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How to Make a Landing Page for Free Using Aweber Autoresponder Service

how to make cheap landing pages with aweber

How to Make A Landing Page Quickly and Cheaply So You Can Get Started Collecting Emails Right Away


Learning how to make a landing page is not complicated. We have step by step instructions for you right here.

Using a landing page rather than a complicated website, no matter how well made, can be one of the most effective ways to advertise on initial contact.

Prospects are bombarded with competing advertising. Most people just click off a website never to return if you cannot focus your attention and take action.

You Only Have A Few Seconds to Capture Your Prospect’s Attention And to Get Them to Take Action. This is Why Squeeze Pages Work Better Than Complicated Websites on Initial Contact

Focusing your prospect on just one action you want him to take can increase your chances for a sale.

If the entire goal of your ad is to get the prospect to subscribe you then have the chance to follow up over and over building a relationship with the contact.

The problem is that many people find that creating and hosting landing pages is simply too complicated and expensive.

How to Make A Landing Page Strategy- Go For The Opt In First Not The Sale

Using Aweber autoresponder service you can create a dead simple, yet effective landing for free for the first 30 days then just $19. per month after that.

This includes hosting of your autoresponder form as well. So there is no need for your own web hosting account though this is always good to have your own domain and hosting account as well.

Please see the video above or instructions below to learn how to create your own landing page and autoresponder follow up series in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1. Sign up for a 30 day free trial account with Aweber here.

Ste 2. Log into your account and click on “Manage Lists.”

Step 3. Click “Create List.”

How to make a landing page create list Aweber

Step 4. Fill in your list details including list name, website if you have one, your mailing address and your list name.

How to set up a landing page with Aweber

Step 5. Approve your confirmation message. When contacts subscribe to your newsletter they will receive a confirmation email. They must click on the link in the confirmation email to subscribe to your newsletter. This is called confirmed opt in. You can modify this confirmation letter during this step.

How to make a landing page with Aweber


Click “Approve” and move to the next step.

Step 6. Create your messages.

how to create a landing page with Aweber


Step 7 Choose html or plain text.

Aweber autoresponder create a message

Step 8. Type in your title and message and click save and exit.

how to create a landing page with aweber

How to Make a Landing Page Strategy- Write 3 Follow Up Messages Then Add More Later As You Start to Collect Emails. Do Not Get Bogged Down Writing 100’s of Follow Up Emails Now. Focus on Getting Started Quickly!

Step 9. Click “add to follow up series”

Aweber autoresponder add message to follow up series

Step 9. Keep adding messages to the follow up series spacing them 4 days apart.

how to create a landing page with aweber space them 4 days


Step 10. Continue to ad more messages spacing them 4 days apart. We would suggest a minimum of 3. You can add more later. You need to get started right away collecting emails.

Congratulations! You have created a list. Now it is time to create your landing page and start collecting emails.

Step 10. Creating your landing page. Click on Sign Up Forms.


Step 11. Click “Create Sign Up Form”

Step 12. Choose a Template:

how to create a landing page with aweber choose template

How to Make a Landing Page Strategy-Think of Some Unique Compelling Reasons Why People Should Join Your Newsletter. Fancy Web Design is Not That Important But a Compelling Offer is!

Step 13. Modify the form to suit your needs.

Step 15. Click Save Form Then Click “Go to Step 2.”

Step 16. Leave the settings as is or modify to suite your needs. You can change the url people are directed to after subscribing to your website if you have one. If not just leave everything as is and it will work fine.

Aweber thank you page settings


How to Make a Landing Page Strategy- Aweber Will Give You a Url to Use to Host Your Landing Page. Use This Url to Get Started Quickly Collecting Emails. You Can Get Your Own Cheap Hosting Account Later.

Step 16. Copy and paste your landing page url. Aweber will give you a specific url which has your custom landing page that you can use as your website to promote. Click save your form Go to Step 3.

aweber landing page url

That is it! Now you can promote your url and get opt ins to your autoresponder and build your list. Go ahead and get started and let us know how it goes! Do not try to be perfect just take action! You will get better as you go!


How to Make a Landing Page/Squeeze Page Strategy. Do Not Try to Be Perfect. You Can Fall Into Paralysis By Analysis. The Goal is To Get Going. Learn By Proudly Screwing Up Like The Rest of Us! Let Us Know How it Goes Here!


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