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Awhile back I did a review of Frank Kern’s Screw Google System. Basically he suggest using Yahoo Search Marketing as a pay per click traffic source. Frank gives a lot of real good tips in his course but Yahoo Search Marketing still costs about the same per click as Google. (Try Yahoo Austrailia though. There are some good deals there.) I have tested a source of traffic which is as good or almost as good a quality as Google Adwords and 1/100th the cost! You can get traffic for as little as 1 cent per view of your website. And it is quality keyword targeted traffic not junk traffic. Check out my video below and or my new site Realppvtraffic.com for more details. Thanks Matthew Meyer.

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

John bertrand - 2011/11/02

I have many copies of Frank Kern ebooks and reviews, he is a mass producer in marketing. I think that if we use Google and other tools for basic keyword research end the rest for people’s mindset research, we have a much better idea what niche we need to go for.


Jared - 2011/06/12

if your system and traffic convert so well, why aren’t you using it all for yourself? Is it because you really wanna help others make money off you? hmmmm


    Matthew Meyer - 2011/06/13

    I have used it myself and I have got conversions. The problem with ppv is that you have to have the right strategy. You need a landing page that works well as a pop up.
    People just send ppv traffic to their main webpage which is not focused enough. You need a landing page with 5 good bullet points, and email only opt in form, and everything must be above the fold.
    Plus a really strong selling proposition and an excellent follow up system. 99% of the people who submit these campaigns do not have this.


Uncle Als City Guide - 2011/05/05

We Love using your system it helps us get our clients alot of action http://www.unclealslist.com Thanks Again


Uncle Als City Guide - 2011/05/05

With your system and ours we can get some GREAT SEO for businesses. Thanks


shamial - 2011/04/01

i mm getting good traffuc now…thanks


Gary Gile - 2011/02/25

OK Mathew. I had hoped that your service would prove of some value. Boy was I wrong. I hate wasting money, even though it is $75.

You claimed that for $75 I would receive 5,000 unique visitors to my website. The count on your site shows I have had 4,938 total and 4,730 unique visitors.

My Google Analytics shows 2,837 unique and 2,843 total for the same period. Quite a difference.

However, that is not the worst part. Each visitor stayed on an average of only 4 seconds. With selected keywords and the fact that anyone interested in the subject using my keywords, they would have stayed a bit longer.

No one went beyond the first page.

So as you may guess, I will not be wasting my money with you anymore or your type of advertising.



    Matthew Meyer - 2011/02/25

    Hi Gary,

    I am sorry that you were not happy with the campaign.
    This is pop up advertising. You only have a few seconds
    to capture the visitor’s attention.

    I suggest having a simple splash page which
    is completely targeted to getting the person’s
    email address so you can follow up.

    It is best if it is email submit only.
    The entire page above the fold.
    One call to action which is to get the viewers
    emails address.

    Sending visitors to your webpage with full sales
    letter does not work well for pop ups. Very rarely
    does anybody buy something directly from a pop up.
    But if your offer is simple and enticing enough
    they might opt in to your newsletter then you
    can follow up with them.

    Here is my page on landing pages with examples.

    Also for keywords I suggest only using urls
    of competitive or related popular websites
    this works better than actual keywords.
    See http://www.realppvtraffic.com/keywords-for-ppv-traffic/

    If you get your page set up like this I will run another
    campaign for you.

    The script I use to track hits is completely separate
    from the traffic source. I am not sure how Analytics
    works with pop ups but I am using this script on 5
    websites and it has been very accurate for the last 10 years.

    Let me know.



Tamar Soffer - 2011/01/04

Hello Mathew,
Sorry,but your video was interuppted every 10 seconds,so i could not watch it-sorry


Natural Treatments - 2010/12/22

i admire top seo experts because they earn top dollars in just a matter of hours ””


berliee.com - 2010/09/29

Hi Art actually 66 cents per visit would be $3300. for 5000 views.
$75. for 5000 views comes to 1.5 cents per view.


Bill Angerson - 2010/08/27

I don’t believe there’s any comparison to ppv to ppc because most people that watch ppv are the one’s with ads to collect credits to run ads and also sitting to watch ppv gets to be Boring !


