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Video Lead Studio Quick Review and Tutorial From Real User

Video Lead Studio

Video Lead Studio is video marketing software from Vlad who created the Blaster Suite series of video and social media marketing tools. I have been a user of their software for years. Here is a review of Mass Video Blaster that I did awhile ago. Everything they do is first rate and they constantly upgrade the software to make sure it is working.

Video Lead Studio Places Clips Of Live Actors Before And After Your Video Giving Your Videos More Pizaaaz

I received an email for this software which simple adds intro and outro videos with live actors to your existing videos. These are REAL live actors not text to speech or robot actors like you find with Articlevideorbobot.

The idea is to add some spice to your videos  with professional spokes people introducing your videos. Maybe you make boring screen shot videos like I do. Could it hurt to have a beautiful model telling everybody to listen up before your video plays? How about a friendly chap to give the call to action at the end of your video.

Video Lead Studio is Simple Quick and Easy to Use

They have clips to fit most niches and they have clips to fit general niches so there is always something that will fit your video. You can look at this video I did reviewing the software where I used the live clips as both an intro and outro.

The software is dead simple to use which I like. Not too many options. You can change the backgrounds and the actors and that is about it. Just choose your intro, choose your own video from your hard drive. Then choose your outro clip and click render.

Voila. You video now has professional actors both introducing your content and then making a call to action at the end of the video.

You can download the software here.

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