Review Of Premise Landing Page Software (WordPress Plugin) From Copyblogger


Creating sales letters and landing pages can be an extremely complicated, tedious and even expensive task even for the most experienced marketers. Even if you are an experienced writer coming up with the right copyrighting can be tricky. Even if you have read quite a bit about copywriting you never are quite sure if you have come up with the best title, headlines, and best selling points.

Then you have to deal with graphics. I am terrible with graphics. I have to outsource this and what do you tell the designer? “Make it look really cool?” It is so subjective. You really do not know the right graphic until you see it. This can involve a number of redesigns which can be time consuming and costly. I actually find it easier to hire programmers. The goal is quite clear. With graphics it is quite subjective.

In addition now you have to incorporate social media in all the right places to be current and relevant.

Now you have to put this together with top notch web design CSS/html coding and you have quite a project on your hands!

But what is you could harness the best copywiters, graphic designers, and web designers in one simple elegant point and click system? This is what Premise by the folks at Copyblogger attempt to do for you.

Premise, comes with modern clean templates to choose from. You can have a simple sales page, content landing pages with an SEO focus, pricing pages with a variety of calls to action, a squeeze page for email opt ins, the ever popular video landing page and their Tab Scroller page.

The Tab-Scroller allows you to break up a long sales letter into tab-sized chunks. The works well for those who are generally selling high ticket products and need to use the long sales letter format.

Copyblogger is one of if not the most popular blog about the subject of copywriting. They have taken their years of expertise in this field and coded their copywriting ideas directly into each template. So get a copywriting course on the fly from some of the best in the business. This is a quite unique feature compared to the other popular sales page creating WordPress software OptimizePress.

You can customize these templates to very easily directly from the central dashboard. You can change the colors, fonts, and style of your page to make it look unique.

Tracking is also built directly into this plugin. It allows you to set up valuable A/B test for each of your landing pages. Google Optimizer, the best free testing software is built directly into Premise.

Copyblogger is also the author of the premium seo WordPress plugin Scribe. You get many of the features of Scribe built directly into Premise.

Premise’s main competition is the highly popular OptimizePress. Really, both softwares are excellent. However, if you have had experiences with both I would love to hear from you. Your comments are welcome. To learn more about Premise see here.


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