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8 Different Ways to Acquire more Instagram Followers


8 Different Ways to Acquire more Instagram Followers

Instagram is the major social networking site that operates out of internet today. The platform lets you share photos both privately and publicly. To reach out to your potentials, it is must to acquire more Instagram followers. Give a thought to the photo sharing app if you have not considered it yet. Now there are millions of users of Instagram and its popularity seem to rise more and more. Create an Instagram account by signing up and get more followers by checking the below tips. By attracting new followers, it gets easier to reach out to more number of potentials and showcase your products and services.

Here are some steps to follow.

# Share images on Instagram:

If you have a look at the popular Instagram accounts, you find one common theme. They share attractive photos that you may relate to. Images shared on the social site have a universal appeal. Thus, your photos must be original, unique and personal so that you establish a connection with the audience. The account must be original, authentic to connect to others.

# Perfect timing for Instagram posts

Before you post anything, check out the time zone that the majority of potentials live in. Owing to the great mobility of the social site, there is not much timing for the same. Generally, people use Instagram on Wednesday afternoon and Thursdays. Most of the followers log into their accounts when they have time. A photo has just 3-4 hours before it gets lost. Post the photos when you feel that maximum users will be online. For instance, if your target is high school students, post the image in the afternoon when students might have breaks.

# Relevant and popular hashtags

Find out popular hashtags used for organizing of photos by checking Webstagram. Use the relevant hashtag to attain more visibility and generate interaction. To attract new users, hashtags are an important asset. Some of the popular and must consider hashtags are #instagood, #follow, #like, ##tagsforlike. Choose 2-3 hashtags for one photo.

# The benefit of hosting contest

  • Contest is the fabulous way to attain more followers and boost engagement.

  • Contest is the proven technique to earn more followers

  • Instagram is the most attractive platform for hosting contests

  • By hosting easy contest featuring attractive captions, photos, prizes, more number of users will start following you.

  • A creative contest generates more interest among the users

  • By using #contest, you make the contest easy to find

# Following others

If you follow others, they will follow you back. This is in fact the simplest rule of reciprocation common in the social media formats. Keep posting photos, stay active and earn more followers. Look for brands that share your interest and post pictures similar to the products you sell. Follow the influencers, stars and get engaged with them. Watch out for tags comprising hashtags like #shoutout, #follow, #like, etc.

# Asking questions on photos and captions

This is the simplest way to gain more likes on the photos and attain more followers. Put up an interesting question on the photo caption to improve likes and number of comments. Continuous engagement with the customers is the finest way to increase theInstagram followers.

# Keep posting, but use quality posts

To keep the interest of new followers intact, post some status from time to time. But, all the photos and posts must be relevant for the customers. Do not post hundreds of photos in one single day. Spread them across several days. Avoid flooding followers’ newsfeed with your continuous posts.

# Personalize images with filters

Personalize the Instagram photos with filters to make them attractive and eye-catching. The more original they are, more they will be followed. When it comes to filters, there are 20 filters you can use.

By following the above techniques, anyone can get more followers for Instagram account. With more followers, you can gain an edge over your market competitors. If you have more followers to our account, other users of Instagram will also start following you.

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