a dime on advertising unless I had a subscription form on my website asking people to subscribe to my newsletter. And that newsletter was synced to my autoresponder system which automatically sent follow ups.

I would not waste my money on Google Adwords, Bing or ANY other type of advertising until I had an autoresponder system set up. Why? Because I would be wasting my money. Why spend money on advertising to people I have to sell the first time they see my website. No matter how good my website is most people will not buy on the first view. I need an autoresponder to take each prospect and maximize the chances that they will buy by following up with them.

My suggestion to you is to stop all your paid advertising until you have an autoresponder system set up. You can an autoresponder system here.

5. Autoresponder Systems Allow You to Send Out Broadcasts to Your Entire List With Special Offers

This is an extremely effective tactic! Let’s take the example of the guy looking to buy a bass boat. He has been receiving follow ups from his local boat dealer with all kinds of valuable tips and testimonials for weeks. Now the boat dealer is going to do a clear out sale on the exact bass boat our guy has been salivating over!

The marketing savvy dealer sends out a special broadcast message (not one which goes out automatically with his pre-written series) offering the bass boat at 30% off. Our bass boat guy rushes into the showroom to pick one up.

The bass boat dealer is smart and reads the Quickregister blog. He set up an autoresponder system 3 years ago and has been collecting 20 subscribers per day. That is 600 per month, 7200 per year, and now his list is up to over 21,000 bass boat enthusiasts.

If You Had Set Up An Autoresponder System 3 Years Ago and Got Just 10 Subscribers Per Day You Would Have A List of 10,000+ Targeted Prospects.

Not only did our guy come in and buy a bass boat but he sold out his previous year’s close out stock. He sold all 5 remaining bass boats. They were $10,000 each and he makes a profit of $2000. per bass boat. So for one email broadcast he made $10,000!

Was it worth spending a few hundred dollars per year on the autoresponder system? You bet!

Not only that he has been sending out special broadcasts all throughout the year about sales on gear, special events and other promotions.

6. Autoresponders And Email Marketing Are The Most Direct and Cost Effective Advertising Methods

You can see by our previous example that your ROI on autoresponder systems are through the roof! The average system comes about 20 bucks per month. That $20. system can easily bring in thousands of dollars in sales. There simply are no other advertising methods that I know of that offer that kind of return. You are very, very lucky to make your money back on a Google Adwords campaign.

Email marketing gets your message directly to targeted email inboxes and autoresponders automate the deliver of those emails. They are a deadly efficient marketing combination.


7. Autoresponder Services Offers the Best Email Deliverability

If you are trying to send any large amount of emails on your own it can be very difficult to get your emails into prospects inboxes. Professional autoresponder services have full time people who do nothing but make sure you emails get delivered.

There are many blacklists out there and even if you do nothing wrong your server will almost definitely get on one if you have any reasonable number of subscribers in your list. I have quite a bit of experience running my own email servers. You have to check error messages, check blacklists, request to be removed from blacklists and there are many technical details in properly setting up your servers.

Unless You Are Very Tech Savvy Running Your Own Email Servers Can Be A Nightmare

One of your best business delegation choices is simply to let a professional service to the email delivery for you.

They are simply better at it than you are. Let a professional autoresponder service deliver your emails and you concentrate on your marketing. You can get a highly reputable autoresponder service here.

8. Autoresponders Can Get You More Social Media Subscribers and Activity

Autoresponders and social media can work hand in hand. You can include a little tag in your follow up email asking people to subscribe to your YouTube channel (You can subscribe to mine here), follow you on Twitter, to like your Facebook page or to share you social media posts.

Nothing stopping you from sending out a broadcast asking your list to like and share your YouTube videos. You can ask your subscribers to make comments on your Facebook page. Social media loves interaction and the more subscribers and interaction you have the more your social media posts will be seen.

This will help you create momentum on all your social media platforms. More email subscribers=more Facebook Follower=More YouTube subscribers and on and on.

I hope that you can see by now that it is absolutely imperative that you set up your autoresponder follow up system. Do this first before you waste any money on paid advertising.

I recommend Aweber as an autoresponder company. There are other good ones but I know their system works very well and they have been at it longer than most. You really cannot go wrong. You can get a 30 day free trial with Aweber here.

Once you get your autoresponder system set up let me know. Make a comment on this post and put your subscription link there. I will not only join your newsletter but I will share you link on social media.

Much Success


P.S. The two autoresponder services I use are Aweber and Getresponse.com. They are both excellent. If you really start building a big list you might consider divided your lists between the two companies. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket.



Why You Need An Autoresponder
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