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3 New Free Advertisings Websites!

Free Advertising websites

Must-Know Tips for Building Your Email List with Free Advertising Sites

If you’re in the world of online trading, you know how instrumental advertising sites can be. They help promote products by reaching a vast pool of potential customers, all for free.

What if you could use this concept to not only advertise but also to grow your email list exponentially? In this blog post, we’re going to delve into how you can achieve this using three new free advertising platforms we’ve set up – Freeads888.com, Listcomet.com, and Creatememoney.com.

Advertising Sites for List-Building

The primary goal of these sites is to help you build your list. Personally, I’ve been using this strategy to get over 300 subscribers daily, and the count keeps growing! So, is there a secret formula behind this?

Well, it’s more about deploying a lucrative marketing strategy that harnesses the power of these free ad sites. The simple phrase, “the money is in the list,” captures the essence of the success of this marketing model.

Registering and Subscribing

Register for a free account on Listcomet.com to get the ball rolling. Once registered, you will receive a prompt email asking if you’d like to subscribe to Listcom.com’s Aweber newsletter.

The newsletter delivers emails every four days, packed with useful software and resources that offer informative insights on everything content marketing.

Each dispatched newsletter harbors potential progress towards building your list. All links are coded to the affiliate link of the respective site’s owner. Should anyone order from these links, the website’s owner earns a commission.

This automatic sequence not only earns you money but fuels your list growth without requiring additional effort.

“Remember, the more subscribers you have, the more effective and profitable your email marketing becomes.”

In-Site Features and Opportunities

Some site owners don’t stop at the newsletters. On these platforms, you can also enhance your site’s advertising capabilities by optimizing individual features to fit your needs.

Take an example of one of our users, Peter. Peter went the extra mile with his site by adding a creative call-to-action (CTA) that invites buyers to explore the site.

He also integrated Google Adsense and banners coded to his affiliate links, effortlessly monetizing his page while building his list.

Adding a blog module can significantly improve your site’s SEO and attract more traffic. This, combined with relevant keywords, can significantly improve your website performance.

An additional feature you may want to consider is Conversionbot, a chatbot that offers free gifts in exchange for newsletter subscriptions. This integration further boosts your conversion rates and increases subscribers. Check out the software here.

Monetize with Ad Upgrades

As a site owner, integrating premium ad features can also serve as a source of revenue. When posting an ad, users choose whether they’d like to upgrade it to the premium section, for which they pay a fee.

Paid ad payments are processed through PayPal or Stripe, ensuring swift and secure transactions.

This feature is not just a source of revenue but also valuable for advertisers. It boosts the visibility of their ads, increasing their prospects of landing potential customers.

Attract Buyers & Sellers with Viewing Credits

To photograph this context better, picture this scenario. You’ve just posted your free ad, and voila! A one-time offer pops up, inviting you to join classified submissions for $197, detailing a list of captivating benefits.

This option provides traders with the luxury of posting thousands of ads without manual submission. Intriguing, right? For every person that bites the bait, you receive a 50% commission.

Yes, that’s a $98.50 profit for every successfully sold offer!

An additional feature, ‘View Ads for Credits,’ allows users to view premium ads and earn credits for every ad viewed.

These credits can be used to upgrade their ads or purchase promotional packages, thereby increasing your ad views and visitor engagement even further.

Customize Your Site and Start Building

Customizing your site is straightforward, even for non-coders. The site comes with a backend where you can copy and paste codes from any banner or ad and place them in any section of your site.

Are you ready to grow your list and revenue using your classified ad website? Start by posting your ads on Listcomet.com, Freeads888.com, or Creatememoney.com today. For your own easy-to-customize website, click the link here.

If you found this post valuable, don’t forget to share with others and subscribe for more insightful content. Now, armed with all this information, click the link below to explore my next video on effective online marketing.


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