How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam


 If all your emails are going to the spam folder you are wasting your time mailing. And it is easier than ever to get your ip or email blocked. This can result in your emails going to the spam folder.

However, if you can get your subscribers to take one actions your emails will get delivered to their inbox even if your ip is on a black list.

If You Can Get Your Subscribers to Add Your From Email to Their Contacts Your Emails Will Reach Their Inbox Even if Your IP is Blocked

Email marketing is still one of the most direct and effective marketing methods. However, the subject of email deliverability, black lists, DNS, SPF records is enough to frustrate even email marketing experts.

I noticed that one of my newsletters was getting sent to spam in one of my own emails! I then added the from email from my newsletter to my contacts and voila! Instantly all emails from that newsletter now went to my inbox and not my spam.

My Own Email Was Blocked For My Own Newsletter But When I Added Myself To My Contacts All Emails Went to The Inbox

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However, if you can get your recipients to perform one simple action you can guarantee that ALL your emails will go directly to your recipients inbox and not his spam folder.

To Stop Your Emails From Going to Spam You Need to Get Your Subscribers to Add Your From Email to Their Contacts

You must get your recipient to put your email address, your from email address that you send email from, into their contacts. If members of your list do this is does not matter if your email, ip, is blocked banned or otherwise frowned upon your emails will go directly to the intended inbox and not spam.

So how do you get people to put your email in their contacts?

How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam Step 1- Simply Ask Your Subscribers When They Initially Subscribe to Add Your Email to Their Contacts

First of all I simply ask people to put me in their contacts right when they subscribe. Take a look at a screenshot of the subscription form at the top of this blog:

how to stop mail from going to spam

Notice I am asking the subscriber to put my email address in their contacts plus I am incentivizing the process. I am reminding them they need to put my email in their contacts in order to receive the free software that I am promising them.

How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam Step 2- Tell The What is in it For Them If They Add You to Their Contacts

This is great to ask your subscribers to put your email in their contacts but I go much further. After subscribers input their email they see this screen.

How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam Step 3- After They Subscribe Put Exact Instructions for All Email Providers on How to Add Contacts on The Thank You Page

how to stop mail from going to spam

  1. Ask the subscriber again to put my email “”, which I highlight in red, in their contacts.
  2. Have a video guide which starts playing automatically which shows them exactly how to add my specific email address to their contacts in gmail which is the most popular email provider.
  3. Have a link to a special guide which shows them how to add my email to their contacts if they are using almost any other email service. Here is a link to the guide which shows how to add and email to contacts for almost any email provider.  You can get your own custom instruction list in a few clicks for your email here.
  4. Remind them why they are doing so and what is in it for them I.E. Free software and bonuses.

How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam Step 4- Make A Video Showing How to Add Your Specific Email to Their Contacts in Gmail

Here is a video I made showing exactly how to add my email address to contacts on gmail:

Not only am I giving my subscribers exact instructions on how to add my specific email to their contacts for pretty much every email provider right after they subscribe but I also put instructions at the top of every autoresponder email.

how to stop mail from going to spam

How to Stop Mail From Going to Spam Step 5- Put A Reminder and a Link to Instructions on How to Add Your Email to Their Contacts At The Top of ALL Your Autoresponder Emails

At the top of every one of my autoresponder emails I am reminding my subscribers the importance of putting my email in their contacts.

 I give a link to this page which gives them the exact instructions and video on how to add my specific email in their contacts.

Subscribers Could Be Getting My Emails But My IP Could Get Blocked Later. If I Am In Their Contacts They Will Still Receive My Emails in Their Inbox.

The reason I do this is that people could be receiving my emails but it goes to spam and they find my email in the spam folder. If they follow the instructions and put my email in the their contacts all further emails will go to their inbox.

Also what if my email becomes black listed later? By the way. black listing of your ip or email is usually in reference to volume of emails not if your emails are actually spam.

If my email is in their contacts my subscribers will receive my emails even if I am on a black list.

Here are 28 more tips on improving email deliverability.

If you have others ideas on how to stop mail from going to spam please add them in the comments area. If you found this article helpful please like and share. And do not forget to join our newsletter and to put our email,, in your contacts!

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