Matthew Meyer - 2010/07/28

If you really want to see how ppv traffic works go to http://www.vomba.com and download one of their screensavers. The once it is installed start typing in your favorite urls and watch the ads pop up targeted to what you type in the address bar. I did it. It is actually fun. You can of course remove the screensaver anytime and stop receiving ads. This will give you a great idea how ppv traffic works.


Ryan Shaw - 2010/07/27

Can we actually see what the traffic source looks like?

You said it was a toolbar.

Right now for instance, I have an alexa toolbar that runs hot blog stories, and I click on it all the time.

Is that PPV?

I would like to know exactly what is being done.


Paul Hines - 2010/06/19

Great information Matt, I had no idea that there was an alternative to Google and Yahoo. If you’re not careful with them your wallet can fall into a Black Hole never to be seen again. Thanks, I’m going to do a test with your product.


Matthew Meyer - 2010/06/06

Hi Wayne, I can set the campaign to run only a few hours per day to stretch out the campaign. If you have a very targeted niche it can takes weeks to run through the traffic. It also depends on your keywords, how many and how targeted. Even for busy campaigns it takes several days to run through the views usually.


Matthew Meyer - 2010/06/06

Hi Art actually 66 cents per visit would be $3300. for 5000 views.
$75. for 5000 views comes to 1.5 cents per view.


Art Lewis - 2010/06/04

I am a little confused about the ppv cost per visitor. The Buy Now button says 5,000 targeted visitors for $75.00. That would 66.6 cents per visit. What am I missing?


Wayne Hairston - 2010/06/04

Hi Matt,
I am really concerned about how quickly an ad budget can be burned through. Do we have any control as to the time period 5,000 to 30,000 views will be displayed?


Matthew Meyer - 2010/06/03

Di, I am approving both good and bad comments so pretty much anybody can post as long as they have something to say but I am not soliciting any type of testimonials from people. It is up to them.


Randy - 2010/06/02

Hi Matt, thanks for all the information and news letter


John Bump - 2010/06/02

I have to disagree a little about Yahoo PPC Search prices. YES, they are comparable to a side by side with Google, with a average of $.10-.15 cents cheaper per word, but I have 35 keywords or phases right now that get me organic on Yahoo and Google on page 1-3, and THESE keywords are under a NICKLE!!! Yes, they are longtail and obscure , but I’ll take 950 searches a month for a nickle keyword

When I started with just 10 Keywaords and all under $.10 and content at .03, I was getting 500 visitors a week from my PPC, so i was happy

As far as your PPV goes, I tried this thru AdBrite and did allright for little money



Di - 2010/06/02

Notify me by email of followup comments to the above question please!


Di - 2010/06/02

Read your comments here – where are the comments of those real people with real websites that have invested in your program and are pleased with the sales they are making through it?


Matthew Meyer - 2010/06/01

Actually Ivan I have done well with pay per view traffic. It is real targeted traffic. Especially if you use urls as your keywords instead of just actual keywords.


John Bump - 2010/05/30

I’m willing to give it a try. i tried Bidvertiser and had a BAD deal with them pulling money out of my bank without asking. Do I have this option with you?


Ivan the seo expert - 2010/05/29

Sound like another scammy over-the-top product…


Smallville Episodes - 2010/02/10

i really hope this would work. i will try it and let you guys know what happens.


Sassy Nail Polish Art Pens - 2010/02/01

Thank you for the valuable information, just what I needed to get me rolling again!


Matthew Meyer - 2010/01/07

Mp affiliate program on this yet Ed I am trying to keep the costs as reasonable as possible. Thanks! Matt. I am going to do a video where I show exactly how the ads are delivered be on the lookout.


Ed Hopkins Jr - 2010/01/04

Hi Matt,

This sounds like just what the Dr ordered.

Where is the search box that people enter their keywords.
I would like to type in some keywords to try it out to see how it works.

Also is their a Affiliate program for this?

Have A Great Day,



Tonny - 2009/12/12

This is great post and i am sure this will help us on the way to our success.keep posting thanks a lot.
Uk Internet Gurus


Amanda singlemommy88 - 2009/12/02

Hello! amanda here I paid the $75 now im waiting to hear back! its only been 24hrs so you still got time 🙂 lol
just dropping in to say i am willing to be a tesimonial on your site if this converts for me!
amanda & kids


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/05

    Hi Amanda, yes your campaign has been set up and is going. Thanks! Matt.


