5 Super Affiliate Marketing Tips for Winners

Super Affiliate Tips

I manage several affiliates programs each with 1000’s of affiliate marketers. Only a few of the thousands regularly produce high commission payouts every month.


Here are some techniques that they use that are often overlooked by beginning affiliate marketers.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tip #1- Build Your Own List First Rather Than The List of The Website You Are Promoting

Often affiliates eager to make quick commissions will take their affiliate link and immediately start promoting it everywhere they can in order to generate quick commissions.

The problem is that you as the affiliate are spending time and money promoting somebody else’s website. If they prospect opts into the website’s follow up system that is great for the owner of the website but not necessarily always optimum for the affiliate.

Promote Your Opt In List First Then You Can Promote Multiple Program Over and Over

True, most good websites will follow up for and still preserve the original cookie giving you credit if the prospect purchases weeks later. However, what if the prospect never purchases this product?

You will never be able to sell something to that prospect again. You spent your time and money getting the prospect to opt in but now you cannot follow up with other products and services in your niche.

A better strategy is to get the prospect to opt in to YOUR list first. Then you can not only promote the original affiliate product but you can promote other similar products as well.

Super Affiliates Know in Advance They Will Be Promoting Multiple Niche Programs So They Build THEIR List First

Super affiliates know that they are not just going to promote one service or product. Over time they will find even better affiliate offers to promote and if they have developed a large list of targeted prospects they can promote these products over and over to their audience.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tip #2- Build Your Own Community/Audience Rather Than Just Going For An Immediate Sale

Everybody wants to make money now. But what if you do? Then what? You want to create a machine which keeps making sales over and over. To do this you need to build you own community. Here are some suggestions on how to build your own community.

So You Make A Sale? Then What? Super Affiliate Create A Machine Which Brings in Sales Non Stop

By the way, this strategy works great if you are selling your own products and services as well.

  1. Start your own YouTube channel. Why not chronicle your own learning journey. Do not worry about being slick and professional at first. What people are looking for is authenticity. 

    Tell people what is working for you and what does not. Tell your followers about your mistakes and successes. The will then begin to trust you.

    The key to getting an audience on YouTube is to consistently produce quality content. You do tutorials and reviews for the products you are promoting. You can compare similar products and join affiliate programs for both.

    They key is to just get started. I do screen cast videos. The software I use is ScreenCast O Matic. You can get the free version here. (No affiliate link.) I use the pro version which is only around $40. for the year and this includes hosting your videos.

    You can even just make videos with your phone if you wish. If you are truly camera shy you can use Article Video Robot which takes any text you write and turns it into a video with live spokes person. You can learn more about Article Video Robot here.

    My first choice would be to record videos in your own voice. People want YOUR authentic experience.

    2. Start Your Own Blog. Again you can simply chronicle your learning experiences in a written blog. The best way to learn is to teach. Just be hones. It is easy to set up your own blog. Here is a tutorial.

    If you already know the basics you can just get your own domain name, and hosting account here and upload an installation of wordpress. One great advantage of starting your own blog is that you can embed your YouTube videos in your blog posts. This will help your videos get ranked in Google and other search engines.

    I use Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads wordpress plugins for my blog.

    3. Start your own mailing list/autoresponder series. We covered this a bit before but if you have started building your list you need to start. If you have a targeted list of subscribers you can market a variety of niche based products and services. You can get an autoresponder system here.

    I suggest including opt in forms on your blog with an attractive incentive for people to join your list. We offer free software and this strategy is successful in getting subscribers every single day.

    4. Set up social media accounts supporting your community. Post your YouTube videos and blog posts on your social media accounts and make sure to reply to all comments.

    5. Start your own forum. Your could even start your own forum using Vbulletin software or a free open source PHBB software.  If you literally running a community around your niche topic you can use the forum to get more subscribers, YouTube and social media followers and yes sales.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tip #3- Think Longer Term and Keep The Pipe Line Filled With Prospects

Super affiliates want to create a never ending funnel of prospects then sales. They are not worried just about making one sale. So they count opt ins before sales. Yes, this is a key strategy of top salesmen as well.

Super Affiliates Count Opt Ins Before Sales. They Know if They Keep Getting Opt Ins Sales Will Follow

You need to keep your leads coming in an the sales will take care of themselves. Try to come up with a 30 day action plan where you post videos, do blog posts, social media posts and even paid advertising on a consistent basis for an entire month. Wait until the entire month is done to evaluate.

Set Up A Monthly Plan and Keep Taking Constructive Actions For An Entire Month Before Evaluating Success

What happens with beginning affiliate marketers is that they will set up their affiliate link, do a little advertising and if they do not get immediate sales they quit. Then then move on to the next program and repeat the losing strategy.

Come up with a plan and focus on the activities rather than the results and the results will come.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tip #4- Offer Personal Service

If you are starting from scratch you need to be willing to do what other people are not willing to do to succeed.  Create a website promoting your affiliate product and put your phone number on it. Then answer your phone and talk to your prospects.

Yes, sell. People do not like to be treated like a number. If you have no sales then you should be able to talk to your prospects and give them fantastic personal service because you do not have any other customers yet!

If You Are Just Beginning You Need to be Willing to do What Other People Will Not to be Successful

I have made many sales just by just being willing to talk to people. People want to be reassured. Your competition most likely is not willing to do this. Maybe they have so many sales they can barely keep up. This is your opportunity to get ahead and bank some sales.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tip#5- Offer Unique Special Bonuses

If you are promoting a popular offer you could actually have competition from other affiliates. Super affiliates often think of special bonuses they can offer those who order from their affiliate link. Rather than send people directly to your affiliate link set up a special page where you both put your phone number and offer special bonuses.

If You Are Promoting a Popular Program Many Other Affiliates Could Be Promoting The Same Program. Set Yourself Apart By Offering Special Bonuses and Personal Service

This will really set up you apart from other affiliates who are all using the same affiliate link. Also if you have a special page regarding the popular program you are promoting you will be more likely to be found in Google for the program itself. People may be looking for reviews and when they find your page on search they will see your phone number and special bonuses.

There is a real opportunity to increase sales using the combination of unique bonuses and personal service.

As an example, I offer to set up our software on www.coolmarketingsoftware.com on a windows vps server if they order the server from my affiliate link here.

People like the idea of the windows vps to run their software but they often do not know how to set it up. I tell them that if they order the server from my affiliate link that I will set up everything for them. It only takes me a few minutes as I have done this many times.

I have made dozens of affiliate sales for IOZOOM hosting company using this technique. If I had not been willing to help my customers personally many would not have ordered because they thought it was too complicated.

Think about what type of special bonuses and personal services you can offer your prospects to distinguish yourself from the other affiliates.

I hope the article has given you some ideas on how to become a super affiliate. Here are some of the affiliate programs I manage. They are all proven sellers and free to join.

Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Program

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.