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4 Tips for Getting Quality Back Links That Google Loves!


Since Google does not clarify how its search algorithms really work, it can be quite difficult to know what it is looking out for when ranking websites for quality. However, it is recognized by SEO experts that back links are something that Google takes into account for its page rankings.

It has also been made clear by Google that it doesn’t favor link building with spam links, which are links from websites that have no relevance to the site under question. As recently as November 2015, Google released a comprehensive guide that explained how its quality rankings worked – this allows webmasters to build better quality sites that would not run afoul of Google’s frequent algorithm updates. Some tips on how to acquire good quality back links:

Study Your Competitor Activity

The best way to understand how to build an effective link-building strategy is to understand what others are doing and how they are achieving superior page rankings. The only way you will be able to play the game is to outsmart them. Using one of the many available tools, you can research the back links of multiple sites at one go to investigate which backl inks are common. Common back links tend to be trustworthy and respected by those in your industry. Once you are able to establish what other successful sites have in common, you can set about creating a link building strategy that is focused on getting you ranked right up there with the leaders. You can also talk to a skilled Utah SEO services provider to provide analytics along with their insights on effective SEO.

Establish Business Relationships with Influential Sites

After you have established which sites to target for back links, you need to establish a relationship with them. A good way is to draw the attention of journalists but direct representations are unlikely to help. The best way is to get involved with the journalist community by responding to their articles with incisive comments. You can also start a professional dialog with senior reporters and business leaders by trying to interact with them on online forums with the knowledge you have of the industry. Once you start posting content that is accurate, unbiased, and valuable, you will automatically get noticed and increase your chances of being quoted or linked. If you are an online marketing company, then you will find this to be a great way of building trust.

Position Yourself as an Industry Expert with Guest Posts

There are numerous sites that invite guest authors to post their feedback and articles. Doing so with content that is credible and authoritative is an excellent way of reaching out as an industry expert. However, you need to ensure that your contributions are of a really high quality because publishers are getting quite choosy about the sort of content that is acceptable. The key to success is to understand the publication’s voice and tone, and then create content that is relevant, actionable and specific. To make guest posts effective in link-building, you need to provide content links with diverse anchor text that Google will interpret as being contextually relevant.

Weed Out Dead Links

Visitors can get really frustrated when they encounter a dead link, however as a smart marketer, you can utilize the botch-up by others to create an opportunity to get your website a valuable back link. Whenever you spot a dead link, make it a point to get in touch with the site’s admin to inform him and suggest an alternative from your site. If you can explain successfully to the website admin how the dead-link is hurting the traffic and how your content can help its readers, you will not only be able to acquire a back link but also earn the publication’s trust. This credibility can lead to an opportunity for pitching a guest blog or even an editorial column at a later stage.

Author Bio: James Kelly is a consultant working for a leading Utah SEO services agency that has a number of clients in the financial service sector. James’s prior experience as an insurance broker is a great asset.

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