Stuart Nunn - 2009/12/01

Brilliant video and idea. I will look into using this infomation myself!
Thanks once again,
Stuart Nunn.


Miles "Automated Income Stream Blueprint" Hennis - 2009/11/29

Hey Matt,

Thanks for yet another new traffic source, I love testing traffic methods and exposing the junk from the real deal. I will definitely give this a test and reveal my results. I tried something similar a couple of weeks ago and out of 20,000 visitors I didn’t give away one single free report. Hey I’ll definitely order another package from those guys LOL – NOT!!

Thanks for sharing,

Miles Hennis


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/30

    Hi Miles. I hear you. 20,000, a million billion visitors who cares? They have to be real visitors. That was my criteria when testing this traffic. I was less concerned with how much money I made because that varies with the offer. Some work others do not. The real criteria is are real people seeing my site? And are they real people who have an interest in my keywords? This source definitely passed this test for me. I have been getting re orders from customers now too so it has worked for some of them as well.


Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/25


I have sent you an email. Here are the answers to your questions as well.

I do not have the exact demographics though it is a great question.

Right now you can target by keywords and country not by demographics though your keywords might appeal to certain demographics and therefore attract them.

People simply type in keywords into the search bar and if your
keywords are typed your actual website pops up.

Traffic starts usually within 72 hours or less.

I have seen up to 5000 visitors delivered in even one day.
It depends on the campaign.

CPA offers might be a good match for this type of traffic.

Good luck!



keith simpsom - 2009/11/24

Great vid Matthew,
I sent you a message regarding the packages. I think they are priced just right.


piya - 2009/11/23

Thanks Matheew, it is a good video


Irene Wallace - 2009/11/20

Hi Matthew,
Great video and a great idea, definately worth considering! I’ll check out the site. I also finally found out what the Google Slap was, I’ve heard it many times but didn’t know exactly what it was.


Leo S. - 2009/11/20

Mmmm… looks like everybody is struggling with advertising.
Let’s hope here will be no ‘slapping’!
Cool video. Good quality – no fluf.
Btw – only a trustworthy person can say: ‘I am really sorry! I blew it!’ I like that!

nice day,


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/21

    Thanks Leo. I am trying to keep it real here. Even if people are unhappy I will put up the comments. It is keeping me on my toes!


Nisha Goma - 2009/11/20

Great video. Thanks for sharing this.Dentist India


steve - 2009/11/19

Hi Mathew

I was just looking at your ad packs and I must say, I strongly beleive you will have more people buy from you If you had some less expensive ad packs for the people who just want to test drive your system.

Thats just my opinion and good luck with your PPV site.
If you decide to add less expensive ad packs in the future let me know, for now i’m out.



    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/20

    I tried at first to set up cheaper packages but these networks have certain minimums. Also, anything less than 5000 views really is not a good test anyway. I could have sold lesser quality traffic for less money but I just did not want to do that. The traffic has to be real. If I lose a few customers on the lower end that is the price I will pay for having better traffic. I think I will make it up on the other end. Also, I think the customers will be much happier in the long run which is the most important. Thank you for your comment.


steve - 2009/11/19

Interesting, guess i’ll have to give it a try myself:-)


Pradeep - 2009/11/19

Thanks Matthew, for the e-mail and the info.


Dan Atkins - 2009/11/18

Thanks Matthew, for the e-mail and the info. I’m like everybody else, always looking for something that actually works. I’m definitely checking this out!

Thanks again
Dan Atkins


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/18

    Thanks for the comment Dan. Any questions let me know.


Jaco - 2009/11/18

Hi Matthew
It’s been 72 hours since I bought my ad package and have’nt heard anything from ppvtraffic. I long does it take to set everything up? They don’t work very fast. If ever. Maybe I waisted my money?


