How to Find Most Popular Blog Post Topics 2017


So you have a blog and you are looking how to find the most popular blog post topics that will engage your audience. You could just start blogging about whatever comes to mind or about your personal solutions which is fine actually.

However, if you really want to provide the answers to the most pertinent problems for your audience you need to do some research.

If Your Want to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topics You Need To Do Some Research. 

What You Think Might Be A Popular Topic May Have Nothing To Do With What People Are Actually Looking For

Generally when I do research on hot topics in my industry I am generally surprised by what I find. Here are some methods to help you put your finger on the pulse of your audience.

1. Find the most popular forums in your niche and see what they are discussing.

You can simply do a Google search for “Most Popular (Your Industry) forums.” Then look at the forums and look for forum topics that have the most replies. If many people in your niche are responding to the issue this is a clear sign that people are looking for answers to these questions.

Look For Forum Threads With Have The Most Replies

By the way, doing a list post listing the top forums in your industry is not a bad idea for a blog post in itself!

For example when I go to the Warrior Forum Search Engine Optimization Forum I see the following:

The Warrior Forum makes your research easy. I can simply click on “Most Voted” and I immediately get the most popular post in the forum. I can even choose the time period day, week or month.

On many forums you can click on the “replies link” and it will sort the list of posts by replies. In this case the most popular post is about “Organic Traffic”

Want to Know How to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topics? Technique Number 1: Look for Threads With The Most Replies on Industry Forums.

So it seems like many people interested in SEO are looking for ways to get more organic traffic. You could do some research on Google on “How to Get More Organic Search Traffic” and put together are great article on different ideas on getting organic traffic.

How To Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topics Sub Technique Number 1b. Create Multiple Blog Posts Around One Popular Topic.

Inspired by this research I wrote and article on “How to Increase Organic Search Traffic By Answering FAQ I had an idea to make short videos answering the top 100 FAQ in any industry and massively promoting them using videos.

I am also planning on doing a list post later on “77 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic etc.” Obviously this is a hot topic so I may write many posts on this subject.

Another big advantage to this exercise is that I know I am going to become an expert in the topic after a few articles. If you want to learn something start writing about it. There is something about putting your research into writing which helps me learn much more quickly and thoroughly.

If You Want to Learn Something New Write A Blog Post About it. You Will Be Amazed At How Much You Will Learn.

You know how I came up with the idea for this particular topic? I wanted to learn how to find popular blog post topics myself. Just by writing this article I learned even better how to find popular blog post topics.

You probably have learned enough on how to find popular blog post topics from this technique alone to give you almost unlimited blog post ideas. However here are a few more techniques on how to find popular blog post topics.

2.  How to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topic Technique #2. Look for the Most up Voted Answers in Your Industry on

Simply log into, which is a question and answer site. Then type your topic into the search bar.

Most Popular Blog Post Topics

Then click on your topic and you will see a list of popular answers.

Most Popular Blog Post Topics

Notice the answer on indexing backlinks has 452 up votes. This might be an excellent blog post topic. Of course, you can search in your niche and industry we are just using the seo niche as an example.

3. How to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topic Technique #3 Find the Most Popular Blogs in Your Industry and Look for the Most Popular Posts.

Do a search for “Best (Your Industry) Blogs” or “Top (Your Industry) Blogs” or “List of (Your Industry) Blogs. Then take a look at the blogs and look for blog posts that have high social media shares.

If you get lucky they will have a widget on their sidebar which actually will tell you what their most popular blog posts are.

Here is an example of a most popular blog post widget that I found when researching “List of Top SEO Blogs

Most Popular Blog Post Topics

Notice the post on “How to Do Google Maps Marketing A Step By Step Guide.” This most surely would be an excellent blog post topic for a blog on SEO especially local seo.

How to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topics Technique #3: Maximum Tweet Trick.

Google has some other tricks up it’s sleeve. Did you know that you can search which pages on a site have the most tweets and Facebook shares. Just put in for example or use whatever domain you have to research.

Most Popular Blog Post Topics

At first the Google Search show pages of my site which naturally are more popular than blog post. But the first blog post it shows is the most popular blog post on the site. So this little trick on Google is a free and effective technique on how to find the most popular blog post topics.

The First Blog Post Displayed Using The Maximum Tweet Trick is The Most Popular Post on This Site.

Take your list of popular blogs in your industry and you can easily find popular and trending topics in your niche.

How to Find The Most Popular Blog Post Topics Technique #4 SEM RUSH

This is one of the most popular and best keyword research tools. There is a SEMRUSH widget on the sidebar of our site that you can use for free.

You can type in your competitor’s domain and see which search queries your competitors are ranking for.

Most Popular Blog Post Topics

Notice the keywords “bad websites” and “merge google plus pages.We noticed on their most popular post widget that they had a popular post on “Bad Website Examples.” I would have never have thought of such a topic let alone thought it would be popular.

I also like the idea of the Merge Google Plus pages. There is a decent amount of traffic and almost no competition. Often I do better optimizing for terms with a little less traffic but a lot less competition.

Lots of smaller blog posts getting decent traffic really adds up.

This should give you plenty of ideas on how to find popular blog topics in your niche. If you have any more ideas on how to find popular blog post topics please add them in the comments section.

Much Success!





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