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SEO Elite Review And Download


SEO Elite is one of the most popular and certainly one of the marketed SEO tools in the market. The following is a review of SEO Elite and how it compares with Axandra’s Arelis, Link Assistant, and Dynamic Link Promoter.
SEO Elite Review And Download

SEO Elite Features:

Finding High Quality And Relevant Link Partners.

SEO Elite can quickly find authority sites in your niche, such as sites with high Google Page Rank and highly ranked sites in your niche in the major search engines as potential link exchange partners. This feature of SEO Elite will allow you to email these webmasters directly to ask for a link exchange. This is a great feature and a very powerful technique. However, I found the Arelis IBP Promoter does a better job of creating beautiful link pages which are well organized and match your site design perfectly. For this feature I prefer Arelis. SEO Elite worked but it was a little glitchy when created the link pages.

You have to be careful of this technique. I was emailing many niche sites in the internet marketing niche proposing a link exchange and a few big marketers accused me of spamming them. I thought it was ironic since both these very successful marketers sent me promotional messages almost everyday. Some people once they get successful look down at everybody who has not yet realized their success.

If you use this technique you must be extremely targeted in your approach. You must only target a limited number of highly relevant sites in your niche. Do not try to get everybody. Also, if the sites you are contacting are valuable sites in your area offer them something more than just a link exchange. Offer to write a piece about them on your blog. Or even to do some article or video marketing for them. If you use a scattershot approach with this technique you will most likely be accused of spam. I not saying not to use this technique because it is very effective. Just be focused and think long term.

Analyze The Backlinks of Any Web Page

SEO Elite will analyze where your competitors incoming links are coming from. With just a few clicks you can find out who your competitor’s link partners are, their Google PR, Alexa rank, ip addresses, whois info, email address, title of pages where the backlinks are located and anchor text of backlinks. This can be very valuable information because say you found that your competitor is getting valuable targeted traffic from certain blogs and forums. You can join those forums and blogs and start making meaningful contributions with links back to your site too.

Verify The Backlinks Of Your Linking Partners

Once you have a successful link exchange with a partner you have to be sure he keeps his link up! SEO Elite will do this for you with a few clicks. You then have the option of emailing the webmaster again or removing his link. SEO Elite automates this entire process for you.

Built In Search Engine And Directory Submission Tool.

This feature will allow you to find submission forms for automated link exchanges on the internet. The idea is to submit your site to as many of these directories as possible some providing one way links back others opportunities for link exchanges. Frankly, SEO Elite bit the dust on this one. It did not work at all. I emailed support and they never successfully resolved the problem. Arelis IBP Promoter has the same feature which works better. However, I am not a big fan of this technique. It is very time consuming and offers limited benefits. Sounds good though!

Website Ranking Tool Which Finds Your Search Engine Rank According To Your Keywords

It can be a very tedious process trying to find out where you site ranks on the major search engines for a set of keyword terms. SEO Elite has an automated tool which will do this with a few clicks. This is is a great time saver. It is important to be able to monitor your progress to improve your rankings.

How Does SEO Elite Compare With Other SEO and Link Popularity Tools?

We will do a quick comparison of SEO Elite versus a few top SEO and link popularity tools such as Arelis, Link Assistant, and Dynamic Link Promoter. We would be using the following criterion:

Finding and Obtaining Quality Link Partners

For me Arelis IBP Promoter was the best for not only finding quality link partners but for organizing your link directories efficiently and around the design of your website. SEO Elite was a little glitchy here.

Checking Link Partner’s SEO Data Such As Google PR, Link Popularity.

Here I would vote for SEO Elite. Link Assistant also does an excellent job of providing SEO data. SEO Elite gives the most details on your competitor’s websites such as Google PR, link popularity, Alexa, plus ip address and whois information, domain age and inbound webpage links. The tool is built right into SEO Elite which is convenient.

Tracking the Progress of Web Pages in Search Engines

SEO Elite and Link Assistant do this task quite easily. Arelis does not quite compete here and SEO Elite’s simple interface might edge out Link Assistant for this feature.

Backlink Checker

This feature seems to work well with all three SEO tools.

Submitting Links To Online Forms

Arelis was the best but I really would not even use this technique.

My favorite of all the SEO software is the Arelis IBP Promoter. It is less glitchy and certainly is the best when it comes to creating link pages. The support is also first class. I must say than when it comes to marketing SEO Elite team has marketed their software better than anybody else by far. If you considering promoting one of the software as an affiliate SEO Elite’s salespage will convert way better than Link Assistant or Axandra.

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SEO Elite Download Purchase Review

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