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/18


    I have just set up your campaign and your traffic will
    begin within 24 hours. I am really sorry! I blew it!
    I just missed setting up your campaign. I thought
    I had already done it. This website is one week old
    so I guess there are going to be a few glitches.
    In any case your campaign has been set up and I will
    give you a full report when it finishes. I just sent you an email with this same info. Again sorry but your campaign is now set up. Thanks. Matt.


Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/17

It is like a natural search pop under yes.


Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/16

Hi Jesus, you are not paying per impression you are paying per actual view of your website. The surfer will type his keywords into the search bar and if you are using those keywords to trigger your ad then your website will be displayed right there to the user. It is actually more direct than Adwords where the viewer must first click an ad to then be directed to your website. Here the viewer sees your website directly when he types in his keyword.


    Jesus Moreno - 2009/11/17

    Thanks for your reply. I think I see more clear about that traffic system. It’s like a natural search result, I guess.

    J. Moreno


Jesus Moreno - 2009/11/16

Hi Matthew:

Yes, what Google and Yahoo are doing I think is insane. Although there is a chance to make good money, it’s also truth that one can risk his financial status besides that it is necessary to be an expert to play the game of keywords with this giants.

The traffic source that you inform us about is cheap indeed. But I have a doubt: if you say pay per view, does it mean that we are talking about “impressions” instead of clicks?

If you come to see this comment, I hope you can make a clarification about my doubt. And sorry for my question but I read your post in full and didn’t find further explanation.


Jesus Moreno


homebushhillbilly - 2009/11/15

Great video,opened my mind to the alternatives.


Maria - 2009/11/15

Thanks for the excellent advice! I am still in a long process of learning and appreciate your video very much.


Charles Kaluwasha - 2009/11/15

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the heads up. This may be a cheaper way of advertising.
On a small scale I use Auto Cash club and Perfect Traffic Storm and get free traffic to my website which gives me at least 2 customers per week. I will try PPVC sometime!

Thanks and good luck!


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/16

    Hi Charles, you make a good point. Sometimes there are smaller niche methods of getting traffic which are most more cost effective in getting customers for our business. I think niche advertising is the future. I think Google will eventually be “niched to death.” (Maybe not death!LOL!)


earl - 2009/11/15

Great infomation will this work only for Affiliate marketing only or any market?


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/15

    Hi Earl, Great question. I have tried this traffic on markets outside of internet marketing and it has done well. However, no one advertising source is good for all niches. Some things just do not make sense with ppc advertising. This will not work with every niche or product. You have to feel out the dynamics of your own market. The test for an advertising source for me is if it actually delivers real targeted visitors to my website. It is up to me to have an offer which converts. This system has delivered those visitors for me. Even though not every campaign has turned a profit. Good luck. Mat


web trust seal guy - 2009/11/15

Finally someone reasonable enough! PPC is just too competitive and too darn expensive!


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/11/15

    Money will always find a way. If the big boys (Adwords) are not delivering for a certain segment of the market solutions will start to appear for this market.


paul - 2009/11/15

good video


Bill Gowder - 2009/11/13

I think your offers are kind and generous. Sometimes i get stumped and need to ask a question . Is there any way to do that? For example you offer to list my site at all yours and it comes up with a comment like no back link, error and might not get posted. So what do I do?


    Quickregister Promotion Tips - 2009/11/13

    I guess you are referring to my link exchange systems. As long as you are linking back to us on your website and you submit the exact page where that link is located your link will automatically be approved. See http://www.articledude.com/infowizards




    George Murdaugh - 2011/04/15

    15 Apr/2011 – Hello Matt, I have a difficult time in trying to communicate with you. I have business related questions, but I get no answers. I don’t know if your email address is not working, or if you just simply don’t want to answer emails, or if you have so much business, you don’t have time for email questions. Do you have a special email addres I can use that will get through to you? Because of no response, we both lose. George


      Matthew Meyer - 2011/04/17

      I have not heard from you. Please send an email to info (at) quickregisterseo.com with “Hey Matt it’s George From Your Blog” as the subject. I should see it.


SEO Los Angeles - 2009/11/12

Great video. Thanks for sharing this.
I’m also not a big fan of PPV.


    Quickregister Promotion Tips - 2009/11/13

    Thanks for your comment. Are you not a fan of PPV or of Pay Per Click. Get’s confusing LOL!



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