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I have just created my own custom branded Alexa Toolbar. Just click the button above and you will be able to install the free Alexa Toolbar right away. Here is what you get with the free Alexa toolbar:

1. Know instantly the Alexa rank of any website you are visiting. See here to learn more about Alexa.
2. Get easy access to a list of sites related to the one you are viewing.
3. See how the website you are viewing looked in the past! Sometimes it is very interesting to see how a website has progressed.
4. See what pages are hot right now in real time.
5. See and make Alexa reviews of the websites you are viewing.

Bonus- Get the latest blog posts updates right in your toolbar! This is an Alexa toolbar from Alexa but branded by In my next post I am going to show you how you can get your own free branded Alexa toolbar for your website.

It is not only a great tool within itself but it is a very good way to get backlinks to your website and to keep your brand in front of your viewers while offering them a high quality service through Alexa.

So make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and RSS feed so that you get the update on how to create your own Alexa toolbar. In the meantime please install my Alexa tool bar and let me know what you think about it right here in the comments area. This toolbar is from the highly reputable Alexa so of course you can un-install it at any time. Thank you!

Get our toolbar!
Here is my Alexa Tool Bar install page. Click here to install my branded Alexa Toolbar. And yes it is free!

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