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SEO PowerSuite is an SEO software which claims to be the defacto ultimate SEO software, no more debate, they won the SEO software war. Well, they still have a lot of competition but SEO PowerSuite surely is in the top of the field for search engine optmisation software. Their claim is that if you use their suite of seo tools correctly your site will get on the first page of Google. Of course this depends quite a bit on how competitive your keywords are. Some are keywords are very easy to rank for like “” Fly Fishing Tulsa Oklahoma” while a keyword like “Viagra” might take quite a bit of work before getting on the first page of Google. In any case SEO PowerSuite is a quality suite of software tools which can definitely improve your search engine rankings.
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Click here to download SEO PowerSuite for free now.
SEO Powersuite Free Download

Main Features

SEO PowerSuite has variety of features. You have tools which specialize in on page and off page optimization. The application generates a report analyzing your web pages and telling you how to improve your rankings for your keywords. For your off page optimization SEO PowerSuite collects data about your competitor’s linking strategies. This can give you good ideas on valuable links that you can use for your own efforts. For example if you find a certain forum is giving exceptional traffic to your competitor you can then join the same forum and start making relevant posts as well.

SEO PowerSuite’s Components:

SEO PowerSuite features four components: Rank Checker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

Rank Checker

The Rank Checker has a keyoword research tool.
The Rank Checker also shows the rank of your website for your chosen keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

WebSite Auditor

The WebSite Auditor is a tool to help you with your on page optimization. It does an analysis of your web page and those of your top 10 competitors then generates a report. The report then gives you recommendations on how to improve your on page SEO.

SEO SpyGlass

This software is a time saver. This software lets you know how your website is competing in the search engine results. It will also help you find profitable keywords that you might not have thought of.

Website Auditor

This is the second part of the SEO Powersuite software. The idea of this piece of software is that it performs a detailed analysis of your websites content and determines just how search engine friendly it actually is. The software will then tell you about things like keyword density and many other SEO related data in order to help you with the optimization of your content. One great feature of this product is that it will actually perform this same analysis for up to 10 competitors websites. This will help you ensure that your websites content is up to speed with your competitors, and hopefully even better. Overall, this is a great tool for SEO.

Here is what Website Auditor does:

* optimizes your entire website across-the-board
* find problems that are stopping your site from performing in the search engines.
* then tells you how to optimize each webpage for any keyword in any search engine

Website Auditor crawls all the webpages of your site then does a full analysis producing a final report with exact recommendations for improvement.

Here are some of the problems Website Auditor looks for:

* Broken links
* HTML code errors
* Duplicate content
* 404 and other server response code errors
* Not indexed web pages
* Missing or too long titles and meta description
* and all other issues that interfere with your site’s rankings

Using software like Website Auditor can really tighten up your SEO game.

Link Assistant

LinkAssistant Is a powerful link building software. Since your search engine rankings depend not only on your on page optimization but how many quality links you have coming back to your site. Here is what Link Assistant can do for you:

* Find relevant quality link partners and dig for their contact info.
* Link Assistant will facilitate finding hundreds of relevant high quality link partners.
* Generate your own professional search engine friendly link directory with categories and subcategories.
* Customize the look of the directory to your site.
* Instantly upload your directory to the website with a built in FTP program.
* Send personalized emails to your linking partners.
* Establish reciprocal, 1-way, 3- and 4- way links.
* Manage incoming mail.
* Make sure all your partners are linking back to you.
* Monitor your link popularity over time.


SEO PowerSuite is a very serious suite of valuable SEO software tools. You can download free versions of all the components. Here are the limitation of the free versions:
* number of search engines
* number of partners for link exchange
* does not allow saving/printing/web publishing/emailing reports

Click here to download SEO PowerSuite for free now.
SEO Powersuite Free Download

The price of the software is US$249 for the Professional Edition (ideal for optimizing your own websites) and US$599 for the Enterprise Edition (ideal for optimizing websites for clients).

The price of the updates is US$199.80 for 12 months of updates for the Professional Edition, and US$559.80 for 12 months of updates for the Professional Edition. These updates are necessary to ensure that the software is working with the current search engine algorithms, so that your website has higher chances of ranking on the first page of search engines.

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