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Warning! Read This Before You Set Up RSS to Email with Getresponse, Aweber or Mailchimp!


If you have an autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber or basically almost any major autoresponder service you can set up a function called RSS to email.

This will allow you to send notifications to your autoresponder list every time you update your blog. This update can be sent in a weekly digest with multiple posts or simply sent out every time you update your blog.

RSS to Email Will Send Updates of Your Weekly Blog Posts Directly to Your Autoresponder Contacts Email

This is another very valuable way you can leverage your email list to get more traffic to your blog. It is called RSS to email.

Imagine your entire list getting regular updates of your weekly blog posts directly to their inboxes. This is a great way to keep yourself in front of your audience and to increase your blog traffic.

  1. Log into your Getresponse account and go to Messages then Create RSS to Email.rss to email getresponse
  2.  Next you will see a screen like this and you will need to input your RSS feed.rss to email getresponse

3. Burn your feed with Feedburner. Your rss feed of your blog is: http://www.yourblog.com/feed/ However, if you want a better looking feed I suggest you log into your Google or gmail account and then go to www.feedburner.com.

You will then be able to create a custom feed which looks much better. Here is what you will see in the feeburner page. You put in you wordpress blog feed. Do not worry about the podcaster part. Click next and you will be able to choose a customized feedburner url. Mine is http://feeds.feedburner.com/quickregisterseo

This is what the screen looks like where you create your Feedburner rss feed.

So now that you have your beautiful Feedburner RSS feed go ahead and input that feed url into the spot above with Getresponse which says RSS Feed URL. You are on your way to seeting up RSS to email.

You can also choose the From email, the title, include a logo, and they even have really nice templates that you can use.

Important! Do Not Choose Daily Digest Or  Update Every Time Blog is Updated At First. Choose Weekly Digest!

Let me tell you a story. I had tried setting up RSS to email with an Aweber account with 30,000 high quality subscribers. I chose the option to send out an rss broadcast every time I updated my blog.

I then started updating a blog post over and over. Every time I updated the blog it sent out an RSS to email broadcast to my list. Of course since I was beating the crap out of my list sending them 10 broadcasts a day I got complaints.

I Chose The Option to Send an RSS to Email Every Time I Updated My Blog and I Lost My Aweber Account Because My List Received Multiple Daily Updates and Complained.

Aweber deleted my account! Yes, I lost my account with this feature! Be careful. Just start off with weekly digests and let your list get used to getting your blog updates. Do not do what I did and potentially lose your accounts.

Do not let this scare you from using this great feature. Just be careful. Piano Piano. I know we all want results yesterday  but a consistent long term approach is always better and more profitable.

If you do not have an autoresponder you can get a Getresponse account here. You can get an Aweber account here. They are both great services.

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