How to Post YouTube Videos on Backpage Ads


Backpage does not accept the typical YouTube embed code into the description area of their ads like this:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

However, you can post html code. So here is how you put your YouTube video into the description of your Backpage ad using html code and not the iframe code provided by YouTube.

Here is a video we did showing all the steps we describe in the tutorial below:

  1. Copy and paste the embed code of your YouTube video into a blog post (Go to your YouTube video click on EMBED and you will see the code). You need to embed the youtube video either into a blog post in order to get the full screen shot of your video. If you do not have a blog you can sign up for a free blog at

You need a screenshot like this:

YouTube Screenshot How to put youtube videos into Backpage descriptions

We need the play icon in the middle. If you take a screenshot directly from YouTube it will not show the play icon.

2. Take a screen shot of the full thumbnail image (Print Screen on your keyboard)

3. Save the image to your hard drive and name it whatever you want.

4. Open up Paint on your computer.

5. Find the image on your hard drive and upload it to Paint.

6. Crop the image so that all you see is the full YouTube screen shot.

7. Save the image to your hard drive and name it whatever you want.

8. Go to and create an account and upload the image.

9. Get the direct url of the image on Photobucket and copy and paste it into notepad.

10. Go to your YouTube video and get the Share link like this: . To get this url click “Share” underneath your YouTube video.

11. Copy and paste this into the same notepad where you pasted the direct photobucket url of your image.

Here is the code to use in the description of your Backpage ad:


Just replace “https://YOURYOUTUBESHAREURL” with your YouTube share link: For example

Then replace https://YOURDIRECTURLTOYOURSCREENSHOTIMAGEONPHOTOBUCKET with the direct link to your screenshot image on Photobucket.

Here is what an actual example would look like:

<a href=”″><img src=”″></img></a>

12. Save the code in notepad with whatever name you want but save it as a .html file on your hard drive.

13. To see if you code works open up the html file in your browser. You should see the full screenshot and when you click on the image it should go directly to the video on YouTube.

14. Now save that same code in the notepad file into a file with a .txt extension.

This is the code to use in the description of your backpage ads. Just put this code wherever you want the video to appear in the description.

Here is an example of a YouTube video we put on a live ad on Backpage.

How to put YouTube videos into Backpage descriptions


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