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PPC Agency- Why Use A PPC Agency When You Can Do It In House?

ppc agency

ppc agency

There is no doubt about the benefits PPC can bring to a company as well as increased traffic to your online site it is also flexible and targeted to whatever advertising your business requires with the keywords selected for the advert. However why use a PPC agency if it is so easy and to set up and disable? This is a hot debate when it’s comes to PPC so I will discuss some of the benefits of both and you can decide which you think would suit your companies needs better.

When using a PPC agency to manage the campaign the 3 main benefits are experience, integration of other digital marketing services and motivation.  Experience is the first advantage a PPC agency has over someone from within a company completing the campaign because PPC agencies whole business is devoted to providing this service they will have more knowledge and expertise when setting it up.

Most PPC agencies will have successfully marketed many companies before and most will have feedback and reviews from customers so you can see that they have a high rate of success. Another thing they can provide that in house perhaps cannot is expertise in lots of other digital marketing areas such as SEO consultancy and social media networking. It will be more cost effective to get a package deal on this too rather than getting a person within the company to do one thing and different agencies to complete other aspects.

The motivation of a PPC agency with having to complete the job so it outshines competitors might also mean you have a better quality of PPC provided by an agency.

However the motivation factor for someone working in house might also be a strong benefit for doing the PPC too because they may really want the company to do well and want to be successful in their job. This also means they too could be the cheaper option because they are already on the pay roll.  They also will have the advantage of knowing the company inside out, all the companies key goals and marketing strategies will have been drilled in to them from their first day so they will know best which key words suit the company and which should be avoided.

Finally someone working in house will also have no other PPC campaigns to work on so they can devote their full time and attention to making a success of the one in hand rather than sharing their time on a few different ones.

Depending on the size of you company and the goals it wants to achieve by exploring both options you can see which will fit better. The flexibility of PPC can also allow you to disable a campaign so even if you do choose to hire a PPC agency and it does not do a good job of portraying the company’s best interests you can then ask someone from in house. You will see very quickly whether your PPC has been successful or not so if doing it one way fails you can always then try the other.